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  1. Hacked?

    mine doesnt do that...
  2. Inexpensive 4k Blu Ray player Vs Xbox One S

    That is unfortunate to hear. I bought mine for some light gaming and to have a dedicated Amazon Prime app function. I dont even own a 4k tv, but that would drive me insane. Granted I got my Xbox One S last week, and only paid $150 out the door for it so I wont be able to complain regardless.
  3. Question about RGB

    You will need a separate controller for the RGB. https://www.amazon.com/Corsair-CL-9011109-WW-CORSAIR-Lighting-Node/dp/B0725HP1J2?th=1
  4. I can't get Remote Play to work once I leave the house...

    Are you 100% sure that the PS4 is not also connecting to the local connection? I didnt think remote play worked outside local network.
  5. Best tempered glass atx cabinet within 100$

    The RGB looks great (wish they were 4 pin fans, but hey..) and I have not noticed any increase in GPU or CPU temps since I have started using it.
  6. I am surprised at that much cash. I am using Nicehash with a GTX1080 and pulling 2.50 a day or less.
  7. Game with the best visuals, eye candy.

    lol are we not doing phrasing anymore?
  8. Destiny 2

    I loved the main story, but I am not happy with how the end game content is being done. If you dont have "friends" then you have to do the end game by yourself or find some people on another website. There should be matchmaking / find group function if you are all alone and no one there beside you...
  9. Robot back flip

    I couldnt find the answer (or I am bad at searching...yeah probably that...) but was this pre programmed or real time controlled?
  10. Best tempered glass atx cabinet within 100$

    Well I am happy with my Corsair Crystal but it is out of your price range, but from a quality perspective its great.
  11. We will need to know the error the mac is giving. Is it a folder with a question mark, is it a circle with a slash, is it a bunch of text...so on and o forth.
  12. Cross Platform Lighting

    unless you go completely custom with an ardruino or something similar, the answer is a big fat NO
  13. Prices...

    And I am not sure if Europe Steam will have blackfriday sales. Do they?
  14. [HUMBLE BUNDLE] Care Package Bundle

    861K now