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  1. I will try to explain what is meant by "Help them". Trump administration is there to help them by reducing regulations that are inhibitors to operating a business or simply add a ton of overhead. For example, needing a huge team of lawyers just to ensure the company is not violating any one of the hundreds or thousands of regulations before proceeding with a project. As a simple example, I work for a liquor store company at the corporate level in IT. I was talking to one of my coworkers and we were talking about the physical placement of stores. In Alberta where I live there is a regulation that a liquor store cannot be within 500 meters of any other liquor store (I think its 500m, the actual distance might be different). That regulation makes it difficult to be competitive in the market in certain scenarios. For example, if one company opens a liquor store in modest-sized shopping complex/area then no other competitors would be able to open a competing liquor store in that shopping area. That regulation to me is just plain stupid. But there is another regulation that you cannot open a liquor store within a certain distance of a school, which does make sense. Its a fine balance to strike. You don't want too few regulations because then companies start doing some questionable things but you don't want so many regulations that it inhibits a company's ability to operate efficiently and competitively.
  2. This is just speculation at this point. They presented zero source or evidence in the article. All they said was "we can exclusively confirm". Literally anybody can write that.
  3. Lmao at the people acting like Vessel was bought against their will. Verizon didn't force Vessel owners into anything. Vessel chose to sell to Verizon because they obviously felt it was the most viable option for them.
  4. This study is literally useless. The study says its how they are perceived not how they actually are. But regardless, Apple has sold over a billion iPhones and there is also more than a billion Android phones sold as well, but yet this study of 240 people is supposed to mean something? Lmao.
  5. @AluminiumTech The updated Messenger app is currently desktop only. Mobile does have one but it is still the outdated version. I have been using the new Instagram app on mobile and it is quite nice. It's basically a carbon copy of the iOS version but that's not really a bad thing since the iOS version is very good. It just needs some performance improvements as I do notice some lag in its current version. I have experienced a couple crashes but only after viewing tons of images/profiles so its probably related to memory/cache. Hopefully they continue to update it on a regular basis.
  6. I love the fact that this is a thing. But I love some of the titles even more: dkaarvand paid for WinRAR. Reason: Wanted to impress a girl. She wasn't. Really dodged a bullet there - a girl unimpressed by WinRAR is a girl not worth your time. DamnNoHtml paid for WinRAR. Reason: After the abrupt end to a 6 year relationship, DamnNoHtml just wanted something to compress their emotions. WinRAR doesn't work like that but we don't blame you for trying. Lmao.
  7. People just do this to get their name in the news. I hope, at least. I don't want people to be that stupid.
  8. Because if you want to talk about OS marketshare you need to include the entire picture, not just the portion that fits your narrative. I never stated I was referring exclusively to desktop computers.
  9. Your math book does not include mobile devices/OSes. Microsoft has less than 3% marketshare in mobile. Like it or not mobile is a huge factor. In fact, Apple's entire existence in the past ~15 years is nearly entirely dependent on their success in mobile devices.
  10. This isn't that serious lmao. Microsoft isn't even a monopoly anymore. The Google fans and more specifically the Linux crowd have been going on for years about how irrelevant Microsoft is and that Linux has already "taken over the world".
  11. I was able to download it no problem on a Lumia 830 running 14332.1001
  12. All the people complaining about this were never using Cortana in the first place lmao. Also, I'm pretty sure Google Now only works with Google and Chrome???
  13. I made this purchase earlier this morning. I can't wait. I'll likely sell the 950 as factory sealed if I can and just use the 950 XL. I currently have a Lumia 830 so this should be a nice upgrade. People have given these phones unfavorable reviews for the most part but the issue is not the hardware. 95% of the phones issues are purely in the OS software, and that will all get fixed. Honestly Windows 10 Mobile was not ready when it was launched on these phones, but Microsoft desperately needed new flagships out there, so what can you do I guess? Since these phones launched 6 months ago Microsoft has released 11 OS updates to it and also firmware updates in addition to that. And, in ~3-4 months it should see the Anniversary update so I feel good about Microsoft's commitment to Windows 10 Mobile OS and these phones. Not to mention that starting with Windows 10 Mobile Microsoft is bypassing carrier approval for OS updates also. I think the app situation is also going to improve. Just today Facebook announced their new Instagram app which is a direct port of the iOS version so it has all the latest features. The new Facebook and Messenger apps are currently only available on Windows 10 desktop as of today but they stated they are bringing those to Mobile this year also. And other apps have been released/getting announced for Windows 10 Mobile (just check this thread).
  14. I've only noticed it on their trade show videos so far (Is it on non-trade show videos too?). My assumption for this was that since they are at a trade show they don't have their full-fledged editing workstations/server and 4K would take too much processing time / storage to upload videos in a timely manner.
  15. Just wanted to point out this has nothing to do with BitLocker at all.
  16. What's more likely is that they would slowly become irrelevant. Microsoft needs their software to be where the users are and unfortunately on mobile they are overwhelmingly not on Windows. Microsoft needs their software to have presence in the mobile space, that's why they needed to port their apps to Android and iOS to stay relevant.
  17. MetroTube. The trial is full featured and not timed. The option to purchase is only if you want to support the dev.
  18. Dave probably doesn't care at all. 10 years ago he willingly walked away from a $55 Million contract that he had already secured and flew to South Africa without telling anybody simply to get away from all the publicity he was receiving.
  19. I have 64 GB MicroSD card in my Lumia 830.
  20. I find it hilarious that you're concerned about Windows 10 "phoning home" so you decide to run non-genuine Windows 7 instead.
  21. Don't hate on Windows Phone OS if you aren't even willing to do basic fact checking: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UC_Browser#Windows_Phone
  22. Yeah the Surface Book is $500 more expensive (when comparing highest end Surface book vs highest end 13" MackBook Pro Retina) but it also has a GTX 940M, a touchscreen, higher resolution (2880x1800 vs 3000x2000), slightly over 1lb lighter, supports pen/stylus input, and has a reversibile/detachable screen. And the pen is included in the price with Surface Book. I think its worth it when you consider all of those extra things Surface Book can do that MBPr 13 cannot.
  23. This is something most people don't seem to realize right away. People constantly complain that there are so many menus and panels in Windows 10 that are messed up on high DPI displays. Migrating these legacy menus and panels to a modern style completely eliminates that problem and improves overall system consistency.Just look at the built in Windows Fax and Scan program, it is still using Vista style GUI. Also Microsoft can still modify the modern implementations to make them better like the modern Settings app in 8.1 vs. 10. A lot of menus in Windows are based on the Microsoft Managment Console application (mmc.exe) that was originally created in Windows 95 if I recall correctly, either way its dated from the 90s.
  24. Being in an IT program doesn't give you super credibility to me. I was in an IT program as well for 18 months from October 2012 to April 2014. I learned lots of shit too.Too long to list everything but we covered all the bases in relation to Windows, Linux, Cisco CCNA, Exchange, Windows scriptingn/PowerShell, general networking and SysAdmin things, etc. I EVEN LEARNED THE MATHEMATICS BEHIND ENCRYPTION ALGORITHMS AS IN THIS BOOK. (Much wow, so credibility) I'll even throw in a pic of my ethical hacking and forensics books for good measure. Lol. Do you want to see my diploma too while we're at it?