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  1. Should I worry about this 8 years old ancient ruin?
  2. Are black drives as reliable as REs? Im looking for reliability>performance drive
  3. Should I worry about TLER in non-raid setup?
  4. My Seagate SSHD 1TB died yesterday...
  5. Is it ok to use WD RE for data storage on regular desktop(windows 10)? With OS installed on SSD.
  6. Crazy price here... 850 EVO 250GB 141USD 850 PRO 256GB 199USD HyperX Savage 240GB 114USD
  7. Any noticeable difference in real world ? Which is better and why?
  8. 2/6, picked 320kbps everytime lol
  9. Second fan for Hyper 212X or Add a rear case fan? which is better?
  10. Thanks for advice , guess I will use alcohol to clean.
  11. Is it OK to remove old hardened thermal paste with nail polish remover(acetone) ? Or just wipe it with tissue?
  12. TyH

    EVO 212 or EVO 212X

    Thanks !I will get the 212X.
  13. Which one should I get? Which is better? How much can I OC i5 4670K with this aftermarket cooler?