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  1. fringie

    HTML/CSS/JS/PHP Chatting

    man doesn't even know js yet, babysteps xd
  2. fringie

    Running powershell script on remote PC

    You need a server to run server side code on. PowerShell is a server side language which is also .NET, IIS allows you to use .NET code although idk about powershell scripts but what he sent seems legit although not exactly recommended. That being said you should do it the proper way with the correct networking settings etc. A random guide online - https://www.howtogeek.com/117192/how-to-run-powershell-commands-on-remote-computers/ (I know the guide says how to run commands but you can run a script as a command so it's the same thing basically).
  3. false would be returned, it returns a boolean - same for most types try parsing in C# AFAIK string val = ""; bool success = dictionary.TryGetValue('cookies', out val); if(sucess) Console.WriteLine("Eat" + val); else Console.WriteLine("im hungry"); (hopefully a more simple example)
  4. fringie

    What language for making windows applications

    What you're doing seems a little bit too difficult for a beginner. I would advise on trying something easier for now otherwise you might get overwhelmed. I started with Java then C# when I started learning and I was super overwhelmed personally.
  5. fringie

    Programmers Lounge

    gravedig post removed soz
  6. fringie

    what programing language should you start with

    Agree, I remember in high school they taught "Scratch" which seems like it is a good first step to understanding how to build up basic logic. Python seems good but people need to be mindful there is still a lot more to learn so not being invested in Python exclusively is a good idea imo. A few of the graduates at my old job did Python at uni and really struggled with our tech stack. For me personally I started with Java -> C# then front-end languages etc. I really struggled because of starting with OOP but at the same time I gained knowledge which is very useful you probably won't gain from Python.
  7. fringie

    How to center heading in HTML

    You can't margin 0 auto when using containers for this (well you might be able to, but it's a pain for literally no reason). Use text-align if possible. Example: https://jsfiddle.net/w941xvz2/
  8. fringie

    Website Navbar Styling

    As @Joeytyndale mentioned you'll want to use media queries to customise the mobile experience. Some other things you might be interested to know: 1. I noticed you use negative margin, until you're more familiar with CSS I recommend avoid doing unless you 100% need to. It'll force you to understand how to position things correctly (imo). Negative values are useful but it's quite common for people to use them without understanding what's happening which leads to bugs. If you position things correctly it's not uncommon for some styling to work in situations where you might have thought you needed to add in some media queries. 2.It might be worth considering giving Bootstrap a try, you can learn a lot by using it as you'll see the end result and the css involved in making that work. I did this personally when I first started learning CSS - everything was always weirdly positioned until I started using Bootstrap. By gaining an understand of what they did over time it improved my understanding of CSS tones & it's good to have on your CV.
  9. fringie

    should you use a mac or microsoft computer to code

    Literally 100% depends on what you do, what experience you have & your preferences. Side note: If you're unsure just use what you're familiar with and go from there. If you come across specific features that you want then make the switch but if it's not needed then why switch?
  10. fringie

    Certifications for programmers

    Sorry for the gravedig but there are certifications that are genuinely useful. I know Microsoft and Cisco do certifications which are good for there respected fields, I'm sure there are other ones also but I can't really comment on those. I personally do a lot of Office 365 work, mostly in the Cloud these days so can confirm the Azure certifications are something employers will appreciate. I also personally learned a lot, it was a good way to gain balanced knowledge in the subject (compared to on the job learning for a specific requirement which often has left my knowledge a bit patchy at times). Note there are lots of different certifications depending on what you want to specialise, you don't need to do them all or anything - just pick the best ones for your career path, even having one is good. I would say I'm at an advantage compared to people who haven't. Azure certifications - https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/learning/browse-new-certification.aspx
  11. fringie

    Morality of playing a cracked game

    How do the developers who make the product monetise in this way? It takes a lot of resources to develop solutions, I'd be interesting to know the model you're thinking of that could be an alternative instead as there are many situations where subscription/ad models would be not well suited? I appreciate the sentiment but I can't think of a way that'd work in the current climate although again, I'd be interested to know if there is one. @ op My opinion is if you don't have the money for it then it's ok to crack a game. It's not good for the developers sure but you need to consider your own happiness also. You can also become a potential customer in the future that you might not have been otherwise. If you do have the money/are in a position to earn the money for a game then I think you should pay but if you've already played it then there's no point. If you got hung up on all the things you should have done because you were 'morally incorrect' you'd be broke, just note what you did for next time and move on. Tbh I think it also depends what type of person you want to be i.e. for me I try to do what my opinion of reasonable is which is usually the 'moral' thing to do but sometimes it's not and I think it's ok to disagree as long as it's my opinion of reasonable.
  12. Check your input lag, this happened to me also. Turns out my input lag was bad, since resolving that games are butter smooth. In my case it'd spike to like 60ms and wasn't uncommon to be stuck at around 20-30ms which was noticeable (+ you have the normal netcode latency etc so it does add up), only rebooting would fix it.
  13. tl;dr. Is the Razer Nari as good as reviews say? Is the HyperX Cloud Flight a top tier gaming headset in the sub £200 bracket despite not having 7.1 audio? Hi, I'll preface this with I'm not very knowledgeable about headphones/headsets despite watching a lot of videos on them so feel free to ask any questions if I didn't provide info! Budget wise.. The Razer Nari is a headset I'm willing to buy so I guess £200 is my hard limit but ideally £150. What I do: 1. Gaming, I play lots of Overwatch where audio is very helpful 2. Good audio, it doesn't need to be audiophile level - for context I'm really happy with the HyperX Cloud. If I can get an improved version of that audio I'll be happy. What I'm looking for is: 1. Good wireless 2. Good battery life 3. Good build quality 4. It to look nice 5. A decent microphone, it doesn't need to be the best as I have a Blue Snowball for gaming but when I work from home I use my headsets microphone 6. Closed ear design 7. Minimal buzzing when no music is playing 8. Over ear 9. Directional sound, I'm not sure how good it is but if it's useful in Overwatch then I want it 10. Comfortable during long gaming sessions Nice to haves: 1. Removable mic 2. Can connect to mobile phones Two headsets that have caught my eyes are (I'm open to better options) HyperX Cloud Flight I really love the original HyperX cloud and to be quite frank the reason for my interest in it is almost purely based of that. I've owned more expensive headsets, (the most expensive being the Corsair V2100's) but none came close in my opinion. I feel the biggest downside to the Flight's the lack of 7.1 audio, I'm not exactly well versed in that stuff but considering I play lots of Overwatch so I feel that's a big downside. Razer Nari Typically the reviews on Youtube would be good enough to make me insta-buy these but I've had multiple bad experiences with Razer audio and I appreciate reviews can make products seem better than they are (i.e. gaming chairs are a huge thing but a good ergonomic chair is better in my personal experience). So I guess I'm looking for re-assurance or something that these are as good as the reviews are making them out to be. It seems to tick all my boxes. I'm not sure if the version with the vibrating stuff is worth the premium, what are your thoughts?
  14. fringie

    Can i runa 2080?

    oh ... xD. Well if you ever want to upgrade now you know
  15. fringie

    Can i runa 2080?

    He can OC, he'll have like 150w spare (at peak load). I have 4690k/980 on 550w and it's fine (I did briefly oc to 4.9ghz, 1700/2100 for 3dmark with no power issues too). If you upgrade to one of those new 8 core cpu's then it'd be cutting it close or might need an upgrade then.