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  1. It's the Gigabyte aorus master bluetooth. For $250 would think it'd be decent bluetooth. I'll try one of my dongles. Thanks :)
  2. Confirmed it's the controller... Tried on my 1440p 144hz monitor. If the controller isn't in direct line of sight or is facing opposite direction of the pc, it goes nuts (even just 3 ft away). Guess I need a wired on then.
  3. i7 9700k 2080 Super 4k on high. Can handle it fine haha. I even changed it to 4k low settings and same issue with Microsoft Xbox One bluetooth controller.
  4. Yes, Battlefront 2 was set to 4k 60hz, with fps counter in corner. I just tried with keyboard and mouse on the 25ft cable and it stayed at 60hz and was smooth... Idk why the controller would cause this issue... no conflicting devices and the game gets super laggy if I get 2ft or more away from the computer. 5ft a way fps drops to 20-40. Get right next to pc and back to 60fps.... wth
  5. Just built pc, is across the room from 4K TV. So bought a 20ft and 25ft 4K 60hz 18GBPS HDMI cables (different brands). Both of them have the same issue, so I'm assuming I need a cable with higher gbps for 4k pc gaming at 60hz? Works fine for 4k video but with games it isn't smooth and it stutters and lags a lot in single player gameplay. What's even weirder, I have an xbox one bluetooth controller and the further away it gets from the pc, the worse the game performs on the tv. Any idea what the hell is going on? My next guess is to try a shorter cable but the controller part is ki
  6. I've just never really noticed this before on past headsets. It is minor as I've said but annoys me. Random popping/crackling, no matter what eq settings I have. I'd legit pay $300+ for a quality headset that had good battery, comfort, quality audio, etc.
  7. Seems to be the wireless. Plugged the Arctis 7 in with aux to mobo and sounds good... no crackling. Now the question is, how do I cut down interference? Only wireless device I'm using is a razer mouse. Could that be the issue?
  8. I have an Arctis 7, Logi G933, Logi G533. All three headphones have some light crackling/popping here and there, across all different types of media. It's minor but very annoying. Nothing that I know of is causing interference. Have tried both usb 2.0 and 3.0. About 2 ft away from pc... Audio drivers updated. Any ideas? It's driving me nuts. I've tried any and all settings in the headset programs and windows 10 audio control panel but nothing fixes it. Any ideas? New build - i7 9700k, gigabyte aorus master, 2080 super, 32gb ram
  9. I finally got it to work by flashing the bios. No longer froze when installing windows.
  10. I've tried online dating. Must not be good looking enough for it. I mean I've slept with a few girls from online in the past 5 years but I was just taking what I could get lol. Had maybe like 100 matches total on tinder in that time span, but couldnt3make anything happen with them
  11. I have two roommates. One is okay, can't stand the other one. They're both much older. There is 0 social scene at work lol. We don't have many employees.
  12. shit, that's what I've been doing wrong this whole time
  13. Have been in my current city for quite a few years now. Still don't have any friends here. Basically go to work, work out, and come home. Meetups here are lame and online dating is over saturated to the point where I can't even get an obese girl to go out for coffee haha. Live in a college town and I'm 28, so that probably doesn't help. Wish I could just get out and fit in somewhere.