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  1. i have 1 main gaming tower, 1 programming mid-tower, 1 lenovo note book+1 acer notebook+1hp notebook, 1 macbook pro with retina , 1 acer ultrabook.
  2. i already have a gigabyte HD7870-OC and want to get a new one to run in crossfire. my power supply is a corsair GS700 but only has 2x6+2 pcie power cables which are already in use by my graphics card but it also had 6x4 pin molex pins not in use and maybe i can use a twin molex to pcie converter and run two graphics cards out of it.
  3. no its just too old and ive use it a lot when i say a lot i mean A LOT!!! oh yeah a lot of stress on it too
  4. i still use an intel i3-540 on a p55 chipset
  5. about to die intel i3-540 because i cant afford a new one