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  1. Translating Windows 10

    Error said that some dll files were missing and I figured it out. My laptop was bought in Germany and it had Windows with German language, after I installed English language pack there are still some places where it'll display German which annoys me, seems like I'll have to clean install it and problem solved.
  2. Translating Windows 10

    Can the license be saved?
  3. Maybe motherboard doesn't support more than 929mb?
  4. Translating Windows 10

    Hello everyone, I would like to know some tricks about translating Windows. I have downloaded a language pack and majority of my OS is translated but still there are some cases where it shows the original language. For example I just tried to run my c++ .exe file and the error it gives me is in original language that my laptop had which I have hard time understanding. Is it even possible to translate the whole OS?
  5. Can't Decide

    If you are afraid of them leaks then get an air cooler...
  6. Log out of your email? Reset the phone to factory settings?
  7. Fixing GPU sag causing higher temps and fan speeds

    Oh I misunderstood you post. Does your gpu perform like it should when you leave it sagged? IF so then leave it like that.
  8. What's this used for? (some gpu pin)

    It's connected on the opposite side, on the other side it's sticking out because they manufactured it like that and the fact that you don't have a backplate on your gpu makes it more visible.
  9. What's this used for? (some gpu pin)

    I believe that's the fan connector for your gpu and it's already connected.
  10. Fixing GPU sag causing higher temps and fan speeds

    Get something that's not metal and put it between the gpu and psu shroud if you have one
  11. HashFlare BTC cloud mining

    Bro this post is >6months old. Hashflare used to be decent, now it's complete bullsh**.
  12. From 1050ti to RX580

    I would rather pair RX 570 with R3 1200.
  13. regarding ram speed

    Yes it is. Also I'm pretty sure majority of 2400MHz kits can be overclocked to 2933 manually.
  14. regarding ram speed

    If you misspelled and wanted to ask how much is 3000MHz DDR4 better than 2400MHz DDR4 then I'll say it depends. If you are using AMD Ryzen CPU then it's much better but if you're using an Intel CPU then it really doesn't matter.
  15. regarding ram speed

    It's worse.