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  1. Yeah I don't need the whole house covered. I just need my own room covered for my personal use
  2. I need wifi for my laptop and phone but I can't use traditional Cable or Phone company set up in the house. Need something like a mobile hot spot. Any solid solutions / suggestions that can give me high speed internet that can be good for watching Netflix, Youtube and using social media / mobile gaming on my mobile device.
  3. It was back up files for my iPhone I believe. Big Apple Computer file. I deleted. Not I have 7hb of space and I can factory reset. Thanks.
  4. Just downloaded that and running it now. I will add a SS when it's done
  5. I need help figuring out how to make space on my laptop I got for college. I've had it for a year and the storage space is so capped I don't have room for Microsoft Office when I tried to reinstall it. I try doing all the basic space making methods like disk clean up, deleting files, and uninstalling programs. I even uninstalled updates but more just installed. I literally cannot find anything else to delete or remove from this laptop without deleting something rather important. Any suggestions? I was just going to simply do a factory reset but I don't even have enough space to do
  6. HP ProBook 640 OR Acer Aspire 1 I'm just looking for something simply to do school work, watch shows on and run very low requirement games like Slay the Spire for mild entertainment. I need something with 3x USB ports. Prefer 14in or more and SSD is a must. HDD is just too slow. especially at 5400rpm
  7. I see, but in theory should they not be able to just solder a new audio jack onto the motherboard? I supposed if it actually snapped the motherboard itself than no. But if that happened wouldn't there be bigger issues?
  8. So recently my son was playing in my room and he ranked my headphone out of my 3.5mm audio input that was plugged into my gaming laptop. I discovered it was broken. I took it to microcenter for a quote on a repair. The technician determined the headphone completely broke off from the motherboard and that I would need to replace the ENTIRE motherboard to fix the problem. He then quoted me the price for the motherboard and he told me it would be $1.200!!! The Whole laptop sold for $1600. He said the price comes directly from MSI. I'm going to call them tomorrow and give them a ear full. But in t
  9. Because I'm selling it. Wanted the person to have a fresh start on the laptop without all my files and configurations everywhere
  10. I tried to Factory Reset my laptop because Im selling it and it got stuck at 34% for like a hour and a half. What she I do?
  11. ANy good recommendations for a good low end laptop that good for just doing school work, watching TV shows, Movies, and Twitch Streams? Some cheap betwen $150 - $300 I dont care about touch screen or any of that. I prefer somethingf with 15inches and if by some miracle a SSD with a decent display
  12. What's the word on this Headset? Audio-Technica ATH-ADG1X Open Air High-Fidelity Gaming Headset Headphone Is worth the money? How do they compare to the Senheiser HD558's when it comes to pin pointing sounds and enemy footsteps?
  13. When I play and stream PUBG on my gaming laptop using OBS my CPU usage goes up to 100% temps are fine. But I am curious if this can be a issue? I've tried using Shadowplay its good but also doesn't give just enough control. For some reason now when I put my Web Cam on it shows up on my screen while gaming as well as my stream. Which I do not. I want to be able to see my whole screen. So OBS seems to be the better option but it runs my CPU at 100%
  14. I would say mild. Would mostly be video game play, mild editing, and voice over work.