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  1. Any guesses as to what are the posssible 2 new floatplane channels?
  2. They screwed with the machine because as a tech enthusiast channel, that is what they do. They admit that the problem was due to their mishandling and are willing to spend money to repair it. The point of the video is that they can not get the machine repaired from Apple. Of course everyone should take care of their machines, but accidents happen. The problem is that Apple are unwilling to repair the thing. Also, why does such a big company as Apple not have any spare parts for customer service? So any damage to your machine may require you to buy a new one.
  3. I was browsing the LTX thread and saw your comment. Just wanted to say, your dog is really cute. What breed is this puppy?

    1. baconite


      Yorkie Chihuahua, thank you. =)

  4. Sponsored by in the sense that OriginPC want to advertise their product to customers, so they pay Linus to mention their products in the ad spot. From my understanding, when the host says "sponsored by" or "brought to you by" the company is paying only money for mentioning their product in ad spot. When the host says "thanks XYZ for providing us/ hooking us up with ABC" the company has sent the product for free but not given any money. When a company provides free products as well as money to feature their products in the video, the video should display "includes paid
  5. Hey, if you are still looking for fun racing games, Burnout Paradise and NFS Hot Pursuit are on sale right now. Both from criterion games, so don't expect hardcore physics simulation.
  6. As far as I know, you can not buy dirt 3 anymore. If it is already in your library then nice, otherwise tough luck. Moreover Dirt 3 is arcade-y when compared to Dirt Rally. If rally is not your thing, try F1 2012 or F1 2014. I have not played F1 2016 & F1 2017. If you want arcade-y experience, you can try Grid Autosport or Grid 2.
  7. I really like Dirt Rally. I have minimal experience and am not a good player, but the physics feels nice to me. Your car behaves very differently from track to track.
  8. From what I remember they had to move out because they were operating a business from a house in the residential zone. Their new warehouse office is in business/office zone.
  9. First saw her in the Christmas razer blade video. She also appeared in a channel super fun video where they were throwing axes.
  10. Berkel was always the cheerful, energetic guy on camera. Wish him a successful future. Hope he can show up on a CSF or WAN show one last time to say goodbye. As per CSF content, I think a tight schedule is not necessary. A new CSF video is a pleasant surprise, but not something I watch regularly.
  11. Nice to see Luke hosting. Hope to see you more.