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    1440p on a G3258
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    Intel Pentium G3258 @ 4.6GHz/1.35v
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    Gigabyte Z97X-Gaming 5
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    1x8GB ADATA XPG V1.0 1600MHz CL9
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    ASUS GTX780 DCUII (hopefully)
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    Phanteks Enthoo Pro
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    Samsung 840 EVO 250GB, Seagate 2TB Laptop HDD, HGST Travelstar 500GB
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    Corsair CX750M
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    Dell S2340M
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    Corsair H115i
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    Corsair STRAFE (Cherry MX Reds/Red backlight)
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    Corsair Raptor M65 PRO RGB
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    Random headphones
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    Windows 10 Pro 1607 x64

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    Michigan, with a GTX 480 Engineering Sample
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  1. do it pusc
  2. Since you appear to be good with engineering samples... does this look like a HD 4870 engineering sample?



    1. tmcclelland455


      I wouldn't have the slightest idea honestly. Only reason I even know about the ol 480 ES like what I have is because a dankass dude gave it to me (and it's littered with ES stuff).

    2. TheRandomness


      Oh ok. Try find a GTX 480 Core 512 though :P

    3. tmcclelland455


      A guy can only wet dream. At least my "normie" 480 ES will happily do 870MHz on air at .925? volts.

  3. Pretty much. Cable managing as you go in those cases is ideal. I actually did a sleeper build in an old Compaq case circa 2003 and it was super clean given the circumstances.
  4. but y
  5. The cheapest HDMI cable I'd go for would be this deal from Monoprice. Normally I'd say just grab a Chromecast and be off to the races, but the input latency and picture quality for this application really isn't that great.
  6. pls get some plastic whitener Forgot what it's called but The8BitGuy did a video using it. I have yet to do it to my Presario 2286, but it's mainly because I can't find replacement stickers for it (I don't want to fuck up the stickers lmao)
  7. Oh man I forgot about this thread... Well here's some recent things. A 20MB HDD that's dead (out of my Sharp PC-4521 laptop), an 866MHz Pentium III Mobile, and 2x 64MB SDRAM laptop modules (one pictured, the other is in my ProSignia 165 to give that beast a whopping 128MB of RAM).
  8. Not really because I can live without having my phone in my hand 24/7, and I don't care about having to put it on a charging puck. Let's just check off the things I use on LAN: PC Laptop Console And half the time my phone is tethered to my laptop... Try again, perhaps?
  9. So in other words you are indescribably lazy and couldn't survive without the assistance of your mother? Because literally all this test by Disney enables is for people to become even fucking lazier.
  10. It's not terrible as long as your expectations are reasonable. But for the price its a terribad deal.
  11. This is terrifyingly cool. But I don't like it. Is it really that bad that people are too retarded/lazy to put their phone on a little wireless charging base?
  12. I'll toss a voucher in for Dyno. Literally the best bot I've added.
  13. My grandma actually has a P7-1234 (same case but with an FM1 APU). Honestly if you pick up something like an RMx PSU cable management would be a breeze (you'd just have to sorta bundle them up somewhere). I had to cram a CX430M in her PC for a while and honestly it wasn't terribly bad to cable manage with 2 drives, but then again she doesn't have a dGPU.
  14. If I were you I'd end up making a cool-ass sleeper out of it.
  15. I'm aware. I wish my dad still had all of his old-ass stuff. I think the oldest PC he has is a 286 Compaq which more than likely doesn't work because it's probably had water damage in granny's basement.