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  1. It was my SSD failing, I'm going to RMA it.
  2. Update: Thought it might be too good to be true, I was playing a game fine for about 20 minutes but the second I alt tabbed it happened. I'm assuming this is something to do with windows then? Any ideas?
  3. Ok so, this is very weird, but after looking on reddit and seeing people say their HyperX Cloud 2 headset caused crashes, I decided to unplug mine and see what happens. I am no longer crashing... The problem is, I now have no audio.
  4. Just crashed again, forgot to mention, I see this after rebooting. If I switch the power off and wait a couple seconds, I can boot back up fine.
  5. Not stupid when it comes to computers, but I also dont know everything soooo, no clue what you're asking me lol
  6. Hello, I have been experiencing the same 3 BSOD's under varying degrees of load, sometimes it will instantly crash, sometimes it will crash a couple hours into gameplay. The system will freeze up, my mouse will be able to move and click but the clicks dont do anything. Sometimes the mouse lags and beeps. I get "kernel_data_inpage_error" "critical_process_died" and the occasional "store_exception". I have had these issues before updating to windows version 2004, but updating to the newer version seems to have made them much more constant and a bigger issue. I tried going into settings to revert