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  1. Battlefield 1

    HIGH TO ULTRA nope
  2. Gaming on Threadripper is great, no worries.
  3. Windows 10 restored itself

    I just restarted the laptop and it's back to normal, what the actual f***?
  4. Windows 10 restored itself

    Well it's weir because my Windows was up to date so I don't think update did this. Actually I recently checked for updates and it didn't have any ready to install..
  5. Windows 10 restored itself

    Hello everyone. I just turned my laptop on and I see that my Windows 10 restored itself back to some time and I don't know why it did this. First time experiencing this to be honest, and I am really confused. I had no problems last time I used it so I really don't know why it did that... can someone help me with this and is there any way to get back to previous settings I had on my laptop?
  6. Background windows processes can cause this. And also your scores are basically the same, within the margin of error.
  7. How much time has my gpu done?

    You can't
  8. Thermal paste in socket

    Tire polisher/shiner works too
  9. Thermal paste in socket

    You might be able to do the tech YES man method and spray it with whatever you've got
  10. Sound on a Laptop

    Did it crackle all the time or randomly?
  11. Sound on a Laptop

    Where do I check that?
  12. Sound on a Laptop

    First picture is with WLAN turned on, second one is with WLAN turned off. I have some Qualcomm Atheros 11ac Wireless LAN drivers and I don't know should I reinstall it or what? Or can I use some other driver and still be able to use my WLAN?
  13. The Difference Is?...

    hyperthreading is the difference
  14. LG G3 no internal storage left?

    Nah, It was my first android phone so I did not know how things work. From now on, I'll only buy a phone with 32+GBs of storage. I am in a even worse position since mine has only 8GBs of storage and yours has 16/32GBs depending on the model but still no idea how yours got filled up that much