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  1. Hiding ethernet cable

    I bet there is enough room between the base board and the carpet, just push it in the groove.
  2. [HUMBLE BUNDLE] Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain

    Bought and...they are out of keys. Good thing I paid them money...
  3. Random Deposits (Coinbase)

    Oh it wasnt a bunch and I know that it isnt going to affect anything, but if it gets bigger? Bitcoin goes back up. Etc. Yeah I was thinking the same thing. Poor people. Wish I could give it back.
  4. Modem + Router Suggestion For My New Apartment!

    I doubt you are going to be able to get both for that price. A decent modem will run you upwards of 60 bucks, and a decent router will be well over a 100.
  5. 2007 Macbook Turnaround

    So why post at all? That machine even with 4gb will struggle to do the simplest of tasks. If you could find multiple people to pay $100 I would be shocked.
  6. selling gaming laptop

    It is likely that THIS year new GPUs will come out so next year it will be last gen tech.
  7. Best Gaming Laptop under 1200 US

    Agreed. I paid just over 1300 and that was maxed out with 1080p screen and the 4 year warranty.
  8. Best Gaming Laptop under 1200 US

    I bought the 7577 with max-q 1060 and had it delivered last week. Couldnt be happier with it so far.
  9. Random Deposits (Coinbase)

    The wave of the futre /s If it was legit money I could give it back to the "owner"
  10. GTX1080 PPD

    Yeah I was getting north of 750k with my 1080 + 4790k when I was mining routinely.
  11. Random Deposits (Coinbase)

    Yeah that is what I thought as well. The problem is for tax purposes I do not want the coins.
  12. Not sure what is happening, but on multiple occasions I have gotten random deposits into my coinbase wallet. Never deductions, only deposits. Anyone have any ideas? I dont want the money, and would like to give it to whomever it belongs too.
  13. Blurry Apps (scaling issue?)

    okay Ill do a restart. Thanks.
  14. Blurry Apps (scaling issue?)

    it is. It is running 1080p and verified with one of those calibration websites.
  15. Blurry Apps (scaling issue?)

    So I just got my brand new Dell 7577 and I have noticed that some apps and menus look blurry. Not all of them, but just some and randomly I feel. I turned scaling back to 100% because I prefer it that way but it was happening with both 125 scaling and 100% scaling. Any ideas?