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  1. The 1080Ti Armor is genuine shit (literally an inadequate 1070 version slapped on it), but the 1060 Gaming X is almost always the coolest and quietest card in charts. And the TwinFrozr III I swapped onto my 7950 sure has me impressed as well. Right now in The Witcher 3 its pinned at 99% (aka full load) and its sitting at 65C and 35% fan speed. And IIRC the 1060 really isn't even all that different lol
  2. Or perhaps the age of the post... Seeing as it's 4 bloody years old.
  3. General consensus would indicate that it has the best temperature and sound output of all the 1060's.
  4. That is one dank lookin fan.
  5. This both excites and confounds me.
  6. This board would make for a PERFECT sleeper PC board. Nab a 7600 and a single-slot 1050Ti and bam sleeper PC to the max
  7. This might be the cause. Some games have weirdass FOV with ultrawide resolutions.
  8. That's generally what happens when you set your FOV sky-high...
  9. Airflow and cable management.
  10. I'm not paying 300 smackeroos for a 7200RPM 2TB 2.5" HDD.
  11. Oh look another thread made because someone got bored and tried to make a retardedly expensive build on PCPP. Haven't seen this literally a hundred times before.
  12. RIP in RIPs ooooooooo These should be fun to play with... Thanks!
  13. I've been wanting to play around with Lightroom a bit to further my abilities with photos (as a hobby, not a profession), and I've been trying to find some RAW samples on the ol interwebz but everything I find either doesn't interest me or it just plain sucks. So I've decided to ask y'all photo people for some samples, if you want to call them that. Subjects that would interest me would be cars, tech (of course) and some landscapes. And obviously, I won't try to say that your picture is my own. Literally the most I'll do is just set it as a wallpaper if it turns out nice. Soooo yeah. If you have some RAW stuff you wouldn't mind me fiddling with for my own benefits, go ahead and PM me with some pics. I really would appreciate it.
  14. Can I be your her now?
  15. I dream about just having enough to get one of these so that my games aren't on an external drive...