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  1. just go with a m.2 if its not that much more expensive (20 dollars more expensive max) and generally just get a m.2 ssd because if your mobo does not support nvme you get roughly the same performance but in no cases do you get less and you get a lot easier job for cable management
  2. may i ask why you want a metal case? so i can provide a suitable alternative
  3. if your ssd is from samsung you can download a tool which lets you migrate the data from a previous drive also if you do not have a samsung ssd buy this https://www.paragon-software.com/technologies/components/migrate-OS-to-SSD/ (it costs 19 bucks(usd)) or use this free tool wiht its guide http://www.todo-backup.com/backup-resource/data-transfer/migrate-windows-10-to-ssd.htm
  4. <eBay Link Removed> the following is a link to a i7 sandy bridge hexa core processor i know sandy bridge isnt the newest cpu line out there but there are no major must buy improvements from kaby lake to sandy bridge i know the efficiency is a lot better on skylake i7 6800k but its 320 dollars cheaper and i deem some efficiency worth 320 dollars.
  5. i had used the xbox 360(and ps3) 1 which did not work offline sorry for assuming the sames applicable for dual shock 4
  6. how do i connect a ps4 controller to my pc (i am using it wired)?
  7. first of all look at my previous post for the answer and secondly you cant do shit with a mac it has passive cooling and cant even stay cool for the duration it has batter life(Which btw is lower than the iq you need to buy one) and the pro has extremely tiny fans and most macs have a igpu and terribly underclocked cpus that are beaten by mobile phones
  8. see most laptops dont have great cooling capabilities and theyre cooling capabilities are only ment for the time its battery will last ie 4 for example and if it goes for more than four hours especially on load the heat will not be able to be cooled permantly damaging your cpu and gpu same reason why you do not want to overclock a pc before folding and most laptops have terrible cooling systems and underclocked cpus and gpus also please specify what laptop you have
  9. cpu is a lot easier (its like installing a normal cpu cooler but with gpus you have to fiddle around with the stock cooler and memory cooling pads and losing warranty but there are gpus with pre installed water blocks like the 1080 arctic storm (by zotac) and some gpu's like the 980 ti kingpin(by evga) wont take away warranty for taking out the stock cooler also if you watercool a gpu u have to remove the water block if you send it for repairs or service) and blocks are extremely varied as in each model there is a different block,for example the zotac amp extre and regular amp cards have a dif
  10. edit : oh shit posted the wrong 1 https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/NzkhtJ (actual 1 this time)