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  1. Well it depends on the splitter you bought some are just play through's and athere you can mute.
  2. You can't fix it you will probably have to return the power supply and get slightly better model. There seems to be a problem with the graphics card rail on that model psu.
  3. It not the power requirement it the voltage regulation on the psu.
  4. Think I know what your problem a few people are have problems with that PSU model with there cards.
  5. 1. Have you updated your BOIS to the latest on mob ? 2. sounds like a driver issue some where ?
  6. Different MOBS and PSU are ratted differently depending on the module.
  7. What PSU is it because if it still under warranty I would phone the technical support and see what the say there a good chance you might have to RMA.
  8. Board is ATX. Ram DRR 4 3200 MHZ witch will work Case fits ATX board you are just in clearance with your cooler Your good to go
  9. Ah 1070 or 1070 ti should be nice upgrade for spec that you have posted.
  10. Sorry I don't have the internet cap for folding if the usage is the same as mining or smaller. But awesome project and giveaway.
  11. Well reading every thing your PC meats all the full requirements. I see relay want to upgrade yea I 7700K would be good upgrade it is still one of the beast cpu's. Then I would upgrade your GPU to 1070 or 1080 or 1080 ti.
  12. Same card just has more video memory but the way games are going go with the 6 GB or the 3 GB will do just fine.
  13. Yes you can what do you plane on doing with the a there ?
  14. Oops qouted on the wrong thing there. sorry @GoodBytes It only supports 32 bit OS.
  15. You can only 32 bit OS on that cpu
  16. Just check because some Duo cores CPU only support 2 GB of ram
  17. Well do you have any old pc parts laying around that you can build a pc or old pc ?
  18. Well there is anther OS you can try but what do you do with your pc ?
  19. You can't relay over clock the 6700 but you would need at 16 GB of ram to stream. I not bad board the asus h110m-d just don't OC.
  20. Upgrade the power supply it bad psu. Also what ram are you using DRR3 or 4 ?
  21. The best way would be by switch. Just make sure you use a straight network cable.
  22. Last question what mob do you have in there it might be worth getting new power supply or if it is pre built system what the model and make