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  1. well, the light turns on and i feel the hard drive is spinning. if i take out the sata drive, should i connect it with sata connector or with USB 3.0?
  2. i've tried this, and it didn't work... and this is my backup drive... it doesn't show up..
  3. ooh okay thanks.. maybe i'll try that later WD My Passport.. the one with the design of Google Pixel 2
  4. Hey guys, so my WD My Passport is working just fine before. but after this afternoon, i plugged my WD to my friend's computer and then it is not detected. i thought it was normal but then i tried plug it in on my macbook and other PC, it wont being recognized. even disk management and disk utility doesn't detect my WD. the light is on. is there anything i can do? please help. srry for the bad english