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    Oh, The taste of your lips i'm on a ride
    You're toxic I'm slippin' under
    With a taste of a poison paradise

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  1. so for some reason i cant stop eating recently. its not like im "hungry" i just need to keep eating i guess. ive been gaining weight really quickly and i dont really know what i can do to stop it. does anyone have any suggestions?
  2. i couldnt get it to work until i downloaded the windows live thing and apparently that did something because it worked right after
  3. hsm

    Your Fathers

    my dad is on the no fly list and wanted in 10 different countries
  4. hsm

    Can i run Fallout 3?

    fuck i just bought it on steam.
  5. hsm

    math question

    imo the GTX 980 is a better deal.
  6. i would have held google.com hostage for a buy back, maybe even messed with the code.
  7. so i bought fall3 for my xbox and theres something wrong with the disc reader so it cant play it. i have a cheap-ish laptop that i can run csgo decently on. i5 4200U 4 Core @ 1.6GHz, 6GB of ram. can i run it at 1080p with atleast 30fps?
  8. hsm

    Is this real?

    i took it in about 3 minutes and got 115 so.. probably not.
  9. no xbox live, single disc is the only option 8(
  10. basic internet knowledge: your speeds will suffer at night no matter what isp you have.
  11. na i mean my pc is still being built