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  1. I assume by (DUAL) at the end of OPs gpu listing, they were talking about crossfire
  2. My backpack that I picked up 6 years ago was the smartest purchase I made at a radioshack when I was picking up my first laptop for college. The backpack has a dedicated padded laptop section in the main pocket, as well as additional flaps in every section. Unfortunately, I don't have any sort of model number, but most targus bags I've seen seem pretty well built. Speaking of radioshack though, if any of them even exist anymore, they rake you over the coals on laptops. 800$ for an i3, 4gb of ram, 320gb hard drive and 1366x768 monitor. Even for 2011, that's insane
  3. You'll be a bit borderline, so for that reason and for efficiency's sake, I'd say go with something closer to 600W if you can afford it.
  4. While a cpu upgrade is definitely in order, at the same time, let's look at free solutions first. First thing I'd do is get CCleaner. Make sure not to delete cookies or saved passwords from your mom's most used browser, and run the main cleaner. Next, go to Tools>startup and disable any non-essential programs. If she still needs them, they can be opened up faster than they would open as a startup program anyways since you don't have 20 other programs opening at the same time. Finally, if she is willing to start from scratch, an SSD would also be a worthwhile upgrade. For a basic day to day office level computer (web browsing and document writing), an SSD will be one of your most noticeable upgrades. EDIT: Also, while upgrading to Windows 10 on newer hardware would reap some performance gains, with an Athlon, your best bet is probably going to be sticking with windows 7
  5. I'd say don't even worry about memory overclocking, as it's not really going to be noticeable in day to day stuff, and can be a bit of a bear, since even if it *does* seem stable, ram errors can take a while to pop up. CPU overclocking is going to be much easier, and you will get much more noticeable results out of it.
  6. I'm not saying it's physically impossible to be done. It's just common for many places to feel it's not worth the time and energy to worry about, as well as not wanting to get rid of functioning hardware.
  7. I mean, there's not a lot that can really be done if that's what happened though. Most institutions seem to rather keep dangerous hardware around than junk a "perfectly well working machine"
  8. Hmm... Idk why I forgot that Kaby Lake was basically akin to Devils Canyon for Haswell, being more of a refresh than a "generational improvement". My bad.
  9. Don't mean to start an argument, however, Skylake X will have the same IPC as Skylake (6xxx series chips). The 7700k, being Kaby Lake, will still have a higher IPC than the enthusiast chips in the 7xxx series. Reminder, the 6950X is still running on the Broadwell-E architecture, meaning that the 6700k still has stronger single core performance.
  10. As long as the intakes are filtered, you will be fine. My first rig didn't even have filtered intakes and I never really ran into throttling issues, even two years later. Granted, I was running a G3220 (Haswell pentium) and an r7 250X (rebranded HD 7770), but you should still be fine.
  11. The 7700k will be your best bet. Even with the new APIs, IPC will still be your best friend, and the best IPC processor will be the 7700k
  12. Sounds like you have a keylogger/virus that gives remote access. Only sure way of being safe is to nuke your OS and reinstall.
  13. You will be fine. 2133mhz was the original default spec for ddr4 when it came out, much like 1333 mhz was when ddr3 came out. It didn't mean that 1600mhz ram wouldn't work in those boards when that became the new default spec for ddr3. You will have the same thing here. The mobo might not run your ram at 2400 mhz unless you turn xmp on, but overall, you will be perfectly safe