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  1. If you were running VMs i would say go for the cores but normal usage 6700k is great.
  2. As everyone is saying don't get it (9590). Really no point.
  3. I have a a Ryzen 1700x and a 2i2 with the adapter that makes it so you can clip it on the the stock AM4 coolling mount. The downside of this is I can't turn it to point to the back. Long story short my G.SKill FlareX RAM can only fit in the farthest two slots which runs in single channel mode. Are there adapter for this cooler or good coolers I can buy that leaves room for all 4 slots to have tall RAM?
  4. I would probably stay away from Xeon stuff and use HEDT items. Xeons are meant to run cooler and thus have much lower clock speeds.
  5. This is how i think of it. If you get 125 FPS @1080 in a game on the 1700 and 135 FPS on the 7700 is that the most important thing to you. If you say yes get the 7700 if you say no you will get more general performance out of the 1700 and solid gaming performance.
  6. If you plan to overclock it seems 1700 is easy. I go back and forth on overclocking so i got the 1700x and am enjoying it at stock speeds for the time being.
  7. Yeah dude you should be happy. I noticed a smoothness going from the FX 8320 @4.5GHZ to r7 1700x that wasn't there before. Max frames i'm sure there were more but the minimums were TONS better.
  8. Sorry to hear that. I cheated a little by getting the flarex RAM. But even my g.skill aegesa got to 2400mhz. I don't see it in here, you are using 2 sticks and not 4 right?
  9. Get on beta 0803 and just use the DOCP profile. If you do not want to be on a beta bios, select the DOCP profile from your current bios and just change clock speed to 2400 to start and see how that goes.
  10. They want to normalize people buying optane so they think they need it for their next build.
  11. short answer yes, I think people are spot on recommending a 7700k. The higher clock speeds will help with higher FPS. I personally don't care about FPS over 100,but if you do you want higher clockspeed.
  12. This is a fun solution but the cheaper solution will be multiple machines. You can lower management by creating windows images and re-imaging machines when students are done with them. Or use a solution to destroy the profile and any changes when a user logs out. Depending on your use case. It just doesn't make sense with your use case. This would make more sense if the students had their own laptops or a way to connect to these VMs.
  13. The good news I have found with my flare x kit is i can enable DOCP and not turn down the clock speed anymore. Before the beta bios I had to go down to 2666.
  14. Sorry for gaming. Did you say what version you had? I lowered the voltage on mine -100mv and it was still stable at 1050 MHZ. Give that a try along with bumping up your fan curve and it should run a good deal cooler. It is a warm card in general.
  15. Fan speed should help. Those run hot. Mine is usually around 90c on a taxing game. But they don't throttle until 95, you will notice because it will get choppy.
  16. Do the BIOS with the Agesa I'm on it with a prime and my RAM speed with flare x went from 2666 to 3200.
  17. It was on the normal download and just said Beta in red above it. Seems to be showing up/disappearing for people. Matter of fact it disapeared for me now too. It should be version 0803.
  18. Long story short usual RAM memory speed issues with my Asus Prim x370-pro even with a G.skill FlareX CL14 3200MHZ kit. Asus posted a beta bios for the motherboard today and the good news was I was just able to enable DOCP and now my RAM is running at 3200 MHZ. In the case others were getting frustrated it looks like this AGESA update should be able to get RAM to higher speeds which Ryzen seems to like.
  19. Sounds like your SSD is dying. I had an SSD that would sit at 100% usage and eat up all the machine resources. I bought a new SSD and the problem went away. If you have a HDD to test with I would go that route before buying a new drive.
  20. Currently have an r9 390 but the heat is crazy. Would love something with similar performance and lower heat output!
  21. With my strix OC3 card I disable silent mode to keep a fan running. Keeping the card cool before load definitely helps things. I also made a custom fan curve that was more agressive
  22. Definitely a PC and run a few VMS. Linux is light enough that you can run a few of those and get a great experience. Make sure you get a decent size HD to do this. Also you usually won't run into the same compatability issues that OSX tends to have whenever they release an upgrade and bork all your software. The company I work for whenever our desktop group would release a new OSX update to a new version or the user would do it themselves. Some piece of software would break that the user really needed. Real PITA.
  23. Yeah I did a build last year of FX 8320 @ 4.2 and r9 390 i bought open box for $219. I'm tempted to do another build this year but now i have to wait to see what zen and AMD offer and see benchmarks for both.