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  1. Alienware freezing

    i am trying not to re install windows, i am currently in a place with very slow net, but in a couple weeks when i am not, i will definetly try that, cause redownloading drivers and 200gb of games will take a while, but otherwise i cant be sure what the issue is
  2. Alienware freezing

    btw i have been doing stability tests with aida 64 on both the cpu and gpu , cpu cores around 90 and gpu at around 80 ( i live in a hot place) with no signs on throttling or over heating
  3. Alienware freezing

    I wasnt sure if this should go in laptops or trouble shooting, but i recently bought my current laptop which is an alienware 15 r3, with a gtx 1070 and 7700hq, at first it would freeze sometimes just doing simple tasks, never during games and i contacted dell and they remote connected and updated my nvidia driver which seemed to work, but now it freezes more often but in games this time, i have been told nvidia drivers can cause some trouble but is this what i am dealing with or could something else be wrong?, mind you this is quite a new machine and i havent had any thermal throttling on it, i run gta v on gsync 60 fps and only until they updated they driver, i had freezing
  4. Steam Summer Sale! - Which games did you buy?

    i got just gta v, wanted to get star dew too, but i got too much work soon, so will buy it later
  5. GTA V Tearing

    yeah laptop, but its very buggy, restarting with v sync on kinda worked the last time i tried so i think its fixed, but before that nothing was really consistent so i didnt keep my hopes up , but i dont think gpu matters cause i get like 140 frames with my oc 1070 and it still tears
  6. GTA V Tearing

    So i am just wondering if any one has tearing issues with gta v on pc, i have a 1070 over clocked and a 7700hq, but every thing on very high, or ultra it tears, but its not consistent, when i put on v sync sometimes it tears and then it doesnt, also my display is 60 hz g sync, but if i enable g sync the frame rate is only kept at 60 sometimes, i usually go into nvidia control panel and enable it on windowed and full screen to get it to work , IS any one else having these issues with gta v ?
  7. Laptops with a Full 1080 in them?

    well their rog laptops arent bad, but my main reasoning was that in hong kong you can get rog laptops decently close to msrp prices on stores
  8. I Need A New Laptop

    oh i didnt notice, but again, look around for a better deal i am sure there is one
  9. Laptops with a Full 1080 in them?

    i mean if you can get your hands on alien ware if not a good asus laptop would work well in local stores, a friend of mine bought a thin 15 inch asus with a 1070 in china
  10. I Need A New Laptop

    https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834100595 this mac book has a much better components detailing and even though the ram is less and the hdd (which can be replaced easily) , it comes with a gtx 650 m which seems much better than the previous, however i think there should be a better deal even than this one, so keep looking also it seems that a 650m might be over kill for you in csgo, but it gives chance to future proof a bit, or play some mild current games
  11. so i have had dealing with couple 17 inch laptops, including the older r2 alienware model, and another older dell 17 inch, and for me its not much to carry around, i know some people prefer lighter and much thinner, but i really dont mind once i have a backpack that can hold it, and also i am in college but i dont take my laptop around much, but i am just wondering if anyone here on forums has a new model alienware would tell me how they have been handling the 17 inch, if its tough, also i hear its about same weight and a bit slimmer than old model but i would like to hear from someone who owns it, and yes i know linus has a review i have watched it a lot, but just want review before deciding on a 17 instead of a 15 inch
  12. SD reader

    So my Sd reader stopped working today and i think its just some contacts that are dirty, the reader is soldered onto my laptop's motherboard and it looks like it is just a case where contacts that run straight into the board, however getting to them i cant be too sure of and also i am not sure how to clean them, the sd reader is covered by a metal shield like, which i assume all are but the sides are soldered down to the pcb, so i was thinking first try compressed air duster and if that doesnt work, try a swab with isopropyl , is this wise or is there a better method , please let me know Also the clicky thingy to know its inserted still works so thats why i think its contact problem, and that my sd cards work on my camera too so yeah
  13. $50 buget head phones

    the hd 471g is at 68 bucks, so i will consider it, over my buget, but youre right,
  14. $50 buget head phones

    Thanks a bunch, they seem perfect, i will take your word for it and order one if there arent anymore suggestions i like
  15. $50 buget head phones

    they stopped selling the 212, which is sad cause even though its closed back it would have a good value