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  1. I have the same "issue" but at 1.6GHz it's still maxing out the GPU so it doesn't matter that much.
  2. frozeNNN

    Cant play any game smoothly!! Please Help!!

    Inserted monitor cable into motherboard port?
  3. frozeNNN

    Steam download stuck at 0bytes/s

    You should give it time to load
  4. frozeNNN

    i fucking hate this phone

    Bro I'm studying physics right now hahahaha
  5. frozeNNN

    i fucking hate this phone

    This is linustechtips, not linuslifetips
  6. frozeNNN

    i fucking hate this phone

    I'm amazed
  7. frozeNNN

    i fucking hate this phone

    So you threw your phone and you blame it on the phone that it shattered?
  8. frozeNNN

    I think I got the best scrapyard PC.

    Congratz, you should feel like you won a lottery
  9. frozeNNN

    White background on some signatures even on Black theme.

    Probably he made it like that.
  10. Worth it if you gpu supports 1080p
  11. frozeNNN

    500 GB M.2 vs. 240 GB SSD + 1TB HDD

    If you have good internet connection then 500GB SSD.
  12. frozeNNN

    CSGO fps problems

    Is your monitor 120Hz?
  13. frozeNNN

    Performance issues

    Optimize your Nvidia drivers for ultimate performance
  14. Depending on condition of the thing price may vary, you can look on eBay.