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  1. Doubt we will see it at Black Friday Hoping for 3600 or 3700x
  2. If money is no issue I would get Aorus Xtreme, cause it has passive chipset + 3900x Memory: G.skill 3600 C16 or 3200 C14 (Is what we get suggested all the time, but there is better, at a higher price for minimal gain)
  3. Many LTT videos are outdated by the time they get to Youtube and I have gotten those news from other channels
  4. I have Meshify C and most likely gonna buy S2, cause its bigger I prefer airflow over looks, but Meshify actually look good, with airflow
  5. My PCs that are on all the time barely have any dust I have a PC that I only use as backup, kinda like a server, which is mostly off and its dusty Hardware is old and only care about the disks
  6. Like I wrote, stuff get broken when you turn them on and off, and when they are off they collect dust My PCs collect dust too, in the front where I have filters, which I vacuum often Work PCs get turned off at end of day and they have been changed 2-3 times since 2011
  7. My gaming PC have been on 24/7 since 2011 Also have HTPC and its also on 24/7, including receiver and TV Only times I have ever had problems is when the PC get turned off, for whatever reason
  8. Not bought anything yet and since most is out of stock until August or maybe even later, it doesn't matter at this point I also want a case that is not released yet.. (Lian Li PC-011 XL)
  9. Wait for AM5 and hope they keep that socket for as long as they kept AM4 I'm still rocking i5-2500k (waiting on all the bugs in 3k Ryzen to be fixed and not in stock either)
  10. Some people are just cheap If they can only afford b450, they should stick with 2700 Many of newer posts on this forum is about people that have problems with 3 series on older boards
  11. Its only ~$115 more than the boards he has in the title and I rather pay that and have a working board than buy something that might not work
  12. Not sure why you put that "/s" there and I know what it means..
  13. Asrock Taichi x570 Not ordered yet as its not in stock and waiting to see if there comes any cheaper fanless mobos..