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  1. We have some new stuff from professional Overclocker der8auer from Germany - a preview video of the upcoming 32-core Threadripper 2990X CPU using the EPYC 7601. Enjoy the video with hitting over 5k points in Cinebench R15:
  2. Roman der8auer Bauer did it again, this time with the Intel i7-8700K oc'ed to 7.3 GHz on all cores. Not that bad. Cinebench R15 shows impressive results!
  3. Looks like the video got removed, both in German and in English
  4. Since today's the day of the news embargo lift, another der8auer video appeared on YouTube, showing the German professional overclocker managed to oc the Intel i9-7980XE to over 6.1 GHz on all 18 cores, of course only possible through liquid nitrogen cooling on an ASUS Rampage 6 Apex. He and the other overclockers came together for a meet-up in Taiwan at ASUS ROG headquarters and reached some new world records, once again. https://youtu.be/rEdXayoA1Es
  5. German professional overclocker Roman 'der8auer' Bauer managed to configure a THREADRIPPER build with eight SSDs in RAID-0 through two AMD HyperCards with 4x Samsung 960 Pro m.2 NMVe SSDs each on an ASUS X399 Zenith Extreme MoBo, transformed into a four Terabyte RAID with up to 27 Gigabyte (!) read speeds.