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  1. DXMember I owe you a big thank you man.  I read a post where you listed out very nicely how to format a m.2 nvme.  I had a hard time and didn't realize I had to do this and for past few hours I was concerned that I couldn't use this and had to store it for my next build.  I am a novice and I am so glad I found your comment.  You sir are a god among men.  Thank you so much for your time..

  2. You good sir are a legend.
    How do I know?
    By the one picture showing the simple explanation to the question :D 

  3. your motherboard has to have "SLI ready" sticker on the box, otherwise it won't work
  4. you can run Crossfire with 4x per card
  5. Set your primary display to be output from 1070, also make sure it's in the primary slot PCI-E on your motherboard for optimal performance and Windows 10 Version 1703 has a an option to choose which adapter to use for 3D application when you right click the icon
  6. that's at stock the 7980XE at stock doesn't require a 1kW PSU either. It's when you start overclocking and having multi-GPU setup
  7. I believe they are reporting single channel multiply by 4 for X99/X299/X399
  8. I am not installing anything, the settings that keep resetting to defaults are just toggles from user interface, some manual registry edits, group policies and manually disabling services. This happened before when I updated to 1607 Anniversary Update and happened again with 1703 Creators Update. I'm not hating on Windows 10 just out of spite, I'm a simple man, I want simple things, Windows 7 just worked for me, Windows 10 is trying to play smart and is frankly way too advanced for me, I like simple stuff that doesn't try to behave like it knows better. Yes it s RTSS's fault, and I am fine with that, I just mentioned it because I found it funny to cause infini-loop and was relevant to explain why I went into Safe Mode. I don't use Afterburner for overclocking, I just keep it for RTSS to use as on-screen overlay I originally went to Safe Mode just to get rid of Afterburner. I just saw the option and my finger itched to click it. Tried that, succeeded, but didn't help Also tried the 2nd method and it failed with error along the lines of "Disk is locked" or something like that, I did try to display the disk and volume attributes, there we no "read-only" flags either. Restoring from a backup worked though, but I had to wait till Monday to get a laptop from work.
  9. does Windows 10 still have a feature "Guest account"?
  10. And since the older Acronis media rescue tool doesn't have NVMe drivers I had to first clean install Windows 10, oh but wait... MSDN pulled the download link for my Windows 10 Multiple Editions ISO... So I had to still use the media rescue tool to restore the ISO from within my backup (which took couple hours to retrieve 4GB ISO because the media tool for some reason is horrendously slow, then burn it, mount it, clean install Win10, and find out that newer versions of Acronis don't accept my activation key anymore, and the older installers are nowhere to be found Fortunately enough the only functionality non-activated newer version of Acronis provided was to browse the backup as removable storage, so I could pull the older installer from there, oh but wait.. Windows 10 strongly believes that Acronis True Image HD 2012 is incompatible and refuses to run it even in compatibility mode... *Unless you've previously updated from Win7 to 10 with Acronis already installed... which is how I have it originally running So then I had to get Windows7 ISO on the bootable stick, clean install Windows 7 and restore from there... a piece of cake... wasted entire weekend and a Monday afternoon because I didn't have spare flash sticks and another machine...
  11. So this one day I decided I should finally update to Build 1703 - worst idea ever! Not only did it completely wipe all my settings and tweaks as per usual - it also managed to brick the bootmanager... On the final restart after updating it first of all had a conflict with an older version of MSI Afterburner - it kept shitting down and telling me that RTSS isn't supposed to run on this Windows version, but Afterburner insisted that it must run and keep starting it up. So those two got entwined in a fight locking up the operating system. I booted up into Safe Mode to disable Afterburner from running at startup. Then I noticed a button for "Go back to previous build" (while still in Safe Mode) - that was so tempting, so I clicked it.... nothing happened, and I clicked it again, still nothing happened and I clicked it again... then I gave up and rebooted into "Normal mode". Except that it wouldn't boot... fortunately enough after second failed attempt it started automatic repair which offered me to check errors on disk - and I did, and then I rebooted one more time And voila - the bootloader can't find any operating systems anymore. Windows install media couldn't either... so I had to restore from a couple months old backup, I did manage to retrieve all the missing pieces from the older backup though so it's fine. And I also learned of KB3073930 )))