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  1. I found picture of great phone holder to use in car, in the spot where you would usually put cups. Does anyone have some link to something similar on Ebay or Aliexpress? I'm trying to find something similar, but can't find anything like this:
  2. 2,35GHz since it came out ... that's pushing the limits. I'm surprised it lasted you that long. Hopefully you can RMA it.
  3. To be fair, I wouldn't pair 12 core CPU with any mATX board ... but it's listed under supported CPUs, so it should work just fine. If it doesn't, he can always return this board and pick another one. I know there are a lot of smart engineers on this forum, that don't recommend some motherboards, but I do also have a little bit of trust for manufacturers ... they surely tested those motherboard with 12 core CPU to make sure everything is working fine.
  4. https://store.cablemod.com/product/cablemod-modflex-8-pin-pci-e-extension-45cm/ That extender for power delivery on GPU. About motherboard bottlenecking GPU, yout shouldn't worry. CPU on the other hand can be a bit tricky. 3900X have 12c/24t and I wouldn't pair it with some cheap motherboard without VRM heat-sink. https://www.caseking.de/asrock-x570m-pro4-amd-x570-mainboard-sockel-am4-mbar-315.html This one is releasing soon, and it is compatible with Ryzen 3900X, so I would pick this. edit: https://www.caseking.de/asus-tuf-b450m-pro-gaming-amd-b450-mainboard-sockel-am4-mbas-434.html This one also have heat-sinks on VRMs, and Ryzen 3900X listed as supported CPU. So it should work just fine.
  5. I had the best experience with EVGA for both GPUs and PSUs, so I can recommend them. Didn't exactly have any bad experiences with other brands, since I never owned another brand and had to RMA it.
  6. Not sure what gave you the impression for those cards to be bad ... they are what you expect from 2070 Super lineup. Under load it does keep temps under 65°C. As for performance ... it's the same as any other 2070 S ... so no, they are not bad. https://www.eteknix.com/gigabyte-rtx-2070-super-gaming-oc-graphics-card-review/11/
  7. In that case just go with i5 2500. Seems like decent upgrade for this price.
  8. It also depends on your motherboard. If you can overclock CPU on it, your best bet might be 2500k. Those CPUs are beats and can be overclocked nicely. It's also soldered CPU, so overheating shouldn't be such a huge problem. With 100€ to spend, you can't really afford to go with another platform, since it would require new motherboard + cpu and maybe even new RAM.
  9. That's exactly how most of reviewers got their first hardware for reviews. You pay some amount of money, for them to ship the card to you. After you are done with your tests, you send GPU back and get your money back as well. But keep in mind that shipping cost from you back to them is paid/covered by you. For most reviewers that's not a problem, since it usually costs around 20-30€ for shipping, but you get more than that from your Youtube partnership. That's the way, how you start ... after you get more and more views/subscribers, they won't bother with deposits for sending hardware to you for review, because by then you will have influence on a lot of potential consumers. If you will be successful of course. Good luck mate!
  10. Sometimes different combination of GPU and PSU can lead to reduced coil whine. I tried 3 different PSUs and 2 different GPUs ... any combination I made, coil whine was always there. My "solution" was, to move PC in room below mine, and simply buy 5M displayport/USB/HDMI cables. Now noise can't get to me and I can sleep peacefully.
  11. I agree with this quote. My old Ryzen 1700 was only able to clock at 3,75GHz on all cores, so I would consider 3,9GHz decent OC for first generation Ryzen. Under 80°C at all times is perfectly fine. 85°C under stress testing is also ok, since you never actually push your CPU as hard as stress test does.
  12. After patching our email server, I didn't notice that mails weren't coming inside ... it took me about 5 hours to realize that, and after restarting transport service, mails started coming in again. We received all emails for past 5 hours, when our email server was kinda offline to outside world. In most cases it should be fine for up to 12 hours ... at least that's what Microsoft employee told me.
  13. Usually it takes gpupdate /force on user computer, and log off + log on, for permissions to apply correctly. Please try that.
  14. My i5 8600k at 5GHz is using just over 100W when at full load, and I can keep it under 80°C all the time with air cooler. 360mm rad for i9 9900k being minimum is just madness. I suspect that he didn't mount is properly (it happens even to experienced builders), or it could be bad TIM between cpu and cooler. If CPU cooler wasn't working, temps wouldn't stop at 95°C, but it would go to 100°C and crash very soon after stress test was started.
  15. I honestly don't see why wouldn't they want to upgrade to Win10. It was even a free option a while ago, to simply use your Win7 licence key for Win10 activation. And it's not a bad Windows version by any means ... at least that's my opinion.
  16. Lets just hope, those CPUs won't be as toasty as Intel ones. 7nm compared to 12nm should mean less heat, but then again, they increased clock speed and core count, so I'm really wondering what temps will look like on stock, and OC headroom we can expect from decent coolers like Dark Rock 4 Pro.
  17. Online orders ... or simply watch few reviews on Sunday, go to the beach and then buy CPU on Monday. I used to be desperate for new products, but now I just don't mind if I have to wait few more days/weeks or event months. Life ruined me -sigh-
  18. They said Ryzen 3000 will be on shelf's in stores on 7/7/2019, so you should expect them then. But most shops in my country work to 15:00 on Sundays (some even less or closed), so realistically I expect them to be ready for sale on Monday 8th. Nvidia is supposed to release new Super cards today if I'm not mistaken (2nd of July). Embargo should be lifted at 16:00, so I expect some reviews soon. As with any other new CPU/GPU release, price drop can be expected on previous generation(s). Intel is already lowering prices of 8xxx and 9xxx chips. Retailers will do the same with Ryzen 2xxx stock, since most users will be interested in 3xxx series, so to get rid of the old stock, prices will need to be lowered. But don't expect 30% price drop in a matter of days ... it usually takes weeks/months, before prices are dropped significantly.
  19. I have a question regarding DELL P2416D monitor and it's USB hub that comes with it. I recently moved my PC one room below, so I'm using quiet long cables now. 5M displayport for my P2416D and 5M usb cable for USB hub that is on my monitor. As far as I know, 5m is limit for USB 2.0, unless I use some kind of powered USB hub every 5m or so. Now I'm wondering, if it's okay to use 5M USB 2.0 cable from my PC directly to monitor, and then also 3M from my monitor to other devices. Is USB hub in P2416D monitor powered, or is it passive?
  20. I was reading this article about Infinity Fabric: https://www.anandtech.com/show/14525/amd-zen-2-microarchitecture-analysis-ryzen-3000-and-epyc-rome/11 Guess I misunderstood those speeds ... could it be because I was hoping for 2x faster link between CCX chips, that could potentially lead to better performance in BDO, without having to disable some cores/threads. Then again we are less than a month away from release date, when all information will be available to us
  21. With previous generations IF speed was 1/2 of the RAM speed. So if I had 2933MHz RAM, IF speed was about half of that, so just under 1500. If I understand that correctly, Zen2 will double the IF speed in the same scenario? So If I keep using 2933MHz ram, IF speed will also be 2933?
  22. I hope you are both right, and it will go over I/O die on the CPU itself. I watched some video on youtube, from a guy explaining how to get higher FPS in BlackDesertOnline. Basicly disabling some of it cores, so it will only use cores from single CCX. Result is obvious right away, that it does help. He used Ryzen 1700 in this test: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iR8ntMAxdQ0 Since that's the main game I play, I need to think twice before switching from my i5 8600k at 4,8GHz (-1AVX) to Ryzen 5 3600X.
  23. Any idea if Ryzen 3000 series still have communication between CCX-es limited to 1/2 of RAM speed?
  24. I will wait for reviews of R5 3600X, and how well can it overclock on all cores. If it comes to around same or even better performance than my current i5 8600k at 4,8GHz, I might decide to switch to AMD. Multi core core will surely be better in my case, but I'm more worried about single core performance.
  25. Ryzen 1800X was 4GHz, Ryzen 2700X is 4,3GHz. So 300MHz increase. Now we are going from 4,3GHz to 5GHz? It does seems unlikely ... sure it's 7nm vs 12nm, but that still seems like a big jump. Then again they went from 14nm to 12nm and achieved additional 300MHz. 1nm shrink = 150MHz by that logic. 12nm - 7nm = 5nm * 150MHz = 750MHz more than previous generation. So 4,3GHz + 750MHz .... that way it does seems like it would be possible. Now lets just wait for some CPU engineer to tell me, that's now how any of that works.