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  1. frozeNNN

    Ants in old computers

    Put something sweet near it and they'll come out
  2. frozeNNN

    i5 3450 for streaming ?

    You already have it so why don't you try it and see?
  3. frozeNNN

    without gpu?

    It doesn't have an integrated gpu so you can't get display output. You can buy some used old and cheap gpu and use it until you buy new one tho.
  4. On that resolution you are good.
  5. Did you connect the front panel correctly? Also, power button might be "bad" or stuck and cause this.
  6. frozeNNN


    Why? I said not with me, I'm not experienced with Python.
  7. frozeNNN


    Yeah why not, but not with me for sure.
  8. frozeNNN

    CSGO @ Medium/High getting 40fps with 970?

    Since introducing BR mode game is fucked up, I went from 200+ fps to 70.
  9. frozeNNN

    CSGO @ Medium/High getting 40fps with 970?

    Is that happening since last big update?
  10. frozeNNN


    No idea how much do Ryzen 5 laptops cost in USA but I think they are around that price. Maybe Ryzen 3 if it's way over budget.
  11. No, I mean what I said with an addition ...from 2018
  12. Cmon it's not an Intel CPU...
  13. Yeet it and let us know what happened
  14. frozeNNN

    will the 1070 ti bottleneck i5 6600?

    Basically it's better to buy GTX 1070 or even 1060 in your case.
  15. frozeNNN


    How do you put numbers in an array if you don't know how many numbers user will enter? I thought you do it with code i pasted above...