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  1. I would agree to wait. BUT a 2080 Super is signifigantly faster than a 1080 non ti.
  2. If you didn't have a fresh installation of windows old chipset drivers could be causing a problem.
  3. Is virtualization enabled in the BIOS. By default its usually disabled.
  4. Its those games. Witcher depending on the settings can cause your game to crawl, same with Assassins Creed. You chose probably two of the most unforgiving games.
  5. hi bdubbs I was reading your post the other day about asus prime 370 pro with ryzen 3900x, I am planing to get 3900x and I still wonder how this motherboard will handle it? so I am wonder if you please tell me after several months of using this motherboard and processor (if you still do) how they preform together? do you get any over heating or stability problems? I am mainly planing to use it in 3d modeling and rendering so maybe there will be some stress during rendering for long period of time! So please can you help me with your experience. Thank you in advance :) 

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    2. LukeSavenije


      the stability is still a bit eh sometimes


      and if you're really worried, fan helps

    3. MoSaber


      you mean somehow direct one fan to the VRM?

      or do you think any x470 will do me better than any x370? I also have SLI and not any mobo can work with me!

    4. LukeSavenije


      it depends all on which


      but this one should perfectly do

  6. It seems that the standard boost has been really good and people don't get much more out of overclocks. Under gaming loads my cores all run around 4.2 or 4.3. Coming from a 1700x i had overclocked to 3.8. Not night and day but def seems snapier. Which i think would be the case for any of the new gen.
  7. I thought the X370 pro had the same VRMs as Strix??? Either way it works well and has decent clock speeds. Pretty happy to not buy another mobo (more happy to not have to install one).
  8. Just in case anyone was wondering about 3 series mobos. With the newest BIOS installed this is working and all the testing is showing great performance. The average boost seems to be around 4.3 to 4.4 running around mid 60s in temps.
  9. bdubbs

    1080p 144 hz?

    I actually have a 1440p with RTX 2080 with a 1700x and it hits 144hz on the games that I really care about. With something like Rage 2 it averages around 90 FPS. Still taking advantage of the >60fps framerate and G-Sync. I'm also interested in any recommended 1080p 144hz monitors. I'm planning to buy one for my brother in law.
  10. So i play at 4k and go the 2080. The promise of DLSS in the future is too good to pass up. Essentially it gives you better 4k speeds. This feature the 1080ti won't have.
  11. Those are great temps. I think my 2080 averages around 74 after getting to full temp.
  12. I'm assuming temps are fine and clocks are boosting to around 1900?
  13. Try changing the Windows Power settings to max and see. i had an issue with my Ryzen this fixed recently.
  14. I am another one that agrees that GPU is the way to go. I wouldn't buy an 8300 unless it was for like $20 and I say that as an owner of one in my old machine.