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    Intel i7 9700KF
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    EVGA Z370 Micro ATX
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    32GB 3200MHz (G.Skill F4-3200C14D-32GVK)
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    GAINWARD GeForce RTX 3070 Phoenix
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    Windows 10 Pro 20H2
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  1. Since most of our workers are now working from home, I received some complaints, that laptops take a long time to boot up. I also noticed that problem with my own laptop, that it takes around 1-2 min longer too boot up when it's not connected to domain network. In event viewer I saw that it's trying to access netlogon folder, but that one is not available before users connect to company domain VPN. Is there any way to make netlogon folder to be always accessible like an offline folder? I did right click on that folder and marked is as available when offline, but nothing happened.
  2. I would be glad if anyone could give me some suggestion for decent router/switch with features: 8x Gigabit ports Upload/download speed limit per port of per IP/MAC address Option to set specific ports to work as simple switch for IPTV functionality. Right now I can't connect my TV on router since it needs to be connected directly to modem, so easiest way to bypass this would be to set some ports to act like basic switch Traffic monitor for download/upload speed usage either per port or overall QoS that allows me to set highest priority for specific TCP/UDP ports
  3. So I'm actually making some sort of VPN tunnel from my PC to ExitLag server, and they handle my game traffic/connection from them to actual game server? Still not sure if latency I see in Resource monitor is my actual latency from me to game server, or is that just latency from me to ExitLag, and there is additional latency from them to game server, that I don't see? Then again when looking at TCP connection I can see IP address and port number that my game is connecting to. And that stays the same even when I used ExitLag and had lower delay. So overall you would say that I'm a
  4. I cam across and ad for ExitLag: ExitLag - Get rid of lag in your game Later I decided to try it out, and to my surprise it did lower latency for Black Desert Online game that I'm playing. There are some topics, saying that this software can't actually lower latency between my PC and game server, but when I look at task manager, and open Resource Monitor I'm seeing about 70-90ms delay for this game, and after I tried ExitLag it dropped down to about 40ms. Not sure how is that possible, so I'm asking here if anyone have more info about this software and if it's legit and actually
  5. Thanks to both of you. I just wrote email to them, and hopefully they will at least offer to repair it
  6. Today while casual gaming, my PC crashed and I got blue screen (picture below). I was able to take picture with my phone, so I could later investigate why it came to this problem and how to prevent it in the future. But sadly I never got any video output single again from this GPU. I tried to change PCI slot, tried to change power cables, removing RAM sticks etc. Nothing seemed to work. Later I found some old Quadro GPU in basement, and tried with that. It works without a problem, so it must be problem with GTX 1080 Ti card, and not other components or software. Once I got to Windows with
  7. I found picture of great phone holder to use in car, in the spot where you would usually put cups. Does anyone have some link to something similar on Ebay or Aliexpress? I'm trying to find something similar, but can't find anything like this:
  8. 2,35GHz since it came out ... that's pushing the limits. I'm surprised it lasted you that long. Hopefully you can RMA it.
  9. To be fair, I wouldn't pair 12 core CPU with any mATX board ... but it's listed under supported CPUs, so it should work just fine. If it doesn't, he can always return this board and pick another one. I know there are a lot of smart engineers on this forum, that don't recommend some motherboards, but I do also have a little bit of trust for manufacturers ... they surely tested those motherboard with 12 core CPU to make sure everything is working fine.
  10. https://store.cablemod.com/product/cablemod-modflex-8-pin-pci-e-extension-45cm/ That extender for power delivery on GPU. About motherboard bottlenecking GPU, yout shouldn't worry. CPU on the other hand can be a bit tricky. 3900X have 12c/24t and I wouldn't pair it with some cheap motherboard without VRM heat-sink. https://www.caseking.de/asrock-x570m-pro4-amd-x570-mainboard-sockel-am4-mbar-315.html This one is releasing soon, and it is compatible with Ryzen 3900X, so I would pick this. edit: https://www.caseking.de/asus-tuf-b450m-pro-gaming-a
  11. I had the best experience with EVGA for both GPUs and PSUs, so I can recommend them. Didn't exactly have any bad experiences with other brands, since I never owned another brand and had to RMA it.
  12. Not sure what gave you the impression for those cards to be bad ... they are what you expect from 2070 Super lineup. Under load it does keep temps under 65°C. As for performance ... it's the same as any other 2070 S ... so no, they are not bad. https://www.eteknix.com/gigabyte-rtx-2070-super-gaming-oc-graphics-card-review/11/
  13. In that case just go with i5 2500. Seems like decent upgrade for this price.
  14. It also depends on your motherboard. If you can overclock CPU on it, your best bet might be 2500k. Those CPUs are beats and can be overclocked nicely. It's also soldered CPU, so overheating shouldn't be such a huge problem. With 100€ to spend, you can't really afford to go with another platform, since it would require new motherboard + cpu and maybe even new RAM.
  15. That's exactly how most of reviewers got their first hardware for reviews. You pay some amount of money, for them to ship the card to you. After you are done with your tests, you send GPU back and get your money back as well. But keep in mind that shipping cost from you back to them is paid/covered by you. For most reviewers that's not a problem, since it usually costs around 20-30€ for shipping, but you get more than that from your Youtube partnership. That's the way, how you start ... after you get more and more views/subscribers, they won't bother with deposits for sending hardwa