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  1. I was browsing the LTX thread and saw your comment. Just wanted to say, your dog is really cute. What breed is this puppy?

    1. baconite


      Yorkie Chihuahua, thank you. =)

  2. Am I allowed to bring my dog to this venue? Same dog as last year, will have a carrier. It is hard to find anything regarding the Richmond Olympic Oval's policy on this.
  3. Probably will wear the orange one in my picture. Yeah, I have not found anything that says yay or nay. 2lb puppers with a carrier. Will try.
  4. I didn't take any pictures of the earlier parts of the process, or if I did, it was 3 years ago and I don't know where they are. It is a Behringer Ultra Metal pedal though, in case you want an idea of what it looked like before i gutted it.
  5. @tom_w141 @HKZeroFive @deXxterlab97 Thank you for the input. A few details I forgot to mention, like already having my second monitor, but you've helped me out. Does anyone know of any white or silver power supplies?
  6. Building up a new system, will be for playing games, I do plan on getting a VR setup going down the road. This is what I have figured might work together so far, https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/wrpLLD I probably need a pcie extension cable, as i'v read that the one with that case is sometimes not there or not that great, if someone knows of something that would fit the white/silver look i'm going for. I also would prefer a white or silver power supply, but don't know where to find that, so i just have the g3 in there, maybe i'll wrap it in aluminium foil. to answer the questions: 1. Budget & Location Not over $4000, Canada 2. Aim Playing games while streaming as an afterthought, and probably running whatever early access survival crafting flavour of the month server in the background. 3. Monitors 2-4? 2 for sure, but i was reading about a few mods i might try down the road with transparent displays and raspi displays 4. Peripherals A headset in the $100 range with a great mic. 5. Why are you upgrading? Handing my current rig down
  7. So here I am on Telus with a dual link DSL, two phone lines into the modem and this is my result while still watching the video and wife watching netflix. Can't wait for that 150/150 to get here in the coming months.
  8. I'd honestly prefer either one because I don't have a laptop.
  9. logitech g510s keyboard and g700s mouse, razer vespula mousepad that is starting to peel up, and a kinda generic headset
  10. The pf100u looks like it would be a great thing to have in a vehical with a sound system to pair it up with for a mobile theatre experience, great for camping i'd wager
  11. CPU - i7-4770k GPU - Nvidia GTX 780 Ti RAM - 16Gb (4x4GB) With a 110 Mhz overclock it passes! I'd probably wait till either card per eye is working well.
  12. Seeing that first picture of the inside of the xbox brought back memories of soldering the d0 connection to make the onboard memory writable *shudder* I once held a mod together with taped pennies, just to keep it stable long enough to write the new bios, that one was non reversable I have a 60 or 80gb xbox with a switch i ripped out of an burnt out power supply to flip the bios between custom and stock, and i have a button i added into the original headset plugin thingy to power it on and off. i only stopped using it as an xbmc box a few years ago when i get netflix, and even then the computer i switched it out for opens xbmc, well, kodi now, on startup. I don't have anything newer then an xbox 360, and i havn't modded that, don't plan on it, back then it was a 'need' as a kid to play games but not have money to support buying them.
  13. dat smart switch thou i think i really like the minimal bezel the most
  14. Dennis isn't break the board. I have a video of it being broken.