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  1. frozeNNN

    What should I do? (FPS)

    Go into driver options and set everything to maximum performance
  2. frozeNNN

    r9 270x vs 1060 6GB

    I guess his CSGO settings went from lowest to highest(default) after reinstall.
  3. frozeNNN

    Ubuntu Problem

    Okay this worked. I have tried that already but it seems like it didn't finish successfully because I didn't connect my ethernet cable (thought wifi would work), but with ethernet it actually finished it and now it works, thanks!
  4. frozeNNN

    Ubuntu Problem

    Ya everything is fine, specs are in my signature.
  5. frozeNNN

    Ubuntu Problem

    I'm pretty much new to Ubuntu so I don't know how to try that/what that even is.
  6. frozeNNN

    Ubuntu Problem

    Acer Laptop
  7. Hello everyone, I have installed Ubuntu 18.04 LTS like yesterday, but today it doesn't work very well. Basically, after I put my user password and it comes to desktop screen, keyboard and touchpad/mouse don't work. Tried some commands that I found online for fixing in recovery mode but nothing worked...
  8. frozeNNN

    Laptop advice

    As long as it's not 500 BTC you are good
  9. frozeNNN

    Is electrical engineering worth it as a career?

    Looking only at vehicle (car) industry you can conclude that electrical engineers will be needed a lot.
  10. Some people don't have enough money to afford Apple products, that's why. Also Final Cut Pro.
  11. frozeNNN

    Ants in old computers

    Put something sweet near it and they'll come out
  12. frozeNNN

    i5 3450 for streaming ?

    You already have it so why don't you try it and see?
  13. frozeNNN

    without gpu?

    It doesn't have an integrated gpu so you can't get display output. You can buy some used old and cheap gpu and use it until you buy new one tho.
  14. On that resolution you are good.