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  1. I'm thinking about signing up for Telus Fibre internet service, and from what I've read online the installer can give you a SFP transceiver so you don't have to use their modem in bridge mode, you can just plug the SFP transceiver directly into your own equipment. I have a Netgear GS724TP, which features 2 SFP+ ports. Would I be able to plug the WAN connection (SFP) from Telus into those ports and then plug my router into one of the switch's Ethernet ports? What would that setup look like? (I still want to use the switch for LAN ports as well). Edit: Secondary question
  2. so basically I need to repin the fan so that the tach pin goes onto the 5V header pin on the board?
  3. So I have a Netgear switch that I'm modding to use Noctua fans, but after measuring the fan header voltages, something seems off. The pin voltages, in order, are: 7V - 0V - 5V Based on the original fan, I think the center pin is for tachometer, so the 7V is for positive, and it is sending 5V to the ground pin. So the way I understand it (could be totally wrong) is 7V - 5V = 2V effective voltage for the fan. So theoretically, if I take some extra wire and ground the fan to the case instead of the 5V ground pin, then the fan would get 7V?
  4. Thanks so much for sticking with me ? Priorities: Comfort, fit, sound for casual listening - doing homework in the study hall, etc. Video editing on the go/a little at home, although I'll probably just use speakers at home. I do this quite often, as I am enrolled in a media course this semester and anything that isn't finished in class needs to be done in the study hall. Live mixing I don't do too much of, while I do get paid for the shows that I do, it's not a regular commitment for me, and is more of a side job. I'm probably overthinking this, but as the high
  5. wait why? For reference, it's $50 less than the Beyerdynamic DT 250, and is the same price as the M50x. (on Amazon.ca, yay Canada)
  6. What do you think of the Sennheiser HD1 Over-ear wired? (formerly called Momentum 2) I can get them on sale for $199.
  7. I'm not against getting IEMs either to be honest, I'm mostly going for portability and sound quality. I took a look at the AKGs you suggested, but it's so big that I wouldn't feel comfortable about carrying them in my backpack with my binders and laptop all day. ? I'm trying to avoid major boosted headphones (like Beats, Bose are not great IMO), but are there any more "mainstream" headphones that have a reasonable sound presentation? Does Sennheiser's closed-back products carry over the sound from their open-back ones, or are they more like the Beats and Bose stuff? (for
  8. Any suggestions for some nice closed back headphones? I keep hearing nice things about the HD 6xx, but I suppose I can't really get those for my use case. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. Would open-back headphones be suitable in quiet study hall environments? I don't want to disturb anyone with my music! Also, do you know if they come with some sort of carrying case/way to fold them up for transport?
  10. I need something for listening to every day, while also fitting in my backpack when not in use. Wireless is not required, honestly I don't really care about the cable, as I never listen while walking down the street or anything. Also active noise cancellation is not something I require, I like to have some awareness of what's going on around me. I like to do video editing/live sound mixing, so something with an accurate sound representation would be nice. (I've found that even brands like Bose add a little too much bass boost for my tastes) I'm going to use th
  11. @LinusTechkinda disappointed that you weren't on the show tonight to talk about the NCIX thing, as you (were) probably the highest profile NCIX employee. Do you have any comments to add from your perspective?
  12. Nice! If you want to take a risk, liquid metal TIM can work wonders in some situations.
  13. Do you think that for the money I could build a better DIY box? That thing is like $700 CAD and runs on a Celeron... The BTRFS features of that box does look very good though...
  14. Title says it all: I'm trying to pick a NAS system to replace my aging Netgear ReadyNAS 102, which only gives me 50mbps read/write on my 2TB WD Reds when I'm lucky. I'm thinking about unRAID, as Linus has given it a lot of coverage and shown its potential for future expansion with the parity system and VM function. But, ReadyNAS has BTRFS snapshots, which I think would be great if a file was accidentally deleted or encrypted by ransomware to be able to roll back. Criteria: High performance (I want to be able to max out HDD speed, and maybe SSD cache) File vers
  15. Yeah exactly, on phone to get the codes you need to have the lockscreen PIN too, but a lost Yubikey can just be used by anyone who knows your password somehow (which 2FA is supposed to protect against)