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  1. pretty much the title. when I restart my main and second HDD don't show up and I can't boot. I have to disconnect/reconnect them in different SATA ports in order for them to show and I can boot. could they be dying or maybe my mobo is dying? thanks for the help in advance
  2. so i think i've found my solution, https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B00ZKM3SHK/ref=twister_B01E0S77TY?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1, this bypasses the usb and it has no static. i plugged my headphones into my front pannel and the static was gone from my headphones as well, so im thinking it will do the same if i use this to plug into my line in
  3. ok thanks. i didn't realize that white noise would remain if the mic volume is zero. when i turn the mic down there is no noise so it could be fans or something. mms ill look into gett better fans or something.
  4. pretty much the title, i've been having mic static in my rode procaster, i have it through a alesis multimix 4 to the back of my pc. the gain nobs are at 12 o'clock so natural i think. any help would be lovely here is an example of the static/noise
  5. ok, i have a 1080p 144z monitor. so i might save up a bit and go with a 1070, ill try and find a cheap card till then. thanks everyone eventually im going to make the switch to 1440p gaming like at the end of the year so ill just go with a 1070 again thanks everyone.
  6. hello just a quick question. recently my gpu died (a gtx 780) so running on integrated for now. i can get a 460 in about a week or so. should i get that or wait a bit and get something like a 1070