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  1. If It does go away in a few days I will love you for giving me this answer. And yes, I did a scan and it said there was no malware and virus. I even had it clean up junk files.
  2. Hello, I've been having problems with my wi-fi for the past three days. It will stop working randomly and I need to switch on and off the modem to be able to get it started again. I'm getting annoyed with having to going to the living room every 10 mins to do this. Anyone know the problem? I've also been having problems with my ram. My ram just started going up randomly yesterday. It's average is about 90%. I am sure it's a program called Service Host. I have never had this problem until now. Any solutions other than buying new ram sticks? I have 8gb of Ram.
  3. I'm asking if this GPU is compatible with a a LGA 1155 Micro Atx motherboard that takes ddr4 Ram with a Intel i5 2400 Processor.