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  1. sleep for 11h isnt that bad
  2. you know, an autorun program list would certainly more helpful......
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N17xWdv1RLY they should make a vid like this
  4. could it be some gaming related app that detects you have dota 2 on? or special driver on your laptop? it would be helpful if you make a screenshot of autorun programs in task manager.
  5. i mean, twitter enabled 2fa some days ago, you can bind your account to an authenticator that uses the standard method, like google's, and it's not requiring phone number anymore. they should do the same, if they find you suspecious, ask you to verify the 2fa code.
  6. zassou


    next time properly paragraph your post. it's a wall of text on phones. and the answer is you have a faulty lcd driver board, and the best way is to throw it away and get a new one. it's not worth the effort to fix old monitors, if you low on budget, get second hand monitors instead.
  7. double clicking is a sign of microswitch wear. you can buy switches and solder them yourself. check videos on yt
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kR5gefU87TY i recommend this channel for topics like this
  9. as a pro yt video viewer (what kinda title is that), i would say you should prioritise scripting, audio over camera. make a rough script on your topic, not necessary full on speech, but at least make it a framework of the topic. get a good microphone if possible, means anything that's not the mic attached on your earbuds or headphone. record the audio seperately, do some easy cuts and edits in audacity, like eq to make tinny sounds thats typical for cheap mic sounds warmer, and some low pass to get rid of noise. keep in mind most ppl watch video using their phones with tiny screens, they probably can't tell the differency between 480p and 1080p, but for those who wear headphones, a terribly recorded audio could result a dislike, regardless how good your content is. many creators dont really do much in the visual side, they just deliver their speech over the video. for example this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91_5OOmK1TQ (warning: political content). altho, the real advice is to wear a posh british accent.
  10. zassou

    how RGB are you?

    i have a theory that some people are in the closet for so long and they are so afraid to come out, so they have to act like john wayne all the time. (sans pointy hood ofc)
  11. lodbias -1.000000
  12. i just wonder how many people really into RGB stuff
  13. european emission standards are fundermentally flawed, they focus heavily on carbon emissions where nox ozone are more dangerous than a lukewarm greenhouse gas. because co2 is a simple problem to solve, you just plant more trees. you can't just do something later to fix the nox and ozone, one is known to cause acid rain and lung desease, the other one is major air pollutant that should not formed on the low atmosphere. that's why in recent years a lot of small turbo petrol engine cars, because they can give you low emission and high power, in theory of course. if the turbo doesnt spools up, its just a small engine, so by nature they burn less fuel. but when you need the power, the engine is squeezing hard to make the turbo spin to pump more air, sometimes more fuel to make extra power. and that is why they are not efficient. you dont have the toque you need in low rev, so you rev higher, spooling up the turbo and then your efficiency goes away. a typical engine runs at maximum efficiency at medium-high load. too low it starves oxygen and producing soot due to incomplete combustion, too high it runs too hot and forms nasty pollutant. and that's why a higher displacement, naturally asperated engine can sometimes burn less fuel than lower one, because they are less stressed, you have higher torque at low end, and have higher rpm at the top without burning too hot. often than not these small engines are over stressed in real life scenario, they cant produce as much torque as bigger engines, they can't even spin as fast as naturally asperated ones because they have a turbo to drag around. so in a system where tax is pretty much based on how big your displacement volume instead of the actual efficiency and pollution control, comsumers got fxxked.
  14. i would assume your passat is a diesel? if thats the case you need to know that earler euro x standard, doesnt include NOX, ozone and other bad stuff. diesel engines burns way hotter than petrol ones, first they are compress-ignited, up to 20:1 for passenger cars. where a typical petrol engine is somewhere between 9 to 13, depending on performance. diesel is injected into the combustion chamber when the piston reaches the top dead centre (tdc) where the air is hottest, and the fuel is spontaneous ignited. modern diesel cars are turbocharged, forcing more air into the engine and thus make it even hotter. where as petrol is introduced before they are compressed, the fin spray of fuel air mixture can cool the engine down. in theory hydrocarbon fuel like diesel and petrol will turn into water vapour and co2 if it's burnt in a perfect scenario, but it's never the case in car engines. when fuel is burn in a especially hot engine, there are chance that nitrogen, which is 79% of the air, will combine with the oxygen to form various of nitrogen oxides (NOx) compound, which combines with water forms nitrous acid which causes a bunch of problems. while diesel engines do have higher thermal efficiency than petrol, they do create a lot more pollutant, thats why they need egs and urea can. petrol engine by design runs cooler and less stressful then diesel, and they have a higher rev range that can cope with wider work load. modern petrol engine can be more efficient than diesel when combined with direct injection and port injection, together with akinson cycle and higher compress ratio. some latest tech includes variable compress ratio from nissan that can contineously change the compress ratio fron 9 to 15:1. in the past europe envioronment brasses was controlled by big autos, like vw, bmw and daimler. they made policies that favours co2 emission, party due to at the time most ppl think co2 is the only bad actor in the exhaust, and partly big auto wants to keep the japanese out because they can't produce reliable car at reasonable price. but as time goes, diesel car will be phase out, ever since vw scandal, people starting to realise diesel wasnt as clean as they were told.
  15. save it to an american bank as time deposit, only widthdraw the interest.