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  1. JabroniBaloney

    Dont know if this is a bottleneck

    Cool cherry picking. You're still wrong.
  2. JabroniBaloney

    Dont know if this is a bottleneck

    No. It hasn't. It was higher.
  3. JabroniBaloney

    Dont know if this is a bottleneck

    RAM prices have been coming down.
  4. JabroniBaloney

    Do I need 7.1 surround sound headphones?

    Short answer: no. Long answer: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
  5. JabroniBaloney

    RTX 2070 with I5 4690?

    1440 would be fine as well.
  6. JabroniBaloney

    Z333 or Z506?

    Neither because keyboard companies don't make quality audio products.
  7. JabroniBaloney

    Just bought GTX 1060 Not working! Help

    No it won't lol Not sure if ignorant or troll.
  8. JabroniBaloney

    Suggest some headphone with mic for CS: GO under 20$

    Your teammates will care if you sound like muffled garbage.
  9. JabroniBaloney

    New PC Parts

    Motherboard isn't compatible
  10. JabroniBaloney

    Best GTX 1060 6GB for heavy use 24/7?

    The single fan EVGA SC 1060 is a great lil card
  11. JabroniBaloney

    what is the best voicechanger?

    A Novation Launch pad.
  12. JabroniBaloney

    Microphone/headphone controller

    A USB mixing board?
  13. JabroniBaloney

    How do I overclock my 1070 and my i5 9600k?

    Or they were talking about the CPU.
  14. JabroniBaloney

    Looking for help buying new headphones

    The 6xx have been constantly available on massdrop for weeks. They'll probably continue to be available.
  15. JabroniBaloney

    RTX 2060 is coming between Christmas and New year

    Except it will be a GTX card.