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  1. Favorite Pc Game

    There is a special place in my heart for Shadow of Mordor since it was my first PC game, but the game I have been playing the longest would have to be WOW. Yeah yeah I know I know, but I enjoy it.
  2. Apple tv 4 32GB or 64GB?

    I have the 32gb and I have never been warned about storage. I use mostly the TV apps, but I have a couple games on it. Itunes though will tell you the size of the Apple TV apps so you can get a decent idea. Well at least it used too...
  3. switch modding

    well that is up to interpretation and is subjective...well in this case, I guess no it isnt. Yes, yes it is.
  4. switch modding

    I think that was doing it on an emulator not the actual switch.
  5. What does this mean and how do I fix it?

    but not everyone has a secondary computer to do that so sometimes the CD is a last resort (if they have a disk drive).
  6. Outlast + Whistleblower DLC free on Humble Bundle

    yeah I grabbed it this morning. Great deal at around 30 bucks for the normal price.
  7. Thinking about a Blu-Ray drive. Worried about HDCP

    And the legality of even doing this is a grey area depending on where you live.
  8. Also remember that anything you do water cooling wise for the xbox will be custom made as there are not parts for that. That means custom made CPU plates, GPU plates, etc.
  9. Free game

    Awesome old game, thanks!
  10. iphone 8 or samsung s8

    Excellent question and I am fighting with the same thing. Do you use Apple for your music / movies / etc? Do you have a bunch of paid apps through them? I feel like the S8 is too long to use comfortably but I currently have an iPhone 5 so I think anything is going to feel funny to me.
  11. Is this desk good

    True statement, but for the fact that entire thing cost me under 30 bucks and took all of 8 minutes to put together...Ill take that chance.
  12. Is this desk good

    I have one of the table tops and just four legs instead of the alex drawers and have had no issues with it. I have my extremely heavy Apple Cinema display on it, and it has been fine. Sometimes there is movement when I am typing, but nothing that I coudlnt get over.
  13. Great work, and thanks for sharing. I hope you had a good time. I wish I could have gone :(.
  14. Best Xbox 360 LAN Party Games?

    Halo 2 was quality!
  15. Problems when reinstalling osx. Please help!

    How long do you let it sit? The recovery process is SOOOOO slow. On an old laptop I had to leave it overnight to get it to finish.