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  1. Or you could not respond to anger with violent outbursts. Unless you just can't handle your emotions.
  2. Don't give your money to that garbage company.
  3. Not everyone wants to or can spend that. Also, an amp and DAC isn't always necessary.
  4. If you like that style, stick with it. You don't need to buy what other people like.
  5. Modeling the main character after the actor who voiced them completely takes me out of the game. I'm just waiting for the rest of the Gallagher family to show up.
  6. Why would they announce a feature they removed from D3? I know dumping on Blizzard is trendy now, but some people just put zero thought into it.
  7. You could take that video to the police station and see what can happen from there.
  8. Are they using a microphone with speakers?
  9. Why not just return it and exchange it for another one if you just bought it?
  10. I remember when Reddit found the Boston Marathon bomber...
  11. Buy speakers made by an audio company, not a keyboard and mouse company.