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  1. zassou

    Who do you main in siege?

    what siege?
  2. zassou

    How Did You Get with Your Girlfriend (or Boyfriend)?

    i find mildly offended by this thread
  3. zassou

    Is it cheating if it’s with a clone?

    lets ignore how to define a person, by memory by genetics or not. how about legal side of things? let's say someone thinks you are cheating, but both you and your clone passed all the necessary tests, like polygraph, therefore it's not cheating right? assuming no one in the world knows you have a clone, to outsider it's the same person from head to toe. there's a phrase called presumption of innocence, if they cant prove it, you are innocent.
  4. zassou


  5. if i get close to him, ill probably got beat up pretty bad lol. i have a habit of making people angry. joking aside, im a freelancer, i dont meet people in the face.
  6. in another way to put it, pretty close. basically he is a jerk but good at coding and doing blender, and an okay co-worker, other than work, a jerk.
  7. i have this co-worker of sort, talented programmer and 3d artist. working with him for a year now, generally a decent individual to work with. besides work however, many of his views makes me uneasy, let's say he reads different newspaper than me. im not a sociable person and i'd like to keep our things professional. he is like those self-centred frat bros, love sports, women and the best of them all, gossips; who just cant stop talking and always wants to dominate the conversation, making weird arguments around his narcissist point of view. kinda like a preacher, but shitty-ier. obviously i cannot ignore him due to our nature of business, but im kinda tired of avoiding him in every possible way. kinda ruin your day if somehow he got in your daily life. i kinda want to tell him to leave me alone outside of work, but don't know how to phrase it without ruin the relationship. another thing, i use telegram a lot, the instant messager. easy to use, private, safe. one thing that always annoys me is that in group chat you can't block people. you can however block them on 1 to 1 chat. the dev simply says the group chat is like a public square, if you cant stand someone you can just leave. what a nonsense, how about earplugs? such individuals always come out something aweful, disrespectful or simply inmature, i would like to tell them it's not okay to say such thing, but on the other hand i hate to start a fight. so all i do is put it away, better ruin my day than everyone's. anyway i guess in any sizable social groups there bound to be someone you are not fond of. things they say, things they do, beliefs they believe in. even to the point that you probably start hating things those they associated with, despite those arent necessary the things you would normally hate, like profile pictures and devices they use or games they play.
  8. zassou

    best way to soundproof a room?

    probably wont. as the noise is conducted through the wall. neither acoustic foam nor egg cartons absorbs sound well, they just limit the times soundwave reflects on the material by iregular shape and soft surface. for real sound absorbsion you'll need to redo the wall surface, take out the drywall and put glasswool or other insulating material inside.
  9. the chinese people i met are quite materialistic, even those pretend don't care about things. they love to compare, themselves to others, their child to others. someone graduated from college, got a work, and a mercedes for that.
  10. zassou

    best way to soundproof a room?

    egg cartons are cheap but effect material for reducing echos. lower frequency cant help much as they need to be absorb by wall.
  11. did toyota stop selling land cruisers in uk? i swear i saw a bunch of them in lancaster
  12. zassou

    Do you still play minecraft?

    one of those thing that, i was nothing to you, dont like it, dont hate it. until a bunch of shitheads cant stop talking about it, then you hate it.
  13. zassou

    Do you still play minecraft?

    poor graphics, and someone adding post effect thing on that... in my time, mc means molten core, not some stupid mosaic game
  14. zassou

    Tech gadget

    firstly your profile pic is a mildly offensive to me. secondly for school project, think of something unique, have lots of moving part but not overly complex and expensive, can keep you entertained for a while and wont become a paperweight very soon. im thinking about plasma ball. not expensive, very good looking, has some 80s charm. and very good demostration of physics and electronics. generally safe, as in don't require protective equipments to operate.
  15. zassou

    Chinese tools?

    there are many things called tools, from screwdrivers to drill bits for cnc stations. for everyday tools, their quality reflect more or less on the price, as long as you don't pay stupid money to get ifixit kits, as they hardly worth half of what it says on the sticker.