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  1. If you prefer the looks of a speaker, that's definitely a better deciding factor than the sound.
  2. An amp would just make the sound louder.
  3. Yup. I have those and they're miles better than the Logitech speakers that I used to have before learning a bit more about audio products.
  4. Don't buy audio products from a keyboard and mouse company. Buy audio gear from audio companies. You'll get a better 2.0 setup from Edifier than you will from Logitech at the same price point.
  5. You're creating more of a fire hazard than you are soundproofing.
  6. Do better research before buying next time.
  7. That's more likely due to your headset, not a lack of post processing.
  8. Because IGN needs more advertising.
  9. Epic bad, other corporations good!
  10. They're not setting a precedent. People are just very entitled.
  11. CDPR lowered the price so the coupon wouldn't lower the perceived value of the game.