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  1. Freaky_spider

    Are Superclocked Cards Worth It?

    If you have the extra cash laying around or the expendable income go for it. The card you'll get generally is a better piece of silicon and in theory should let you OC even higher. Altho its still a bit of a silicon lottery.
  2. Freaky_spider

    1000€ Bookshelf Speaker Setup

    Hello all, Im looking into getting a nice pair of bookshelf speakers (and DAC to go along) but im not really that into audio. My max budget is 1000€. I'm open to pretty much everything Regards, Freakyspider
  3. Freaky_spider

    750ti or the 950 ssc ac2.0

    750ti, no need for a 950 if its only media
  4. Freaky_spider

    Is Steam still down for anyone else?

    its working here
  5. Freaky_spider

    What does turnip mean?

  6. Freaky_spider

    well.. theres a red dot on my monitor...

    if it is a dead pixel youre out of luck, unless you have "pixel warranty" (some companies have them)
  7. Freaky_spider

    Laptop for school

    yea, i updated my first post saying that i know my requirements are almost impossible to find, but thanks for comfirming
  8. Freaky_spider

    Laptop for school

    well, its stupid for anything CPU or GPU related, but when it's about connectors it pretty safe to use imho. usb-c is bound to be the next standard
  9. Freaky_spider

    Laptop for school

    Hello!, I'm searching for a laptop for mostly schoolwork and maybe some light gaming, i havent followed the laptop "scene" since 2010, so im out of date on what's good and what's not. What im searching for: -13-15" inch screen (touch screen not necessary) -Good keyboard -Hi-res screen (1080p+) -Aluminium build -dedicated GPU (or intel iris pro) -Skylake (preferably an i7 for the hyperthreading) - 10+ hours of batterylife What would be nice: -USB-C (future proofing yo!) -SD card slot -numpad (would be very nice) I've already looked into a macbook pro and then dualbooting windows 10 on it, but its really bothering me that it doesnt have skylake... Otherwise i'm really not up-to-date on laptops . I've looked into the google chromebook 2 on which i would put windows 10, but im not sure how the batterylife would be with windows on it (i would go for the LS version) I know my lists is pretty impossible to get, so the more of the essential requirements it, obviously, the better. Almost forgot, my max budget is 2500€+- (yes, i know thats a lot for a laptop which is mainly for text editing, but i have no idea what im going to use it for later, so id rather get something good) Thanks in advance Freaky_spider
  10. Freaky_spider

    CS:GO lounge alternatives?

    plz use the trading reddit, its like infinitly better then lounge EDIT: Linky: https://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensiveTrade/ EDIT2: https://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensiveTrade/comments/3fen2e/store_too_many_knivez_quicksell_prices_around_85/ found a doppler FN for you sir
  11. Freaky_spider

    CSGO AK47 Case Hardened Name

    Blue steel (if its #1 or #2 patern) Golden Booty (if the butt is golden, DUH) (420) Blaze it (if its a blazed partern, DUH)
  12. Freaky_spider

    Overclocking i5 2500k

    Youre like 3 gens ahead with that video
  13. Freaky_spider

    Weight Lost

    Might not be the best community to ask tho... No idea, sorry for being useless
  14. Freaky_spider

    $1400 Budget Build!

    When do you have the money? because if its in a couple of months its useless to pick your parts now as there may be better deals or even new hardware to pick from.
  15. Freaky_spider

    Amount of liquid in an H100i

    I think i won't risk it and just put it in my checked-in luggage. I still have the original foam padding and stuff, and if i remove the GPU that should resolve the biggest breakpoint. I haven't used LTT forum in a while and i totaly forgot how quickly everyone replies here! Thanks a bunch.