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    Tamesh16 reacted to pixxel in My friend and I are starting a pc build service and I was wondering how to test systems fully before we send them to the customer   
    I know how to install windows or linux (depending on customer preference) and get the system up. I can run a few benchmarks and such to see if everything is in working order. I'm wondering more about how to test for small issues or if something goes wrong how to find it. I was thinking about pooling money from our first few sales and investing in a test bench. I think just being able to put the mobo and essential components to test and overclock (if asked by customer) is much easier on a test bench. I feel like having essentials on the board and installing an OS before putting the pc in the case is a good testing procedure. 
    But besides stability, what else should I be looking for. I will always enable XMP so is there a way to test ram stability, or would that show itself when running a gpu and cpu benchmark before shipping?
    Basically, I just want to know some basic tests I can run to ensure that every aspect of the system is running at 100% before we send out the pc, I want the customer to have the best experience possible. I'm also wondering if getting a test bench will make any of this easier. 
    Thanks in advance for any advice, much appreciated! Stay safe! ❤️
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    Tamesh16 reacted to Grand Admiral Thrawn in Best/worst computer brands.   
    The worst is Dell. You are welcome.
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    Tamesh16 reacted to James in LTT has a New Home...   
    In the pursuit of ever increasing monetization, today we're announcing our presence on a new platform...OnlyFans!
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    Tamesh16 reacted to Radium_Angel in What was the worst PC component/accessory that you regret buying?   
    USB wifi devices.
    They all suck.
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    Tamesh16 reacted to BuckGup in Xiaomi launches Mi 11 Ultra; What a beast   
    You make some rather bold claims but I think I agree with you on them
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    Tamesh16 reacted to Sarra in Show off your latest purchase!   
    Might post an update later, I'm going to the store right now for some flat or matte black paint for it.
    It's a drain valve for my Subaru. Replaces the oil plug, I got some hose that just slips on the nipple. Drain my oil straight into a recycle container, instead of into a drain pan, then dump it into the recycle container. 😄
    Gonna drill a hole in the cap to make it an even easier, hands free oil change experience.

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    Tamesh16 reacted to AnirbanG007 in Show off your latest purchase!   
    I bought a Crucial MX500 @ 500 gigs capacity for my 4 year old laptop. This is the first time I'm getting to experience an SSD, hands-on. And I couldn't believe how much of a difference it made. Feels better than when the laptop was new. 🙂

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    Tamesh16 reacted to wkdpaul in Frustrating.....!   
    What ??!?!?
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    Tamesh16 reacted to LogicalDrm in ESS Dac website   
    Seems like their site is hacked...
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    Tamesh16 reacted to Drama Lama in Experiences with non-techies   
    Bigger numba bedda numba
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    Tamesh16 reacted to Schnoz in Experiences with non-techies   
    It's like saying a 5 GHz FX-9590 is better than a Ryzen 9 5950X...it's surprising how many people believe that clockspeed is everything.
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    Tamesh16 reacted to SolarNova in Samsung- Neo QLED   
    Be careful with marketing terms.
    For example...
    Currently QNED is being branded by both Samsung and LG, one is 'real' QNED, one is not.
    LG has a 'fake' QNED, using the names as meaning 'Quantom Dot (color filter) + Nano Cell + Mini LED (higher density FALD)'
    While Samsung has the 'real' QNED , meaning 'Quantom Dot (color filter) + NanoRod LED' this is 'real' QNED. And is a long way from consumers as its the next step after Micro LED (not to be confused with Mini LED)
    Now in regards to Neo QLED. Its pure marketing. Neo QLED is simply Mini LED, with some extra filters to help with light diffusion.
    So in terms of QLEDs from samsung the range is as follows
    Neo QLED
    MicroLED QLED (very limited, large, and ridiculously expensive)
    LG will have
    NanoCell LED
    QNED NanoCell LED ('fake QNED' = high density FALD)
    OLED Evo (G1 series only atm, ~20% brighter)
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    Tamesh16 reacted to Levent in is it safe to use molex to two sata power connectors? help.   
    Its fine. As always make sure nothing dodgy is happening wiring wise.
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    Tamesh16 reacted to AnirbanG007 in What is piece of tech that, when it first came out, you thought sucked, but when you used it, became essential?   
    Krisp. It's a noise cancelling app, that's basically an alternative to RTX Voice. Thought it would be terrible, but actually saved my ass many times on online conferences and job interviews(online) and even remote-proctored exams. Phew!! 🙂 It got an update today, and am super happy with the audio quality and the noise cancelling feature.
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    Tamesh16 reacted to Jtalk4456 in $650 Million Facebook Lawsuit   
    Judge approves $650 million Facebook privacy settlement over facial recognition feature
    For those who didn't hear the first story, Facebook was under lawsuit for it's new Tag Suggestions feature, which violated Illinois law by storing biometric data without consent. The setting was originally opt in by default
    To be fair they later fixed this by adding a direct notification alerting users about the usage of that feature, but the lawsuit was based in the grounds of the initial use and so stood.
    This lawsuit has now passed and 7/10s of a percent of their 2020 annual revenue from 2020 will be given to people in Illinois. 
    *Edelson is the attorney from Chicago
    My thoughts
    I think it's certainly a step in the right direction, but it still begs the question of why we need this step at all. While we may question the motivations of people in big tech, we can't pretend they're dumb. Are these geniuses so shortsighted as to not understand how wrong it is to decide for the customer what data they will give up without asking? Do they honestly think in this tin foil covered world that people are itching to have FB use facial recognition on them without permission, all for the time savings of knowing what friends to tag in a pic? If anything this seems like such a stretch of the limits of what tech is designed for. Stop criminals, find missing children and victims of sex trafficking, ehh sure I guess... Be able to be told what friends and family are in MY picture that I took and posted myself, now that's amazing! Do they really think we're that incapable of identifying our own friends by name that they need to employ an advanced facial recognition software just to make sure pics are tagged accurately?
    Back to the news though, it's a small drop in the bucket, but the money really isn't important. In law, Precedent is King. Try arguing something is legal when it's been deemed illegal in court previously, you won't get far. We need this kind of precedent to help protect us from a very unregulated industry. Our government(s) have failed for years to adequately prepare for or even talk about the challenges that are facing and will continue to face society from our increasing reliance on technology. We've got a lot of ground to cover and make reasonable legislation for data privacy. 
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    Tamesh16 reacted to Levent in Gaming Performance Tested On 'Worn Out' RTX 2080 Ti Mining Card   
    And that alone invalidates that claim, not even worth clicking.
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    Tamesh16 reacted to Moonzy in Moderators on the Forum   
    I'm interested to know how does one become a mod
    So I know what to not do
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    Tamesh16 reacted to GDRRiley in USPS is getting new trucks but only 10% are electric   
     USPS has picked their new trucks. Built by Oshkosh a major vehicle manufacturer for the defense department.
    later on they decided to share how much is planned from the start to be electric
    My thoughts
    Happy to see the post office get new trucks with modern comforts like AC, backup cameras, sensors, air bags and be designed so you can comfortable stand in the back but only 10% being electric is pathetic, I wanted 90-95%
    as for the looks, its form first which I'm fine with

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    Tamesh16 reacted to ProjectBox153 in USPS is getting new trucks but only 10% are electric   
    Something important you didn't mention: they'll be able to be retrofitted with electric motors later on, so they're likely going to work on building up the charging infrastructure before converting them all to electric. I don't think the design looks bad. After all, we have had the LLV for a long time now, so a new design in any form is neat to see. 
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    Tamesh16 reacted to Aereldor in My GTX 1070 just sold for stupid money   
    5 year old GPUs turning a profit after 4 years of use, I hate everything
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    Tamesh16 reacted to Eigenvektor in Why the Perseverance Rover computer is so "outdated"   
    The rover mostly just has to collect data. All of the heavy processing will happen on Earth.
    And yeah, it does have different requirements:
    Be as reliable as possible Use as little power as possible Be resistant to space, radiation etc. Using bleeding edge technology is no good if you need something that is ultra reliable, because you haven't had decades to fix all the kinks. And smaller process nodes are much more susceptible to stuff like radiation and high energy particles. You don't have a magnetic shield on Mars like you do on Earth.
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    Tamesh16 reacted to sub68 in Moderators on the Forum   
    Pizza at friends house

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    Tamesh16 reacted to Drama Lama in Samsung's New HBM2 Memory Thinks for Itself: 1.2 TFLOPS of Embedded Processing Power   
    that's what I'd call real " smart memory"
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    Tamesh16 reacted to Electronics Wizardy in Does raid 0 actually improve performance?   
    Yea thats just using the ram as a cache, Id leave it off as windows already uses ram as a cache, and those caching programs can lead to data loss.
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    Tamesh16 got a reaction from Sp4gh3tti in Riley and James need to go   
    this is not useful feed back