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    PC tech , Engg , Science ,Comics and POKEMON GO
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    i love to blog my mind and tech out at : https://techtesh.blogspot.in/
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    student and blogger


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    i7 6700k
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    asus maximus 8 hero alpha
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    GSKILL RIPJAWSV 16GB(2x8gb at 3000mhz)
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    CORSAIR 780T
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    seagate barracuda 2tb+samsung evo 850 250gb
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    viewsonic vx2880sml-4k
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    corsair h110igtx
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    Steelseries apex64145
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    Logitech G502
  • Sound
    steelseries siberia 350
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    WIN 10 home -64GB
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  1. What should I check for beyond micro cracks on the tubing and pump noise
  2. I was browsing local forums and came across a used cooler master neptron 240 for about $40,is it worth purchasing it? Ps:the pc I plan on upgrading currently uses this on a 3770k
  3. Scitesh

    Tn vs VA

    Mostly coding (arduino /rpi/python) with some gaming mostly civ 5/6 and occasional games of fortnite
  4. Scitesh

    Tn vs VA

    Which one should I get 1)TN 2)VA Both of them are the very same price right now (where I live)
  5. I need to buy a stand in monitor since my primary died (sent for RMA, which takes about 6 months where I live) So which one of these should I get Benq g 2420 Benq gw2450 Benq rl2240he Asus vp 228 Primary job :coding and minor gaming (mostly civ and some Emulators) Also : video editing like one video /month
  6. Hello I was looking for a second screen on my pc, to mainly manage my code and sources (and social media while gaming) And I've found the following monitors on great offers either as unboxed units or refurbs (locally) I need an HDmi port as that's the only output on gpu(price in bracket, INR) 1)acer s221hql-HD (4000) 2)asus vs228(3200) 3)benq g2220HD(4000) 4)benq g2420(3200) 5)benq gw2450(3200) 6)benq rl2240he(refurb) (4000) Ideally I'd like to have a 24'' monitor thin bezels is just a bonus and so is color accuracy
  7. I have a view 10 luckily one of the last phones from Huawei that had an open bootloader (more like a closed bootloader whose key got leaked) so far i am loving it i got it last year and was waiting for summer break to flash some custom rom (cyanogen +andopower) You can always side load those i am just wondering if huawei/honor can add unistalled apks on the phone and let end customer add it as he sees fit (I don't know if play services would throw a hissy fit) I feel you brother Coz bbk dosent make telecommunications hardware just end devices It's gonna be almost impossible to make anyone jump ships from ios/android at this point because both of those are well known/most markets are at saturation. Also don't forget the app support both ios and ando has billions of apps so unless Huawei makes a cross compiler which makes porting apps pretty easy I think Huawei OS would go the way of Windows mobile (ps :based on the fact that ando is based on java I guess cross compiler wouldn't be an daunting task) But the fact is blocking apple damages its own workforce Phyrric victory is the term you're looking for If I would have been Huawei I'd shitting bricks over the fact I wo t be able to buy controllers and modems (broadcomm), dacs (qualcomm) and not to mention development software such as Cadence or keil
  8. China :training camp /organ donation center Not yet. RN its just the lower end and leased facilities (foxcomm is still setting up in Chennai and gujarat) and for some time they're hiring facilities from micromaxx and xiomi
  9. I am still using. My 3770k as a dorm pc so I can possibly stretch it out to 10 (gpus on the otherhand 750ti to 1070ti)
  10. I can't find anything though https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/ctoeIqd6
  11. Wo I am looking to add some kick in my 3770k setup and I think 2 more sticks of 1600mhz ddr3 might do the trick and the cheapest way for me to get it is aliexpress and there are 2 skews for 1600mhz ddr3 (8gb) 1) for intel 2)for amd With 20% price diff between them.. Should I get the cheaper one (for AMD) for my setup
  12. The title says it all But just in case 1)mobo:gigabyte h61 ms2 2)case :antec df500 rgb
  13. Damn I didn't expect THE jhonny guru would reply to one of my threads.. Also my main pc used rm650x on i7 6700k and 1070 ti.. Should I upgrade?
  14. I salvaged a couple of pcs added a gpu and sold it for a profit and one of the parts that I've got laying around is this psu.. It says 80+ bronze and it does work but is it any reliable orahuld I just chuck it for inductors and capacitors