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  1. Good Thermal paste

    in essence why i mentioned IC diamond, because linus always gets consistent performance, but i really never used it, so i have no idea about this abration caused by diamonds
  2. Good Thermal paste

    the difference is you have used it on cpus with integrated heat spreaders, for some reason the probability of pastes not working too well is higher for smaller contact die on laptops, its about 100 watts of heat flowing through two small dies
  3. Good Thermal paste

    i havent had good experience with artic silver, temperatures arent as good, hence i wanted to go for Ic diamond or thermal grizzly
  4. Good Thermal paste

    my alienware has OC 1070 at about 1800 mhz and a 7700hq and it needs to be repasted, it performs very badly in warm environments, i was wondering about getting something good like IC diamond or thermal grizzly kryonaut, but i have heard ic diamond scratches heatsinks, which seens strange but just wondering if this is true and if my options are good or if there are better pastes i should consider for my laptop, also i know of liquid metal , i just prefer non conductive
  5. Cleaning Alienware 17 R4 Laptop

    yeah it should, there is a option in the link i added to remove the back covers of the fan too, but yeah it should be enough
  6. Cleaning Alienware 17 R4 Laptop

  7. Cleaning Alienware 17 R4 Laptop

    Alienware includes a manual on how to completely disassemble your laptop, so i dont think you need much more, but if youre unsure, its just the bottom panel you need to remove and use a duster to clean
  8. Laptops....

    Yeah we need a budget and if you want a laptop to carry around, or maybe something you want to keep on dorms, also where you are from to get better deal on location
  9. New video idea

    i just saw a few reviews on 27 inch panels i been looking up a while ago with reviews saying as such, but if thats the case with you, even better for display
  10. New video idea

    I mean for a VA panel , at 144 hz, 300 nits and curved in a sense, its a reasonably good ish deal, but price is about what you would expect, i dont see how a whole video should be made for this one display Btw two immediate down sides are lack of adjustment of display and a 27 inch 1080p panel , you might see some pixelation if youre doing editing and such
  11. This Desk will make you FIT!!

    i know lot of comments going to say this can be done simpler, and i will agree but case of efficiency, converting 24 fluctuating volts to 110 AC and then back to steady Dc 12 v is very inefficient, the 24 volt could have just been regulated to 12 volts with a simple circuit, however still great video
  12. GPU usage goes down, framerates go down too.

    have you checked your storage speed, any full utilization when playing games ?
  13. Youtube Home Recommendations

    i was worried someone had my password checked my activity and my users of account, only my devices and my vidoes so it seems its just youtube algorithm showing me this, i hope it stops
  14. Youtube Home Recommendations

    oddly enough i am used to that, but recently its a bunch of low viewed gta v streams, indian videos, some other strange game plays, and facebook hacks