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  1. jezza39

    any one good at math here?

    Was about to say the same thing. OP the way it's typed is confusing, can you upload a photo of the question? The parenthesis are important
  2. The analogue L2/R2 triggers on a PS4 controller bug me slightly, sometimes when I try rapid firing a pistol, I don't reach the actuation point (which I can't feel) and I randomly stop shooting. I find a mouse easier in that regard.
  3. jezza39

    Meet the BenQ BL2711U - 10-bit UHD IPS Monitor for Professionals

    Yeah lol this, BenQ are the kings of 144Hz. I don't see many consoles supporting 144Hz these days
  4. Yuck, need some vertical real estate please
  5. jezza39

    Last moment build tips

    Any tips? Don't force things. I backup by cloning important docs to Dropbox and downloading them on my laptop. That's a very simplistic, crappy way of doing it though.
  6. jezza39

    WireLurker - Apple Mac Malware

    It's software, of course it can get exploited. This seems pretty minor, and will probably be patched in a fortnight or has already been done. What do you mean by a "lot of issues". They can't help people using easily guessable passwords/email addresses. You can't fix people's stupidity. FYI: MAC =/= Apple Mac.
  7. jezza39

    How do i reset the ps4 properly?

    Here: It's called 'initialisation'.
  8. jezza39

    Any drawbacks to getting a bigger HDD?

    No difference, but I've heard that the 4TBs use double platters or are slower. Not 100% sure about that. 3TBs are fine though, I use them
  9. jezza39

    Upgrade need help please!

    Please post requests for help in the relevant section, such as the planning thread. This is only for actual builds.
  10. There will only be a GTX 980Ti if AMD bring out something better than the GTX 980. Why would they bother? Might as well keep the chip for a GTX 1070/1080. Just because there was a Ti last year, doesn't mean there will be one this year. There was a GTX 660Ti, but no 760Ti.
  11. jezza39

    Razer Krakens, yay or nay?

    I had green Kraken Pros, audio was average, there were meh for comfort, but the mic was horrible, almost 0 volume. I wouldn't recommend them, even for $73 bucks.
  12. jezza39

    Battlefield 5

    YES So many useless attachments and gadgets just make things cluttered. Why are there 3 different suppressors for every gun? 3 different ACOGs/MGs, 3 different Holographic & Red dot sights. etc. I miss BC2:V, US had M16s, VC had AKs. No silly scopes/heavy barrels etc. Just balanced warfare.
  13. jezza39

    Which GTX 970 should i buy?

    You should probably hold on to that 660Ti for just a little while longer and see what 20/22nm brings, allegedly just around the corner. The 660Ti is no slouch... But if you really want to upgrade --> Strix/G1 for me
  14. jezza39

    Dell's UP2715K 5K monitor costs $2.5K

    Not too bad one either, i7-4770 + R9-M290X isn't too shabby tbh
  15. jezza39

    Which gtx 980 card is the best?

    This. Never underestimate 0RPM fans, they are legit amazing. Back on topic, the reference cooler >>> everything else, they're quiet, and fucking beautiful.