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  1. It wouldnt be possible to cache all of youtube or facebook. That would take several thousand petabytes of storage.
  2. head over to the Tonymac86x forum they will be much more help. I can only answer 3/4 questions... 2) Yes you can dual boot, but normally you need to do a new windows install after installing Mac OS or you will have issues. I know its a laptop, but I always recomend two drives when dual booting on a hackintosh. 3) I always used clover, but I cant speak to the opencore method (never tried it). 4) It will still work just fine in windows.
  3. Ill just keep using them until I get evidence they screwed me. I have had no issues with PIA at all.
  4. Well clearly this setup is meant to do something. I doubt it was installed for you to just uninstall and reinstall your own switch.
  5. Hey yall, I moved into a new location and have a funky setup I need help identifying. Attached is a picture of the connection for the RJ45 jacks that are in each room. I was told that it was a "loop back" system (not one I am familiar with, and pretty well versed in networking) and that if I plugged any working ethernet connection into a port anywhere in the house it would reach them all. So far it does not do that. What do yall think?
  6. The fact that it takes months (if ever) for samsung devices to get upgrades is making me want to stick to iPhone or go Pixel.
  7. Yes the same thing. You will have bad latency whenever you are using a location outside of where you are. The way it works is it sends all your requests to that server, it completes your request, and then sends that information back to you. It is a process which adds in that time.
  8. Just keep trying different US servers. Netflix is very good about blocking IPs from VPNs, but that would be my only suggestion.
  9. Plug a front USB header into that port?
  10. Does the other device work in the "non-working" port?
  11. see if the device that isnt working works in the other one. Then you can tell if it is the port or the device.