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  1. aah i see, thanks for the info. do you think i should keep it like this then? or you reckon ill have problems at some point?
  2. ah good! did you notice any performance issues on the long? i guess when idle, they dont really spin, do they? but if they do i guess they would be on a much lower pace
  3. Besides my main nvme which was windows, my pc has 2 hdds. I was always hearing the sound of the drive walking up after i hadnt used it for a while and i was wondering why. Until it hit me today XD There should be an option that forces the drive to go to sleep. And of course there was....Obviously hearing the drive walking up and wait 2-4 secs give or take is fine, but i was wondering if its ok to set sleep to never. The one drive is old. Its a 320gb from an old laptop, but the other one is 4tb and bought in july. Will sleep=never affect its lifespan? Should i just set
  4. Hey all My best contender right now is the mamba elite(80e) which is also my max budget. The other mice im looking are the deathadder v2, Corsair Glaive RGB Pro Aluminum and MSI CLUTCH GM50. I obviously want an optical mouse, since my ouroboros and its dual laser/optical sensor has failed me. Any hands on with either of these mice? deathadder and mamba seem very similar, with the mamba being much more beautiful of course. i always heard good things about corsair mice and that glaive seems cool for the budget as for the msi, i dont have any experience with msi peripher
  5. ah i see! yeah the new one is 4tb 5400 rpm and is the classic size of an hdd. the one that theoretically makes the sound is 1tb 7200rpm and has a smaller size since it comes from a 6+ year old laptop. in the end of the day it seems i was worried for nothing. thanks mate
  6. yeah it makes sense it being a hey are you there sound. although shouldnt both hdds then making a sound?
  7. I keep hearing a sound from my pc. i cant really record it cause a) its at random times and b) it lasts for 2-3 secs It sounds like an older car backing up. reversing. no a a new one, with the beeps, think of an older generation car, like a video game car sound maybe. it start with a low pitch and it gets a little higher in the end. again, its only a few secs. havent noticed anything bad in my pcs performance. i thinking its from the drives perhaps? my nvme, i dont think it makes sounds. my 4tb hdd is brand new, but my 1tb smaller hdd, is from an older laptop. could that be maki
  8. hmm i see. honestly its weird, i cant believe most people have 200e+ ups since most modern psu have PFC. thanks for your info though, i might wait to buy a more expensive one
  9. i see. may i ask what kind of issues? like it doesnt stay active for a long time after a power shortage? or just plainly shuts down?
  10. this seems its only for 540w though. was there a problem with the apc one? are there incompatible with my psu?
  11. https://www.skroutz.gr/s/11452924/Corsair-TX-M-Series-TX650M.html#specs this is my psu corsairs txm650 the one you mentioned doesnt seem to be available here. here you can see what apc models are available for me: https://www.skroutz.gr/c/41/ups/m/431/APC.html?o=apc&order_by=pricevat&order_dir=asc
  12. yup im talking about UPS, but i dot have a 650w gold corsair psu XD well its a little over my budget, but this was recommended to me https://www.skroutz.gr/s/6234081/APC-Back-UPS-1400VA-Schuko.html#specs its also the best selling UPS here. should i save and wait to get that?
  13. Hi there, hope everyone is safe! Im trying to figure out what UPS i should get for a while, posted on a few different forums, but im still undecided. My PCs psu is 650w (although it will never go above 500-550 i just bought a bigger psu for my 2070 super, my R5 3600 doesnt draw much) and my monitor is 23w. I could add my speakers(42w), but from what ive been told speakers are in no danger in power shortages. I sorted them out to these UPS and id love some opinions. Nothing fancy, standard UPS with ~7-10 minutes uptime on power shortage. https://www.skroutz.gr/s/42
  14. Almost all the top is a mesh so i have a few choices. I was thinking either 1, to push more air to the cpu or 2 top push the air coming from the front fans faster. What do you think it would be best? Although its only a matter of create hotspots or not? The fan should work 100% with no fear of endangering anything?
  15. So my ryzen 5 3600 came with this cooler. Im using a cooler from arctic with double fans, so the stealth was just sitting in its box. I got a weird idea though. The heat sink is easily removable and after that its just a fan right? Could i mount it on top of my case, pointing down straight to the cpu cooler for more cpu cooling? I have a mesh top with plenty of holes, so its just the question of finding a fitting washer. Ill plug it on a separate header, my msi b450 gaming pro carbon ac has a few of those, and it should work right? Obviously this isnt my main cooling. case has 3 fa