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  1. Thanks , I am running now win 10 on the Hdd and it’s running slow , hope ssd will make a big difference
  2. Hey guys , I have an old Lenovo laptop with amd E1-1500 cpu and integrated graphics. I don’t have any money to buy a new laptop so I thought to buy 4more gb of ram (has 2gb right now) and a 240gb ssd.will this laptop be enough for YouTube and Roblox , this laptop for my little brother
  3. NikitaSch


    It is 4pin , i am going to try plugging in all the fans directly in the motherboard
  4. NikitaSch


    asrock b460 pro4 , i5 10400f, artic coolers 4pin , old radeon gpu , i also have a noname fan hub that i got for 2 bucks maybe the hub is the problem
  5. NikitaSch


    like i said i have 4 pin fans but dc mode is doing what pwm mode is supposed to do
  6. NikitaSch


    When i switch to pwm my fans are stuck on max rpm and cant control them but if i switch to dc mode i can control the rpm , even turn them off or apply to them low rpm, I'm confused.
  7. NikitaSch

    DC vs PWM

    When fans are in pwm mode they ramp up at the max speed and can’t control them even though fans support pwm
  8. NikitaSch

    DC vs PWM

    Won’t that shorten the lifespan?
  9. NikitaSch

    DC vs PWM

    I have 2 options:DC and PWM. I noticed that when fans are on DC mode they are at low rpm like 600 but when on PWM fans are at constant 1800rpm , what is the best mode ?
  10. I Want to sell sh h110m r motherboard and i3 6100. Is 80$ a good VALUE?
  11. I want to play some games on my pc with a ps5 controller. I found one store that sells them but it is said on the site that they are made in china , but arent ps consoles made in japan?Also its around 75 euros one controller.Is it worth buying?