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  1. @SCHISCHKA Yea I might be asking for to much considering my budget.
  2. @mcaldwell thanks for the suggestion. The only con is that there is no HDD. I'll consider it though.
  3. I'm looking for a mobile workstation with these attributes: Quad core processor 4 USB ports Ethernet port HDMI port 14-17in display Bluetooth Able to store 3 or more storage devices, meaning that the motherboard has a slot for a SSD, a HDD, and an additional SSD perhaps. 32gb ram, I'll take a 64gb if it's within my budget. 1tb HDD, 512gb SSD 4gb Gpu The closest thing to want is a Sager NP9873. Only cons are it's battery life which is very poor and the price, $4000. I'm looking for something with the same attributes but way longer battery life and