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  1. Somehow I missed that...oh well.
  2. I thought about this as well, but I couldnt find anywhere to input the code on the site. Are you just going to create a new account?
  3. Can we post a pc we are trying to sell?

    So that people dont create accounts just to peddle crap or scam people.
  4. internet very slow on 2.4GHZ

    Other appliances can also affect the 2.4ghz signal.
  5. Buying a Nintendo Switch

    I bought just the switch and just use it in travel mode. No intention of ever using the doc or any other controllers.
  6. This is called hackintoshing and you will get no support on this forum as it is a banned topic. I suggest you go to the Tonymac86x forums and look there.
  7. I think the site has to be specially setup to accept U2F, if it does I think so...?
  8. No audio through display

    Does that monitor even have speakers?
  9. Private internet access weekend issues

    From my iphone SE sitting next to the router. Ping: 27ms Jitter: 4.9ms Loss: -% (so I assume 0% loss?) DL: 116 mb/s UP: 12 mb/s
  10. Private internet access weekend issues

    It is a bank holiday today in the states and I am having no PIA issues. I use them exclusively and rarely have any issues. I am pulling over 100mbs off a speedtest.net test as we speak.
  11. Nintendo Switch Homebrew

    Right now the Switch homebrew scene is too new to know what Nintendo will do. I would head over to gbatemp.net and read up on it.
  12. Glad to help, update this thread if it is fixed so others can use it :).
  13. Try holding the Apple Key + R when it is powered on. This will hopefully put it in recovery mode. You should be able to boot into the installer. THIS WILL BE A LONG PROCESS ONCE STARTED, DO NOT PANIC. Okay. Good luck.
  14. Trouble with new modem?

    I would try and get to the firmware without your modem connected. See what firmware you have, and then use your phone or the computer to download the latest. Then connect directly to the router and run the updates. If no updates, do a factory restore.
  15. Original Xbox Won't Start

    If money is no cost then I would try buying another original xbox, soft mod it, connect your hard drive and see if you can transfer over your save data.