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  1. I drive a nissan micra haha its painfully slow as is.. And its abit different in the UK, police only use laser guns so thats why I've heard that radar/lidar dectectors can be futile when dealing with laser. We do have fixed cameras also which use radars however which I'm not too fussed about, as I'm a pretty observant driver I always spot them, its the transportable camera vans and police sat in their cars with a gun is what I'm most afraid of
  2. Yeah I'll bare that in mind for next time, the 4 hours of that "speed awareness" course was the longest hours of my life.
  3. I love the police and think they do a great job. But speed enforcement is absolute bollocks and doesn't make anyone safer condisering the speed limits in england are painfully low , it's a money making scheme. It's also extremely easy getting a ticket in this country, canada is much harder I suspect if your police forces share the mentality of the american cops.
  4. One of these bastard vans did me for 34 in a 30! I was absolutely fuming haha, hence I want a detector
  5. do you drive? Its impossibly irritating trying to drive like a granma 2-3 mph under the limit, it won't be happening any time soon
  6. haha not possible in england, all emergency service radios use encripted airwaves so you can't listen in. Also I'm not a street racer so I don't need a CB to plan to drive wherever they arn't. I just keep up with traffic like everyone else and therefor is usually about 5mph over the limit
  7. https://gyazo.com/c6f21b5bc7a383c4d1b29baced41635b Nah mate, maybe that cop just had abit of a stick up his arse but they are most defiantly legal in the UK
  8. Don't think thats correct? Can't say for the US but in the UK I'm sure they are fully legal. Mabye you're thinking of the ones that not only warn you of the police speed gun, but also block it
  9. Have done mate, they are fully legal in the UK
  10. Sup guys! I know this aint a car forum but LTT never fails to impress! I don't suppose anybody can enlighten me on whether having a radar/lidar detector in england is actually worth it seen as all our cops use laser guns rather radar? and if so, does anybody have any suggestions on a half decent one for less than £160? (I know the valentines and escorts are the best but they are about £300-£400 over here) Considering these new ridiculous laws that have just being brought into place regarding speeding in england, and if I get 6 points or more on my licence I'll lose my job I figured a radar detector is probably a good idea... Cheers in advance lads EDIT: I have checked, and they are fully legal in the UK (Where I am)
  11. don't bother, just use nail polish remover it does the exact same job as alcohol
  12. oh shit, sorry I forgot to tell you he said that I could phone between 8am and 3pm GMT so they will be shut now
  13. haha I feel asif I've just been scammed, and now the LTT forum is gonna come in and fuck em up, like a big family
  14. yep, running 2 scans right now, thank you
  15. His number was 08000-885-562 and his name was Mark Workson....have fun