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    Voodoo 3 + silence freak
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  • CPU
    Intel Core i5 3570K @ stock
  • Motherboard
    Dell 0YXT71
  • RAM
    1x8GB ADATA XPG V1.0 1600MHz CL9, 1x8GB Corsair XMS3 1333MHz CL9
  • GPU
    AMD Radeon HD 7570 1GB DDR3
  • Case
    OptiPlex 7010 DT
  • Storage
    Samsung 840 EVO 250GB, Seagate Barracuda 2TB 2.5"
  • PSU
    Lite-On 250 watt 80+ Gold
  • Display(s)
    Dell S2340M
  • Cooling
  • Keyboard
    Corsair STRAFE (Cherry MX Reds/Red backlight)
  • Mouse
    Corsair Raptor M65 PRO RGB
  • Sound
    Edifier H850
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro x64

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    Somewhere deep in the bowels of Michigan
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    Computers (duh), some cars, and a bit of networking
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    Going deaf by H115i fans

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  1. Copperwood - A unique idea come to life

    *click* noice
  2. Well I'm glad Speedfan can control the fans in my PC. Too bad the duty states seem to be 25%, 50%, and full blast. xD


    Oh well, at least the cute little slab of aluminum is better able to keep the 3570K in check at 50% and it's not a whole lot louder.

    1. aisle9


      You mean one-quarter impulse, one-half impulse and WARP NINE MUTHAF*CKAS!

    2. tmcclelland455


      I mean, they are 80mm Deltas that do 4,000-4,300 RPM...

  3. Gigabyte GT 730 2Gb DDR5

    Don't forget cards like the 7570 which can be had really cheap and are fairly competent cards. But yeah OP, GT730's are pretty pointless now.
  4. New router making me want to scream...

    This was less of a brain fart and more of a brain shart.
  5. New router making me want to scream...

    Modem is basically just on the other side of the wall and it's connected to the main router via ethernet. Though I was a retard and the fix was uh... Sad. Technically it was modem > router > laptop > router which worked fine with my old setup as stated, but uh... Boy do I feel smert... I forgot you could literally bridge the router itself to another one using wifi. Deadass I feel 10/10 Einstein level smart.
  6. New router making me want to scream...

    Literally nothing... Just gets mad because it can't detect an internet connection.
  7. New router making me want to scream...

    Rightyo, so I've gotten a Nighthawk R7000 to replace my WRT54GS and I'm pulling my hair out trying to get the damn thing to work with my ghetto-ass network setup. Basically, I've got an old laptop stuffed in my closet bridging the wireless network it's connected to to ethernet, and then that ethernet is connected to the router. Only thing is I can't figure out for the life of me how to get the damn router to work. Any tips would be great because I REALLY want to upgrade to something current so my internal transfer speeds aren't trash.
  8. Literally never heard of it. The car in My Summer Car more or less sums up my opinion of nearly every anime-ish thing out there.
  9. Truth be told Persona isn't all that bad (at least Persona 5 isn't), but basically everything else anime-waifu or whatever has me scratching my head.
  10. LTT forum "banning" game

    banned for not following the laws of common sense
  11. LTT forum "banning" game

    You're banned because ban land isn't a real place
  12. LTT forum "banning" game

    banned for saying this is a Christian forum when it is in fact a molestation forum (then again whats the difference)
  13. LTT forum "banning" game

    banned for being a thot
  14. Pascal likes to start "throttling" really early. Case in point:
  15. Show off your old and retro computer parts

    The first red flag should have been a CPU faster than ~500MHz. The second should have been the amount (and type) of RAM.