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  1. Its cooling good but its making weird noises like gurgling or what ever.
  2. From videos i have watched i am assuming its air trapped inside of the pump, but usually it is from faulty mounting but i have it on the top and its new.
  3. yeah but let's say out of 100 people 80 get the same result... So basically the result the other 20 people doesn't matter that much so like the coreclock that the 80 people got would be kind of like a standard.
  4. EKW 360 basic AIO and 4 extra bequiet fans. AIO mounted on top. 3 top exhaust 1 rear exhaust 3 front intake. Full front mesh panel. I think the thermals should be fine
  5. I was wondering what's the best overclock for 10700k? Like coreclocks and voltages?
  6. i9-9900kf is the only CPU. But the 360mm is like slightly more than a 240mm so like why not?
  7. The AIO for 100€ was 1 C above the massive noctua air cooler. So i call that a win.
  8. I wanted to go with a AIO liquid cooler, but all the one that is 360mm is for 200€ because it also supports the 1200 lga socket, but if i go with a decent deal on a i9 9900kf i can go with a 360mm for 100€.
  9. I'm going to buy the i9-9900kf and rtx 3080(in the future, for obvious reasons). And i was wondering if I'm fine with a 750w gold rated power supply.
  10. Yeah they are... They are confirmed as OEM only. Sad.