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    Water Cooling
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    Alienware 15 r4
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    16 gb ddr4 2400mhz
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    gtx 1070 8gb gddr5
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    Alienware 15 r3
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    128gb SK hynix sc311 ssd , 1 tb hgst hdd
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    240 watt power brick
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    1080p IPS 60 hz, g sync
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  1. Tamesh16

    Experiences with non-techies

    i rewatched this just the other day, starting to like Justine
  2. Tamesh16

    Why is nvidia slowing down my gpu

    i think the addition is just new features for newer stuff, like new updates have dlss support and they run games a bit slower, but i also agree with @Brooksie359@Enderman installing new drivers can change a set of setting especially in nividia control panel, and also drivers can just not be great sometimes on your pc , and yeah it can depend on how both of those drivers you tested works with the version of windows you have so in essence too many variables to support that conclusion based on that test
  3. Tamesh16

    Experiences with non-techies

    idk who this is but sounds like he got what he deserved
  4. Tamesh16

    Downloading stuck

    this thread is very vague...
  5. Tamesh16

    Temps that won't show up

    some laptops, like my old asus would refuse to show temps as well for certain things, i guess you just have to try around soft ware, i know "REAL TEMP" is decently minimal and old ish you can try that
  6. Tamesh16

    Ryzen 2 or Coffee Lake for a RTX 2080 TI?

    i was just looking for data on bottlenecking to post, but yep i agree with you
  7. Tamesh16

    please help

    These are getting out of hand...
  8. yeah, unless youre doing some stuff that needs that high samsung performance, a crucial drive can be great, i only really got the 970 evo for smoother work flow in premiere , sata ssd like boot times or load times in games wont change with nvme
  9. its a more professional product like a quadro, the 970 evo is more budget consumer product, so the market for the 970 pro 250 gb wouldnt really exist too much, and the difference between the two (250 gb 970 evo and 970 pro) wouldnt affect a normal consumer so the cheaper would probably have sold more
  10. i would say the 970 evo should be the best price, otherwise, the differences in samsung isnt much 970 evo should be cheaper right now, they were cheaper when i bought mine a couple weeks ago , the 960 is older, so 970 is better performance
  11. Tamesh16

    Iphone X give away?

    i am wondering the same as well
  12. Tamesh16

    Iphone X give away?

    yep Spam, other threads have popped up with the same google links, you can check those out
  13. yep , and plus a lot of times there is still like a bit of testing to do, not that the product works, more like human workloads and any bugs they didnt pick up on yet
  14. Tamesh16


    none of its there thats the thing, like its just taking up compute power, but i dont want to tinker and mess around deleting things i dont know much about, but this is just one of the many programs just running taking up 4 gb of ram at idle
  15. Tamesh16

    Engineering degree-Which computer should I get?

    i am a chemical engineer and some of the stuff i use is intensive, but not as much to go all out, for like simulation software, a good quad core laptop is fine, i mainly only use matlab anyways, and a program called Hysys by Aspen and they just use up some of cpu performance, edit: i just have a bit of gpu to game on the side, so far havent really seen any programs benefit too much from gpu unless in matlab's case you use parallel processing which i doubt will happen in your degree