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    EVGA GTX1080 Hybrid
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    Corsair Crystal
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    256gb SSDx2, 1tb SSd, 1tb WD Blue
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    Apple Cinema Display 30"
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    Corsair K95
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    Windows 10 (most of the time)

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  1. lieder1987

    Laptop as a display

    You would need the equivalent of a capture card and that is going to be northwards of 100 bucks min.
  2. lieder1987

    Help on mac OS using microsoft word 365

    Try uploading to google docs to see how it looks on there. That might be a start. Or send it in an email to another computer with windows.
  3. lieder1987

    Best VPN?

    Big fan of PIA. Speeds are excellent, and the apps are easy to use.
  4. Excellent stuff, thank you.
  5. lieder1987

    980ti in 2008 mac pro problem

    If I remember correctly the old style Mac Pros (original tower, not the can) required graphics cards with specially flashed bios' in order to be used.
  6. NVMe is a type of storage media if that helps.
  7. It is now, it is okay. Fair points. Like I said, no judgment just curious.
  8. Can I ask if you are using your hackintosh for a legitimate business? I am just curious because I always find it interesting that people would use something technically against the TOS of the product they are using for a company. You are not the first or the last one I expect to see I am just curious.
  9. Also if you buy physical you can still buy the DLC from the online store (you just cant resell the DLC). So then you can have the best parts of both worlds.
  10. lieder1987

    [US] Prime Day - Corsair Commander Pro $39.99

    You the man, I have been contemplating this thing for years, but the price always turned me away.
  11. lieder1987

    Hackintosh Optiplex 990

    Air Drop is hardware dependent. There used to be ways to hack other brand hardware to get it to work, but not sure if that is still a thing. Also all of the tools that are required to build the installation media (OS and drivers) are OSX specific so you will need to working a working mac / virtual machine to get these.
  12. lieder1987

    Hackintosh Optiplex 990

    You need to go over to the Tonymac86 forums and talk to them. They are going to be far more help.
  13. lieder1987

    I'm buying an iPhone X that doesn't come with the box..

    Pretty sure the box has a serial number sticker on the side / bottom of it. Or at least they used too.
  14. lieder1987

    EGPU through USB C

    Check your laptop specs?
  15. lieder1987

    EGPU through USB C

    It has to be thunderbolt not just USB C.