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    Mechanical Engineer
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    Robotics, Programming, Physics, Chemistry, Aerospace, Engineering, Architecture, And of course: Computers!

    I'm also a fan of sports: I play Tennis and Soccer. I also enjoy Skiing and snowboarding in the winter season. I follow Hockey, Football, and Baseball (keeps me entertained year round).
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    Job: Mechanical Engineer.

    I take the time to volunteer as a Search and Rescue Officer for my local sheriff's department .

    I have a wide range of hobbies that varies from programming and debugging, to hiking, backpacking, camping. I'm also on the air as I am an Ameature Radio opperator. If you want to QSL, feel free to send me a PM on the forum and we can chat over Echolink or Radio if conditions permit.


    American Society of Mechanical Engineers
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    Associates of Science in Mathematics
    Associates of Science in multiple Sciences (Interdisciplinary)
    Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering with a Computer Science Minor
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    Engineering Services

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  1. ionbasa

    Looking For Server Rack, Need Recomendations

    I found an older Dell 2410 on eBay within driving distance for fairly cheap. Haven't contacted the seller yet buy I'm worried about 1 thing: It looks as if the panels are misaligned judging from the pictures. That tells me that the case is probably damaged somehow or is not completely perpendicular? Note how the doors and panels don't line up correctly: Would that be caused due to it being on an uneven surface or angled surface? Or is the case just not square/perpendicular due to some other damage? Will filling it with equipment help as it increases the rigidity?
  2. ionbasa

    Looking For Server Rack, Need Recomendations

    It seems the Dell 2420 is missing the right side panel. How easy is it to find replacement parts for these?
  3. ionbasa

    Looking For Server Rack, Need Recomendations

    Open four post racks are out of the question. This is going in the middle of the office due to not having closet space for it, so it will be relatively close to three desks and a workbench. Is it possible to add sound dampening material to fully enclosed racks? McMaster Carr sells sound dampening foam that has adhesive so it can be sticked on to any surface: https://www.mcmaster.com/#foam/=c89c11bbfdd541b4a16b7ec133bb2e86jqld8ge0 I'm thinking I could install that on the side panels of the fully enclosed half rack? As for craigslist, it's been a bust this past few weeks. Nothing really exceptional that I have found in the socal area. Most of everything I am finding is in the approximately $300 to $600 which is not bad IMO, but they're all either near LAX or San Diego. I'm right in the middle of the two . I did find this Dell Half rack for $350: https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/ele/d/chino-dell-network-server-rack/6776691451.html Might be worth it?
  4. So, I'm starting to accumulate more and more rack mountable equipments and I'll be adding more to it in the next few months with a new switch for my house plus Pfsense router. I'm looking for a rack that is full depth 1000mm (~39in) but has casters to move around. I unfortunately cannot put it in a closet or something similar, so I am looking for something that is around 25U in height. Sound dampening is a plus but not required. It will go into my home office. Thoughts? What are other racks the LTT community is using? I'll be filling it was my UPS, network gear, and a few servers (HP+Dell)
  5. ionbasa

    [mini] Innodisk announces a GPU in M.2 form factor

    I can think of a few use cases: Embedded PC Hardware in Industrial Equipment Offload hardware video encoding NUC style PCs The second one in particular is something I think it may be useful for. I noticed there is an Embedded ARM Cortex R5 in there plus dedicated decoders. The article doesn't list if those same hardware driving the decoders can also do hardware based encoding. Regardless, you could potentially offload GPU/hardware encoding of say a video live stream to this device. It could hypothetically free up the CPU and GPU during gaming if live streaming. Game streaming isn't necessarily the only application, many events live steam their video feeds too, but at a production level. This might be interesting for those markets as well, ie: Live Video productions.
  6. ionbasa

    Sciscor boom for ring light???

    My initial thoughts were just buying a regular microphone scissor arm and using one of these adapters to clamp onto with the light: https://www.amazon.com/Sunmns-Converter-Threaded-Ballhead-Shoulder/dp/B07483TXCB/ref=pd_lpo_vtph_421_bs_t_1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=S7SSC96Y6FD3SMMG0ZR8
  7. So let me preface this post by saying that this is my first piece of lighting equipment I have bought for my camera (Alpha 6000). So how do most people mount their ring lights? I bought this one: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07F2CHC6Y/ref=twister_B07G4D9QM6?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 I am looking for something similar to a microphone scissor boom that I can clamp to the edge of a table and adjust, ie. Something that would look like this: Thoughts? Is that even possible? It seems most photography lighting equipment just use a generic "light mount".
  8. Gamers Nexus also has it in the background: I doubt Linus accidentally leaked it. IIRC in the last WAN show he talked about Nvidia's marketing campaign strategy. He mentioned how Nvidia makes excellent use of the advertising cycle of products by specifying that unboxing, benchmarks, etc. happen at various dates. I believe this is just part of that advertising strategy by allowing the product to be visible without specifically talking about it. Nvidia is artificially creating "hype" and stirring up the pot (so to speak) to get us all talking about it and thinking about the RTX Titan. This forum post any many like it show that Nvidias marketing strategy is working.
  9. ionbasa

    Rate the Photo Above you

    I like the golden lighting, really good job. Nice artistic element to it. The wall vanishing off towards the left of the frame gives it depth. I would have been interested in a slight background blurring in the photo by playing with the DoF. The hill in background is a bit to prominent in my opinion. 8.5/10 Onto mine: Some pumpkins because it's autumn and almost Halloween:
  10. I was able to personally see it happen. Here are some not-so-great photos off my phone.
  11. https://www.theverge.com/2018/10/7/17947518/spacex-falcon-9-rocket-launch-vandenberg-california-landing-watch-live Fun fact: https://arstechnica.com/science/2018/10/spacex-will-attempt-to-make-a-historic-west-coast-landing-sunday-night/ It's nice seeing SpaceX land a Falcon 9 first stage at Vandenberg AFB in California, especially considering they wanted to attempt this before but couldn't. A separate landing pad had to be constructed in order for this to happen. SpaceX recently had FAA approval for landings at Vandenberg AFB. The landing and launch pad are only 1400 feet apart, thus increasing the risk and potential damage that could occur if there were a failed landing attempt. Previous Pacific/west coast landing attempts have been on a barge. Wired explains why this attempt is beneficial and possibly crucial to SpaceX: https://www.wired.com/story/spacex-plans-to-land-its-first-rocket-on-california-soil/ I'm personally excited to see SpaceX successfully land here on the west coast. Its close proximity to SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorne, CA should result in quicker turnaround times to launch.
  12. So after some troubleshooting, it seems to only happen on my second display. No idea why. I have three displays. Primary is cloned to a tv and my second display is extended.
  13. Any Ideas? I just noticed it this morning? Chrome on the left and Edge on the right. Anyone else experience this behavior? It applies to all webpages and images I load.
  14. ionbasa

    Custom machined Waterblocks (Pics)

    There are other methods than 'o-rings' that can be used to create seals. This prototype specifically uses flat gaskets. As to microfins: There are issues with pressure drop and flow rate. This needs to have a relatively low pressure drop and high flow rate in L/min. So, larger channels. The serpentine also help control fluid velocity before hitting the fins at the top. The taper before the fins ensures even pressure distribution across the fins. Sub ambient and sub zero is actually what is specked for. A chiller will be used for this, its for a cooling some power electronics and HV DC sources. Have simulations in hand for fluid + heat transfer. They perform well. Running though full testing this month.
  15. Figure you guys might enjoy some custom waterblcoks machined out on a 3 axis CNC mill (HAAS). Its for a project I'm working on. This first set was a prototype that I wasn't entirely happy with. Surface needs to be lapped and cleaned up. Had to use fly cutter due to some constraints, which is why the contacting surface looks the way it does in the last photo (any why lapping needs to be done). Specs: Aluminum 5052 Yes, EK fittings