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  1. that is 2 hours of game play, I think he should be able to return it if he hasn't played all three hours.
  2. So bluetooth doesn't have as much bandwidth as the wireless adapter so it could be that. It will probably work, but like Microsoft says not great so they don't recommend it.
  3. You can download pre-done textures for different games.
  4. This isn't true in all countries. In the US it is a grey area to even make a copy for personal use.
  5. well when you consider that is a 66%ish price drop and you are now just using your card in ways it is not supposed to be used then I would say its not worth it. To each their own though.
  6. No issue at all with you going into detail. I am learning through them so that's something.
  7. This post was blah blah blah blah blah...but I am SUPER excited regardless. It all sounds like amazing technical jargon and boy i cant wait to buy one.
  8. Bottom line, its illegal don't do it.
  9. Yeah it is just the exchange rate that is messing it up. I was in the same boat mining with my 1080 was getting 5.5 a day but now its under 2 so I gave it up. Not worth it at that small amount of cash.
  10. Yes it is. $14.99 USD
  11. But you are not a Steam Key Distributor so you could be in serious trouble for it. They could also block every key you have ever bought and then your "customers" would be screwed.
  12. Some keys for prebuilt machines are not allowed to be transferred so just be aware of that when you call Microsoft.
  13. its not worth it at all right now but the performance should be fine if you use a USB adapter.