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  1. So here is the thing, I have my Outlook account linked with Google+ which I want to unlink but I have no idea where to do that. Does anyone know how to do that?
  2. Coilwhine... in CPU?!

    No idea, then it's probably faulty mobo or something
  3. Coilwhine... in CPU?!

    What voltage do you use for your overclock?
  4. Coilwhine... in CPU?!

    Well is it CPU cooler? Do you hear it under heavy load only or also on idle?
  5. Is my cpu running too hot?

    it's fine.
  6. GPU

    Try to clean the GPU, maybe it's dirty so it can't spin.
  7. iPhone 6S, Galaxy S7 or LG G5

    Oh okay then, I would go with S7 personally.
  8. iPhone 6S, Galaxy S7 or LG G5

    I would not buy any of these phones new
  9. EUROPE (300€) laptop for school

    Check Alzashop
  10. AMD Markup?

    It depends on where you live. Somewhere 560 is cheaper that 1050.
  11. Stuck in the bios

    Pull the battery on the motherboard out for a minute and then put it back in and try turning your pc on. Do it while the PSU is not connected to the electricity
  12. Stuck in the bios

    Have you tried clearing CMOS?
  13. Stuck in the bios

    Stuck BIOS key on the keyboard?
  14. Use heating gun and warm it up a little bit, don't go too hard on it.
  15. AMD Ryzen vs Intel Core

    This post makes no sense to me