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    Kingston HyperX Predator 3200mhz CL16 2x8GB Ram
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  1. So I uninstalled a program called Solidworks, by deleting the folder. Big mistake. Now if I try to delete it from control panel I get an error saying it isn't installed, and if I try to reinstall it, I get an error that there is already solidworks installed... Long story short, I am looking for a program that can remove all folders in appdata and temp file locations automatically for a given program. I have a friend who is also having issues with steam, it stops half way during an update and doesn't install. So we both need a solution for this. Are there any reputable programs that
  2. Yes all drives are connected to the same SATA power cable. Didn't consider that. Might be the problem. Yes I have an M.2 drive installed, but I am not using those SATA ports.
  3. Backstory: So I received a brand new hard drive a while back because one of my drives was ticking. Drive arrives, plug it in, turn on my pc, and it turns on and off constantly. So I return it. New one arrives, same thing. So I unplug all the other drives and use a sata cable from a different drive. It works! So the cable is faulty? No! I plug it in with the original cable but now it works (with other drives off and unplugged). Ok.... So I'll just plug everything back in. Now it doesn't work again... Ok let me unplug the other drives. It works! Excuse my French, but what the fuck?
  4. What's up with this? I don't remember my card ever doing this before.
  5. I've figured that MSI after burner CPU temp and the HWMonitor Package temp are the same, so I am guessing the HWMonitor's CPU temp is accurate? But what space time dimension Ryzen Master pulls it's CPU temps from I have no clue whatsoever.
  6. Ok so without going into details, I am trying to find out what my damn CPU temperature is. On Ryzen master it says one things, one scary thing, on MSI after burner it's A-OK, and on hardware monitor it's cool as a cucumber!! So which is right? I don't understand. Why is it so hard to display the temperature?
  7. Sorry for the late response. I was on holiday these past few days and the wifi was truly trash. I did narrow down the stress tests. Cache was unstable. The 2950X I have is under warranty. Bought it brand new.
  8. Alright, will do. Thanks. Also these past few days the system has become quite unstable. While using chrome the PC would just crash.
  9. The bios on the 399X MSI creations motherboard should be fine from the factory. I'm running 3200mhz CL16 memory.
  10. I haven't touched anything in the bios apart for memory speeds. But I will reset it to the default settings anyways. PS: I stress tested the memory, stable.
  11. I did a system stability test and here is what I got:
  12. I ran a stress test for a little while and the PC crashed, with stock settings. The CPU wasn't even running at 100% usage. It would stay at 80%. Checked thermals on HW monitor, Ryzen master, both showing 67C max. Could it be a bad chip?
  13. The thermals seem to be doing fine. When I run a stress test it only hits 100% for a brief period before going down to 80% usage. It boosts to about 3.3Ghz. I set the windows additional power settings plan to high performance.