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    Alienware 15 r4
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    16 gb ddr4 2400mhz
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    gtx 1070 8gb gddr5
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    Alienware 15 r3
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    128gb SK hynix sc311 ssd , 1 tb hgst hdd
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    240 watt power brick
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    1080p IPS 60 hz, g sync
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  1. the 970 evo is cheaper than the 960 evo currently, which is weird as well
  2. Tamesh16

    Mouse recommendations ?

    oh, that seems like a nice mouse, but whats the difference between the two ?
  3. Tamesh16

    Mouse recommendations ?

    average i guess, for gloves in the lab i always wear small and they fit perfectly, if that helps
  4. Tamesh16

    Mouse recommendations ?

    its on sale for 30 bucks right now, so i can full well consider it, it seems a bit much , but if you have had great experience with it , i will add it to my list
  5. Tamesh16

    Mouse recommendations ?

    your recommendation seems quite nice though, i will have at the top of my list for now
  6. Tamesh16

    Mouse recommendations ?

    I was just wondering if any one has any recommendations for mouse i like braided cable, not so fancy about weights and too much macro keys, my budget is about 50 dollars , using it for some gaming and editing i really dont know much about good mice so comment some especially if you have had experience with it also if its wireless too you can comment, because i havent used mice only touch pads but it seems like work to keep wireless mice charged
  7. Tamesh16


    well based on your previous post, that answers that question, but as comments on that post said, for a i3 that does seem a bit hot, try a new thermal paste and check results, or just wait for your noctua cooler cause that comes with good thermal paste as well, then you can ensure the application was good too
  8. Tamesh16


    i dont understand the question, do you currently have a stock cpu cooler, if so is there room for thermal improvement ?
  9. i have had issues with aida 64 as well, sometimes it would say my gpu isnt being used at all when its under full load, and sorts of bugs like that, but it just went away after a while, it only happened when i tried to run multiple stress tests at a time i think its just something that happens with stress software sometimes
  10. When booting my alienware, it said it was scanning and repairing my drive in event viewer it said system had a failed shutdown which isnt the case it was charged, so i am wondering if my boot drive is going bad Its a SK hynix m.2280 sata 128 gb ssd for OS and a 1tb hgst disk drive for mass storage
  11. So microsoft office is trying to improve performance of its word app by introducing support for high dpi displays
  12. Tamesh16

    7200 rpm 2.5 inch 2tb or greater

    Its for mass storage on a laptop btw
  13. Do these drives exist, if so can any one link me to some, preferably on amazon , it seems like such a thing should exist, but i literally cant find none. all i see are 1tb wd blacks and 1 tb barracudas which dont even run at 7200 rpm
  14. I am pretty sure what @GeneXiS_X meant is that the it cant possibly be as good as it seems, the only reason reviewers are so surprised isbecause it isnt as bad as thin and light laptops usually are, especially the ones that call them selves the thinnest laptops, thermals might be good, but performance might be throttled, even on my machine, which i have an overclocked 1070, i dont really get thermal issues but i still got power throttled from time to time, So with a thin machine like that you can expect something like that to keep temperatures down, lower clock speeds and lower power draw to lower thermals