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  1. Amazon says "IPS type panel" in their description. https://www.amazon.com/GL503VM-DB74-Gaming-Laptop-i7-7700HQ-Keyboard/dp/B076D95JW7
  2. need help with beats solo wireless

    Fair answer.
  3. need help with beats solo wireless

    so why not just proofread when you are done and edit your post? I cant help with the real problem but that is bothering me.
  4. Any of the US re-sellers better than others?
  5. Dell 7577 4K/1080p and 128GB/256Gb

    It is a max q so take that into consideration as well. I am looking at those same options and cant decide if using the 4k laptop screen at 1080/1440 for gaming would look terrible. Some say blurry hot mess some dont
  6. [Origin] Dead Space free through "On the House"

    Picked up. Thanks!
  7. Which gaming laptop to get?

    Is that a max q 1060 or a full?
  8. Downgrading iOS

    You can get almost any version of ISO ipsw online from just regular sites so that doesnt matter. Unless they are signing it there is no way to downgrade.
  9. I'm torn on where to play Far Cry 5.

    Yeah I would go long HDMI over the options and I have both a PC and a Xbox One S. The Xbox One wireless controller should work fine from another room or some other wireless controller will as well.
  10. I'm torn on where to play Far Cry 5.

    hook up PC to TV?
  11. Verizon to lock phones in spring

    LOL good one!
  12. eGPU question

    I am sure that it is possible to just get the internals, but I doubt the box is the reason behind the majority of the cost. Since Thunderbolt is a "name brand" a builder of the hardware is going to have to pay Intel a fee to use the chipset. That is your main cost.
  13. Xbox 360 for sale

    I think gamestop will give you like 25 for the system if its in good condition. The connect isnt worth anything any more and wouldnt give you any money for it. (I just sold a xbox 360 connect system in January).
  14. I hate using the boot camp software. I could never get it to work. There is another bootloader you can get that allows for it, and then you can install Apple's drivers afterwards. (Admins, I dont think this statement would not be allowed, but please remove if it is)
  15. Nvidia SLI

    Are you sure the bridge is functioning?