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Panda of the Shadow

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About Panda of the Shadow

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    Spoiled 16 year old.
  • Birthday Feb 15, 1998

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    Not Telling


  • CPU
    Intel Core I7 4960x @ stock
  • Motherboard
    Rampage IV Extreme Blacke Edition
  • RAM
    64 gb of G.skill Ripjaws 2133mhz cl9
  • GPU
    2x 780ti's
  • Case
  • Storage
    2x WD Red 4tb, 2x 840 evo 1tb and a 256 gb 840 pro.
  • PSU
    Corsair RM series 1000 Watt
  • Display(s)
    Dell UP2414Q (the PPI !)
  • Cooling
    Too lazy to write it down.
  • Keyboard
    Ducky Shine 3, cheapo wirless something
  • Mouse
    Razer Death Adder 2013, Razer Ouroborous
  • Sound
    Sony MDR 1R, Berdynamics 880 Premium and the Vengance 2100.

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  1. Not correct. In multithreaded applications that can use up to 8 cores the 8350 with a small Oc matches the 4790k at stock.
  2. I've been awake for 28 hours. My brain is getting a little buggy.
  3. I'm not quite sure if my definiton of 'psychopathy' is correct. I would define a person as a psychopath if that person acts in a very irrational way. (Wait. WOMEN ARE PSYCHOPATHS! Sorry had to do it.) How would you define a psychopath?
  4. A sane psychopath I call that a contradictory of threms.
  5. Being able to multitask a lot more. Next time you feel like your PC is slow look at your taskmanager. I gurantee it's the ram.
  6. Impossible to prove I guess. But then again you can't prove shit in this world.
  7. It's not great but it's so it's ok. Also Ram needs to be your first upgrade. Also the motherboard is just fine.
  8. Well you are stating that we can control our consciousness at free will but can we really do that? I figure we are back to the good old 'Individuality is just the different learning history' (Said some Psychologist.)
  9. 1.More ram. 8GB is a must. 2.An SSD. 3. A faster GPU.
  10. It has. If we don't have free will than this whole conversation about ethics is useless as we are unable to decide how we want to and do behave,
  11. So I started my junior year (11th grade) a couple of weeks ago and I got a new Philosophy teacher and sadly to not have any classes with my favorite teacher. *Crys* With my new philosophy teacher we were discussing Egosim, Altroisim, Utilitatism, the golden rule (treat others like you want to be threated) and one other thing I forgot about . We judged Egoism to not be a real ethic theory because it has to flaws. 1. An ethic theroy needs to be universiable without being contradictory. It's not in an egoist's interest to have others be egoists. 2. If somebody would ask an egoist for advice an
  12. @FractalJosh Thank you for this brilliant piece of art. This is crucial internet culture! This will teach the future young foolish internauts how to live their lives correctly. I can not even begin to thank you enough for this. You are a great man. The decision to invest a company's money in this kind of a way is just... incredible. I love you mate.I love you. :wub: :wub: :wub:
  13. ... I don't think this is what i'm going for. These things have already been invented. Yeah I know that but i'd lie to be able to sell the product to more than 10 folks that can afford it.