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    gtx 1070 8gb gddr5
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    970 evo 250gb, 970 evo pro 500gb, 1 tb hgst hdd
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  1. the oil would eventually get cold and build up condensation, i mean it wouldnt get into your pc, but being in a room that is constantly being kept at very low humidity will dry out your respiratory tract and it would be very uncomfortable to be in plus all the build up of water might damage your carpets and such
  2. my gpu is only at 40-50 % and cpu at 10-15% i think my 1070 is showing its decode power
  3. its the high iso they mentioned it on floatplane, luke noticed those effects, usually people associate grainy with high iso but you also lose contrast in your image
  4. i mean i do look at them sometimes, to see what is selling in my area, but i dont go as far to compare prices and message sellers, i usually check to see what retro collectable hardware is available, like an 8800 gt or something similar
  5. I know the upload speeds are capped for sure, but i haven't heard of download speeds being limited
  6. i am on the same build, unsure why it does that for me
  7. i installed it and its still doing the same thing, unsure why maybe its just my version of chrome
  8. Chrome allows you to change the colour of the back ground of the new tab screen but it keeps blasting me with bright light for a second everytime i open a new tab is there a better way to make the tabs dark mode, i know the preset chrome themes exist but are those any good ? New Tab - Google Chrome 2019-12-05 17-31-46.mp4
  9. I love when people mention stuff like finite element/volume analysis methods, unfortunately i only use Elmer haven't touched solid works
  10. i have become accustomed to using 60% due to laptops, so i would have gone for 60% as well also i agree, usually the keys you need are the ones in close proximity to WASD to play games especially a fast paced game like apex
  11. kinda sounds like its coming from the fan bearing, but cant be too sure
  12. you can use an online calculator to measure the dew point, with ambient room temperature and humidity as the variables so a nice small humidity and temperature sensor would work very nice for your need (examples links below) example Temperature and humidity sensor http://www.dpcalc.org/ for example in the calculator a ambient temperature of 20 oC, and a dew point of 15oC (so you set your pc at 15oC as minimum) , the humidity of your room has to be less then 75% RH to prevent condensation on your pc
  13. whoa, thats a pretty decent pc for your grandparents
  14. for the 83, your gpu will struggle with that resolution and graphics for modern games, light games will be fine though, but if you do get the 5700xt then the 1440p 144hz, is the best option i really hope you get that card though, otherwise it would be too much
  15. The Cryorig H7 is a decent budget cpu cooler