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Everything posted by cjeffcoatjr

  1. The title says it all. I will start. It has to be this: And here is my proof I took the picture a while ago, but just had this idea.
  2. cjeffcoatjr

    Who the hell is Pistol?

    From Tek Syndicate. What is she to Logan?
  3. cjeffcoatjr

    How bad is SLI/Crossfire?

    Hai guys know what you are talking about before you post. Yes there is stuttering, frametime issues and tearing, but it isnt conceivable in real world performance. Only graphs. On both, no matter what color you side with you will be looking at about a 50-90% improvement in FPS which can be nice, but you should always try to go with higher-end single GPU solutions.
  4. cjeffcoatjr

    Possible to run Nvidia and AMD?

    Lel nope.
  5. cjeffcoatjr

    no display

    Try clearing the CMOS and connect the display via GPU if you have one
  6. cjeffcoatjr

    Forum is Back Up :D

  7. cjeffcoatjr

    4K Apple display

    I dont know where OP got $1,000...
  8. cjeffcoatjr

    AVG update takes too much power

    Dont use AVG
  9. cjeffcoatjr

    4K Apple display

  10. cjeffcoatjr

    4K Apple display

  11. cjeffcoatjr


    What are your full specs, and what speeds are stuff running at?
  12. cjeffcoatjr

    Horrible things people can do to their PC?

    Wearing the sweater grandma knitted you on a cold dry day while building your i7-4960x, 4x 780Ti build.
  13. cjeffcoatjr

    Raspberry Pi + Asic miners

  14. cjeffcoatjr

    Hi I am a newb to forums

    WELCOME DEAR FRIEND (I know this kid )
  15. cjeffcoatjr

    Need to set this straight now!!!!

    I thought using big, capitol and obnoxious lettering was against the CoC...
  16. cjeffcoatjr

    $500 gaming pc for younger brother

    No, he could get a dedicated CPU+GPU at this price point
  17. cjeffcoatjr

    $500 gaming pc for younger brother

    Edits: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/2Lyj8
  18. cjeffcoatjr

    Need a RAM upgrade.

  19. cjeffcoatjr

    Asus VG248

    Is the screen brightness all of the way up on both monitors?
  20. cjeffcoatjr

    CRAZY LAZY HABITS (Whats yours?)

    I taught my dog how to bring me my tablet if it is on my bed or something like that
  21. cjeffcoatjr

    best way to clean a mousepad?

  22. "_ASSASSIN_": only mr pants as a personal butthole

  23. cjeffcoatjr

    Beat this Monitor

    One less inch, $40 less dollars
  24. cjeffcoatjr

    Beat this Monitor