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  1. Scheer

    Smart Home questions

    Return the WiFi lights and get either Z-Wave or Zigbee ones (protocols actually intended for HA use), then get a Smartthings Hub and use Sharptools.io for your dashboard. Better yet, get smart switches rather than bulbs, because if someone turns your switch off the smart bulbs won't do you any good. You also run into the issue of the bulbs getting out of sync where one won't turn on/off, its just a headache all around if you intend to actually use it. The only place IMO for smart bulbs are in desk/bedside lamps, even then I've been replacing all of mine with Aeon Micro Switches embedded into the lamps, I regret ever wasting money on smart bulbs. Not sure how you feel about Amazon listening in, but I started with tablets as dashboards, and once I put an Echo in every room they were never used. Voice control of a smart home is far and away the best option, really the only thing I physically trigger anymore is a button for a good night routine so I don't wake up my wife when going to bed.
  2. Scheer

    Server Backups

    In my experience, and what likely happened here, is he was asked for the server to do a few things that he knew to do and planned for, and then after everything is done he got the old "oh, by the way..." and they threw in the email backup.
  3. Scheer

    CNC 2418 vs 3018 vs 1610

    Unless they have the Kress or Speeder spindle option added on, the spindle will likely be too slow. Depending on the model, its pry going to max out at 5k or 10k RPM. It can't hurt to try anyways, but I usually run 20-25k RPM at 80ipm, 1/4" carbide upcut bit at .1" DOC. Definitely get an upcut bit if you have to run at a slower speed, it will help pull the chips out so they can't sit in there and burn.
  4. Scheer

    Please help! Am i being hacked?

    As far as I know, that is normal. Both computers I'm using right now have the same thing (different characters after the _ tho).
  5. Scheer

    CNC 2418 vs 3018 vs 1610

    What are you trying to make and from what material? The ones you linked and a Tormach are completely different sides of the CNC world. Even a Tormach might not work for what you want.
  6. Scheer

    Will a VPN protect me from IP address spoofing?

    Maybe it has changed, but over a decade ago when I discovered torrenting I downloaded tons of stuff, got notifications all the time and always just ignored them. A year and several notifications later my mom found out about one and forced me to call into Charter because the notification says to. They said please delete your content, stop torrenting, and have a good day. I kept going it for another year or so, they never did anything more than send the notifications.
  7. Scheer

    CNC 2418 vs 3018 vs 1610

    The number is the size, 2418 means 240mm x 180mm in the X and Y. I'm sure there are other small differences, but to be honest I'd avoid these like the plague unless you are just going to be routing PCB traces. These machines aren't going to be able to cut sheets of plywood. IMO, if you can't justify spending $1k+ to build your own, or $2k+ to buy one prebuilt, its not worth throwing your money away on cheaper ones that aren't going to do the job anyways. The first CNC I built I tried to do it under $200 or so, used it once and started over with a $500 ish budget, used it for a few weeks and finally spent a few thousand on parts for something that actually works, could have saved $700... It was really fun building them at least.
  8. Scheer

    ESXi 6.7 with AMD Ryzen 7 2700

    Ethernet is the big issue you might run into, but you can get an Intel Pro 1000 card for about $15. Other than than, I've installed ESXi on a ton of systems and the only one I've had issues with was oddly enough a Supermicro board's SATA controller that was on the HCL... Had to change something via CL and its been fine since. As best I can remember they have always been Intel based, but everything from tiny J1800/1900 boards to gaming and server boards, most of which haven't been on the HCL. Since you are actually going to use it for server stuff, I'd check eBay and get a used Supermicro board and a couple generation old Xeon. You'll want a lot of RAM, and Registered ECC DDR3 is dirt cheap. Be careful the board doesn't need U-Dimms, as those are still really pricey. Mainly only the low end Xeon's use it like what you'd find in a Lenovo TS140 or Dell T20. This would be about the same passmark score as the 2700, but more cores which is typically better when you have lots of VMs: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Intel-Xeon-E5-2670V2-SR1A7-2-50GHz-10-Core-CPU-115W-25MB-Ivy-Bridge-LGA2011/132730024208?hash=item1ee7537110:g:FA0AAOSwyD9bZO-v:rk:1:pf:0 Works with this mobo: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Supermicro-X9SRA-ATX-Intel-Motherboard-LGA2011-DDR3-USB3-0/143152882562?hash=item215493a382:g:G9gAAOSwm1VceHEV:rk:3:pf:0 64GB of RAM: https://www.ebay.com/itm/64GB-8x-8GB-Samsung-M393B1K70DH0-DDR3-PC3-12800R-ECC-REG-DIMM-Server-Memory/264209454671?hash=item3d841c564f:g:5-4AAOSwE6VccC0L:rk:10:pf:0 All for $435. I didn't look very hard, I'm sure there are better deals out there. Or you could step up to a X10 board which uses v3/v4 CPUs. The V4's are still pretty expensive used, and you'll need DDR4 RAM, but you could get a V3 now and upgrade later if you need the performance. https://www.ebay.com/itm/SUPERMICRO-X10SRA-B-ATX-Server-Motherboard-LGA-2011-3-Socket-R3-C612-no-X10SRA-F/183689263710?hash=item2ac4bbba5e:g:LWIAAOSwrhNcaMGr:rk:1:pf:0
  9. Scheer

    Paypal refused case

    On Paypal you need to have the dispute escalated to a claim, they then send you a document you have to sign (may have even needed to notarize, can't remember for sure) that basically is you testifying you are telling the truth, and they give you your money back. In my case it was for a lot of money and worth the hassle, no way would I do it for $20. Sold something as parts not working on eBay, and the buyer returned it 29 days later saying it didn't work... was torn apart from him trying to fix it and he returned after he realized he couldn't fix it, but it was now destroyed beyond all repair. Paypal sided with him multiple times and I just had to keep at it until they did the escalation.
  10. Scheer

    Will circuit breaker affect Wi-Fi signal (photo attached)

    There are a million different variables that could cause issues, like maybe you'll only have interference if the oven is on and someone microwaves something, but independently neither cause issues. I highly doubt you'll have a problem with any of that, but if you are concerned you may as well give it a decent length trial. If it was me, I'd mount it on the wall and go have a beer. If you want to know exactly the interference you have at your place, call up someone who deals with spectrum analysis, pay them $10,000-50,000 and they will tell you. Without bringing sweep gear to your place no one will know for sure. Phone apps are only going to show you what the radio in the phone can see, which is basically nothing in the grand scheme of things, they are only useful for finding which channel is most open. Also, If you have interference so bad it is frying routers, your WiFi signal strength is literally the least of your concerns. If your power is dirty and taking out devices, have the power company check up the meter and they will fix it if it is their problem. If its good on their end then you need to call an electrician before the house burns down, WiFi really doesn't work when on fire.
  11. Scheer

    Will circuit breaker affect Wi-Fi signal (photo attached)

    Not just WiFi uses frequencies to send signals, everything does whether on purpose or not. That is why you'll see something like 550mhz printed on a Cat5e cable. Data is modulated into the power traveling down the copper wire essentially using magnetism which creates your frequency. Ethernet has a different twist rate for each pair of wires so that their frequencies are slightly different to not have crosstalk. Power cables have "natural" data modulated into them from passive elements as well as other things plugged into your house, like how some crappy power supplies on the same circuit can make your FM radio sound staticy. Passive Intermodulation is a major issue right now with frequency "leaking" out of lines and causing a lot of problems on cellular sites with multiple carriers, the two frequencies mix to make a new frequency which can jam others. Really this is only an issue there because of the high wattage of the signal, you aren't going to have issues from PIM on your Ethernet cables, but PIM does exist and is happening on them. Microwave ovens are 2.4Ghz. With the above being said, yes it will affect the signal a tiny bit, but very unlikely it would affect it to the point of causing you issues. The primary problem people run into are thick walls, metal things hung on the walls near the router, or to some extent water lines in the walls near the router. Getting it centrally located out in the open like you are planning is the best option, even with the power you have near it. The worst thing that can happen is it won't work... so get a long Ethernet cable and power extension cord, duct tape it on the wall there for a few days and see what happens.
  12. Scheer

    Pro Tips for Terminating Male CAT 6 cables?

    Lots of practice is pry the only way. Really the only trick I know of is to strip the jacket, straighten the wires and sort them in order, then I pinch with my nail right next to the jacket to hold them in order while bending a flexing the ends a little bit so they are all nice and straight. Trim to length and insert into the connector, should take right around a minute per start to finish. Pass-thru EZ-RJ45's are awesome, but do get expensive... I've never tried the knockoffs from Amazon but it looks like only $35 for the crimpers so I may have to grab some.
  13. Scheer

    Ethernet Cable Advice

    Commscope and Beldin (NOT Belkin) are two of the best out there, not cheap tho... The big thing you get is a better jacket, thicker and still nice and flexible. However, as with everything, they still have low grade cables that are crap. Beldin has some really sweet cables, there is one that has a little button on the backing boot and if you press it the clear housing lights up flashing for a few seconds on both ends so you can trace where it is plugged into. They actually aren't even all that expensive, at least way cheaper than I expected, I think it was $45 for a 100' cable. All things considered, I'd still just use Monoprice cables... the only time I buy expensive ones are when its going to be plugged/unplugged a lot, like a little work area that I always bring different computers over to when working on them, or the cables I have draped across the floor when setting up PTP radios.
  14. Scheer

    FTP server setup

    I use the free version of Teamviewer and have never had to have the other end click on anything to remote in. Also check out Comodo One for remote management. FTP is a very old and unsecure protocol, you really shouldn't use it anymore. You could setup a VPN and then browse to your shared folder, setup a Webdav server, or use something like Owncloud/Nextcloud. I'd recommend Nextcloud.
  15. Scheer

    NAS slow over Wifi Only

    Its looking like that is just all the faster your WiFi is then. Could be an issue with the router or wireless card in the PC, or just interference inside your house from other devices.