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    IT technichen


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    i5 6600k@4.3
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    Gigabyte Z170X-Gaming 3
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    HyperX Fury Black 16GB(8x2)
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    GTX 960 4GB
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    Fractal Design Core 2300 ATX
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    intel 600p 128gb Nvme + 1 tb WB
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    Cooler Master 500 watt
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    Deepcool CAPTAIN 240 liquid cooler
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    HyperX Fury cloud 2
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    Windows 7 pro
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  1. mcaldwell

    Data recovery after blue-screen.

    The dump size is larger then total ram usage I have a copy of the old image but it is an old version as ramdisk updates the image when you turn it off Generic RamDisk
  2. Is there any way to recover files from a memory dump from a bluescreen. My computer bluescreened while I was working on a project stored in a ramdisk and dumped everything in ram to a .sys file. the OS was Windows Server 2019 its not bootable anymore due to the corruption of essential system files.
  3. mcaldwell

    Inconsistent Internet

    I've been having issue with my internet for a bit now. the main symptom is that upload speeds will drop for 5 mbps to <0.5 mbps. the download speed rarely suffers if at all. Im using a TC-7610 modem and an Asus RT-N12D1 router
  4. mcaldwell

    Looking for new headphones

  5. mcaldwell

    Looking for new headphones

    after recently breaking me old headphones I've been looking into getting a new pair. requirements >150$USD Circumaural (over ear) I would prefer to have no mic but having one is fine closed backed detachable cord is a great bonus.
  6. mcaldwell

    Xfinity high ping

    Has this always been a problem for you?
  7. I would suggest using x370 for better overclocking since it fits into his budget
  8. I would suggest getting a ryzen 1700 and any x370 motherboard under 150.
  9. >10 minutes i have been having this problem with the modem for about 2 months
  10. I recently installed a new Netgear CM400 cable Modem. I've been having problems with alot of packets dropping (mostly noticeable when playing games) and occasionally the connection to the internet will drop all together. At the moment this is all the information i can give you because the modem wont load the event log. I have tried restarting/factory resetting the router. the modem being used with it is an ASUS RT-N12D1
  11. mcaldwell

    GeForce 730 Compatibility

  12. mcaldwell

    My new GTX 1080 is underperforming.

    make sure that the resolution wasnt changed to 4k
  13. Windows Remote Desktop Connection should work.