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  1. True, but id like to stuff it in the cupboard where the router is (witch isn't very big). And i don't find it particular reliable to have a old machine with advanced software that i have to install myself have all my important files, that has to be up 24/7. Plus when i have a NAS and there is a problem, i can just call customer support to have it figure out any problems. It can cost if it can last
  2. Thanks for your Answer, this clarified a lot. Now comes the hard part of finding a suiting NAS. Looked around a bit and tought that the Synology DS216PLAY might be a good option. It can cost, if it is going to last. We don't need more than a terabyte of storage so two of those in raid would do the job. Backup over redundancy for sure So what do you guys think of the Synology DS216PLAY? any better suggestions?
  3. Our small business has until now run on one PC. To increase workflow a second PC is needed, But still needs to access the main PC's files. And since this is going to be a laptop it would be nice if files could be accessed and worked on when the laptop is outside of our own network. We understand that the main PC has to be always on for this to work as it would act like a server. What (paid) application would easily allow us to do so? Any suggestion is much appreciated
  4. Okay, We do need a dock because without it the cables everywhere look not organised. They have meetings and stuf over there too. Its a buisnes, it has to easy to use and look good.
  5. Hey community My parents need a comfortable workstation for their buisnes that they can also take on the go. So i had to search for a good laptop and dock, but with some criteria. The laptop lid is closed when docked as there will be a new display at the apropriate height. (Some 3rd party software could do the trick?) The docking experience must be easy, preferably the laptop slides into the docking cable. (vertical?) The laptop and dock must be thuderbolt 3 or something else that is really fast. The dock must charge the laptop over the same cable.
  6. Rig name: not an macbook Cpu: i5 4690k 4.0GHZ Gpu: R9 390 Ram: 2x crucial balistic sport 4gb. 8gb total score: 7.1
  7. Just blew all my money on a new gaming rig bit stil use a mouse that was laying around the house :mellow: i would love to get the Roccat Kova but i don't really care if it is the Roccat Kiro, etherone are sollid mouses