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  1. Is 980 worth doing? I've got one sitting doing nothing. electricity costs is high, £0.15 ($0.21)
  2. damn lol, hmu if u want to sell me some of those
  3. Thanks for the input. Ah damnit, that's the conclusion I've come to too
  4. Hi guys, I own a Razer Kiyo which I thought would be good but honestly, I'm pretty disappointed by it. Terrible colour accuracy, mic is ok (peaks a lot), & no windows hello support.. I'll mostly be using it for work calls. So I'm looking for an upgrade but not sure what is good.. I want: - Decent mic. I had a blue snowball and that was good but I gave it away because i need space on my desk. - Decent image quality - ideally it'll be good - Windows hello support - i want to be lazy when i unlock my pc As a side note: u used to get these fl
  5. Honestly the 9900k idea would be acceptable, not the best per say but I'd be happy with that to last me until prices are reasonable - maybe 2023. I'm seeing them listed for around £279 which seems a bit much for nearly two gens old though :/. It's only £90 more for 10900k which is waaay better but new motherboard is a good excuse to get thunderbolt 3. Then i go back into the loop of aaaah, what do i get.
  6. I do want to re-use my RAM. It's not that I don't want to hop over to Ryzen - it just doesn't look like it's worth it. I know 3200mhz RAM is bad for ryzen but idk how much worse & if I went Ryzen I'd want the 5900x which is 50% more expensive than the 10900k. The 5800x doesn't really interest me but maybe I'm not being fair to it.
  7. what do you guys think is the good option based on my ramblings & other stuff u know. I don't know I'm being silly AF for being tempted to go for the 10900k or if I'd be silly not to wait. Everything seems like a compelling option but there's downsides & I really don't know what matters.
  8. Hi guys, Based on what I've seen I think the 11700k will be notably better IPC which is good for gaming & Ryzen 6000 series chips will be really awesome but ddr5 etc and based on what I'm seeing right now I'm thinking it's going to be really expensive to upgrade to. It feels like the 10900k might actually be a really good value when compared to other chips on the market. I'm a software developer & a gamer & the good thing if I use Intel is I can re-use my RAM without a performance penalty (32gb @ 3200mhz). I do want thunderbolt 3 too - both and and intel boards seem to
  9. The way the card is configured (and all RTX cards, I'm sure it applies to GPU's in general but I haven't checked) is they had the option of 6GB or 12GB - the memory arrangement is in 6GB chunks. I presume it was too expensive to redesign the board or they would have. The way they've done it maximises profits from a business perspective IMO (12GB vram does cost more than giving 6GB but weakening the "Nvidia number 1" with one of the most popular GPU's isn't worth the risk when they can give 12GB and make the consumer pay for it). Side note: I want to buy this card for crypto
  10. Depends on the person. For me personally, 1TB - enough space for your most played games, some additional games, all your normal storage stuff. I have a 2TB NVME in my rig, eventually i hit 1TB then i'll remove some games I don't play anymore.
  11. What happens is, every so often my internet will start to cut out or the lag in games will hit 2k ping. Recently, my internet was bad but I realised I had accidentally knocked the wi-fi antenna on my pc off so it was pointing the wrong direction. Making it point the right direction made my internet work again for a bit so I began to doubt whether it's my pc or my isps problem. Of course the issues I've had today are with my wifi attenna pointing in the right direction. I've noticed my tv seems to have internet issues maybe once or twice a week whereas my pc is daily - both on my wi
  12. I have powerline adapters and what not but for right now - it makes sense to use wireless because of where my pc is located. At my old house I used wireless for a few months with no problems in gaming etc - I'd like to get to that point again.
  13. I'm considering upgrading from my motherboards built in wifi to a dedicated pcie card but I'm not too sure if it'll translate into any improvements over my connection. For context my current setup is: Integrated Intel® 802.11ac Wave2 CNVi WIFI + Bluetooth 5 @ 1.73Gbps TP-Link AX3000 Dual Band Gigabit Wi-Fi Router @ 2.4Gbps I'm looking to upgrade to this pcie wifi card: OKN AX210 Wi-Fi 6E Card Bear in mind I'd be upgrading from the AC standard to AX because my access point supports it. My internet speed is 100 mb/s - I care about the sta
  14. Wow, that is some excellent advice! Really good, thank you! I never even imagined that I could get an old E5 in this kind of price range but it totally make sense. An older xeon like that would definitely meet my needs. I can nab a Xeon E5 2660 V3 for only £85, that will be absolutely brilliant. The question is do I spend an extra £40 for 2 additional cores - what do you think? I think 2 extra cores could make a difference long term but I'm not sure if I'm overthinking it because 10 cores is a lot. In my case I definitely need CPU but it's more about multi-threaded workloads, no ga
  15. Before I get into the specifics I'll provide the info outlined in the sticky: SIMPLIFIED Budget (including currency): No fixed budget, it's more about meeting my requirements with minimum spend apposed to a fixed budget. Currency: GBP (British pound) Country: UK Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Hosting a CMS called "SharePoint 2019", it's very resource intensive (minimum requirements). It can run on less resource than outlined in the minimum requirements i.e. I've got it working on a dual core + 16GB of RAM before. Other d