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  1. Well then you answered your question yourself and you know the situation in your country better than us.
  2. Be happy if you get 200. In my opinion 150 would be fair price for that.
  3. Normal behavior. Also normal temps in my opinion.
  4. Same happened to me but I wouldn't call it a problem. Shifted that time spent on games towards primarily school plus some other things.
  5. Idk tbh because it depends on what material it is, it could break or it could come out good.
  6. Wait so it's your card or what?
  7. Also what is kinda interesting, there are many posts on internet forums about the same problem with the same gpu, but nobody gives a correct solution.
  8. Hello everyone! So my brother has a laptop which is kinda old, it has an i5 5200u, 8GB of RAM and an AMD R7 260M GPU. He recently reinstalled his Windows 8.1 and after installing GPU driver (latest) it wasn't working properly. The GPU doesn't even work when running a game or something, it stays running on iGPU. Then we tried 15.7.1 driver because I saw on some forum that that driver is the best but no luck. Then we tried a driver from 2014 but no luck. The interesting part is that some of these drivers (I think the latest) stops when installing, and it won't finish, unless you run it again an
  9. EPPHO

    low fps on gta v

    Power mode? Is your laptop plugged in?
  10. When you are on battery it's already "throttled" down so don't worry about that.
  11. EPPHO


    If you think like that then it should consume 312W when it's turned off aswell?