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  1. they wouldnt allow that because then no one would buy a I5
  2. youd want a I5 if you can afford it. if not a I3
  3. THIS GAME WAS MY XBOX CHILDHOOD. Screw this. I'm driving 2 hours to my moms house to find my original xbox with this game
  4. This ^ look up how much mail the usps moves everyday. It's mind boggling. Then remember there equipment is hardly designed for their flat rate boxes yet. It's all designed for mail. Then also remember what you experienced, USPS biggest customer is ups. Why? Ups doesn't want to build buildings in tiny towns where they get a few packages a day at most. It's cheaper to pay USPS then send a truck.
  5. Wtf, so people can "brag" about what car they own, but not a perfectly legal hobby that's far cheaper? Smoking and vaping are radically different. And he's for sure not shoving it in others faces. You went out of your way to go to this thread. So saying he's shoving it in your face is crazy to me. OP: ignore these guys. I'm sure the 4 slices of pizza I had yesterday is worse for my body then any vaping you can do
  6. my dads had a hella lot of mustangs. its just been his life was mustangs. his FIRST car was a 1969 shelby gt500. had a car fire in just the engine bay/dash so got it dirt cheap. his buddy found another shelby with the Super cobra jet engine that was rear-ended and wrecked, so got the engine and parts out of that. kicking himself in the butt everyday that he sold it for 12K i believe, its incredible what they go for now. right now he as a 2012 GT/CS convertible. 2015s are s550 I believe
  7. mint yellow convt. fox for 1100 with rod knock, so new motor. or, a gray 1987, 53K miles, t tops, full roll cage, minor engine mods, minor paint damage, for 1900. hum. T tops would be so sweet. lots of people look at foxes are are like "thats a mustang?!" lol. I love them though. my dad has owned every gen of mustangs at some point, hes had 4 foxes I believe. a coyote engine swap would be bad ass, that and a blower and your making stupid power
  8. I love you read up on this. Considering buying a foxbody with a knocking motor
  9. "im so mad my product does exactly what its rated for"
  10. not the king of OC'ing, more like the king of overuse
  11. yeah, I only noticed because I was going to let my buddy use my 27 inch monitor in his room for his xbox and stuff, but relizes he watches cable and it doesnt have a input for that. and LOL @ your sig
  12. my guess is no cable input. cutting costs because who would have this but not a cable box. but because it doesnt have a cable input, cant be called a "TV" my guess anyway
  13. that makes zero sense. a 980ti will get a higher frame rate at 800x600 then 4k. any time you move down in resolution, the frame rate will remain the same or increase unless some other variable changes. Please show a SINGLE reliable benchmark that shows otherwise. Hard to believe a GPU will get lower framerate with less load put on it. OP, guessing there was something else that changed. can you run it again or try with a different game?
  14. that makes zero sense mate. "cant watch youtube videos, I bought a 980ti. better go throw in the GT 450"
  15. what. theres no xbox simulators? so. um. elaborate please
  16. if we could get more competion in the CPU market that would be wonderful. if this is a low power chip with support for that crazy networking stuff, thatd be sick for a second machine
  17. how good does it have to be? putting a 400 watt load on this thing would be nothing. 80+ bronze and fully mod for 60$ is a steal even at 750 watts or below.
  18. downtown is freaking beautiful. it's turning around man. Im up in flint now, so detroit looks heavenly in comparison lol.
  19. LOL, its funny how people say money corrupts the government, yet big money and corporations are saving detroit right now.
  20. I perfer WD because thats what I always used, but damn that sample size.....
  21. Everyone goes though a emo phase at 12-14. Girls liked it at the time so had to