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  1. JabroniBaloney

    Ultra wide 1440p 144Hz IPS G-Sync monitor

    They're the first two words of the title of the post.
  2. JabroniBaloney

    open back headphones for 200$

    Those won't be good unless OP also buys an amp.
  3. JabroniBaloney

    Overclocking i5 8600k and rtx 2060

    Cryorig R1 Universal.
  4. JabroniBaloney

    i need help finding a shock mount for my blue yeti

    Why not just get the Blue shock mount?
  5. JabroniBaloney

    is there a subwoofer for a chair? Or can i attach a speaker to a chair?

    Duct tape a sub to your chair.
  6. JabroniBaloney

    To buy more new stuff or not to...

    Yeah, probably going to wait on ordering anything until the headphones come, which should be tomorrow. I already have a Spotify subscription with their high quality option turned on. As far as an amp, I'm completely set on the Atom, but really thinking of the Modi 3 for a DAC. But a couple of Topping offerings look interesting, despite an apparent lack of customer support. The OL Dac is an option since already ordering from JDS Labs and all. But the Modi 3 sounds like the most appealing option from what I've read and seen in a handful of videos. Assuming purchases are made.
  7. JabroniBaloney

    To buy more new stuff or not to...

    The other day I ordered a pair of AKG K7XXs to replace my HD 558s. So of course now the big question is would it be worth replacing my Origen G2 with a JDS Labs Atom amp and....some DAC in the $100 price range? I'd basically like my sound setup to be where there will be very, very little thoughts of "hmmmm what else could I buy?"...aside from some better speakers, but that's for a different day.
  8. JabroniBaloney

    What should be my stream settings be?

    A 7700k is a 4 core 8 thread CPU. 4 physical cores + 4 virtual cores.
  9. JabroniBaloney

    Are amazon warehouse graphics card in good condition?

    I grabbed a warehouse deal 1080 a bit over a year ago and had zero problems.
  10. JabroniBaloney

    Headphones Or Speakers Under 80$

    But good luck finding them for a reasonable price.
  11. JabroniBaloney

    Desktop speakers

    Logitech doesn't make anything but toy speakers lol
  12. JabroniBaloney

    Using Soft Water for watercooling

    Great. Leave it at that.
  13. JabroniBaloney

    Static in left ear Shiit Fulla2

    Why not contact Schiit for a replacement?
  14. JabroniBaloney

    Dont know if this is a bottleneck

    No. It hasn't. It was higher.
  15. JabroniBaloney

    Dont know if this is a bottleneck

    RAM prices have been coming down.