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  1. Sorry it was VOB, and yes VLC does run the files
  2. I have personal videos on my dvd and want to store them on my macbook 2020.Does macbook's support VBO Format or do I need to format them in mp4?
  3. if you want to share it i recomend yout to upload it on unity site, everyone can acces your game there
  4. Thank you so much , and @tikker as well. I was worried that I had to reinstall windows and lose all my data.
  5. so everything is alright? I mean if i restart the laptop it wont be stuck in a boot loop or throwing errors?.
  6. I just wanted to make my extend my c drive and i deleted the recovery partition.Is recovery partition something very important because i have never used it.Do i need it or not? Im on laptop btw.
  7. my brother downloads suspicious files "game cheats" thats why i have a drive for him , dont want to get viruses on my main drive and reinstall windows or lose files.
  8. I have 3 drives, 2 are my main drives and 1 hhd is for my brother.Everytime he wants to play i disconect my drives and plug his.Can this affect my drives ?
  9. Xbox controller design is much better , i think i will go xbox
  10. immersive haptic feedback, dynamic adaptive triggers built-in microphone and the touchpad.
  11. I want a controller for pc gaming but i cant choose.At first i wanted a ps5 controller but a lot of people say that ps5 controllers have "drift" problems.About the xbox controllers ive had a xbox360 controller for 4 years and never had drift problems but if i buy xbox i won't have the cool ps5 controller features.What is your opinion?
  12. Front and back camera , also flash all at the same time broke , is this a coincidence ?
  13. Thanks , how can I backup data on an iPhone ?